Listening Through All of My Albums: #65 - The Believer (Rhett Miller)


3 juin 2008, 13h04m

The Believer by Rhett Miller

Rhett Miller needed a life outside of the Old 97's. He wanted to move beyond writing brilliant alt-country-punk-whatever songs to writing basic, run-of-the-mill pop songs. The Believer is Rhett Miller finally making that happen. Sure, he tried with The Instigator but there were still a few songs that were well written and had a bit of the 97's feel to them. To be fair, Rhett writes a good pop song. I'm just upset he's all but abandoned his rebellious bar-rock roots.

The Good:
Help Me Suzanne
Singular Girl

The Bad:
Ain't That Strange (my least favorite Miller song ever)
I'm With Her

Everything else is listenable but why would you when you can put on an Old 97's record?


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