Lists are vitally important


10 mars 2009, 14h19m

These are my current top 15 artists and how I got to know them.

1. Belle and Sebastian
First heard: Funny Little Frog
Fell in love with: Step Into My Office, Baby
Current favourite: Sleep the Clock Around

2. PeterLicht
First heard: Sonnendeck
Fell in love with: Die transsylvanische Verwandte ist da
Current favourite: Heimkehrerlied

3. The Dandy Warhols
First heard: Bohemian Like You
Fell in love with: Bohemian Like You
Current favourite: Green

4. Get Well Soon
First heard: If This Hat Is Missing I Have Gone Hunting
Fell in love with: If This Hat Is Missing I Have Gone Hunting
Current favourite: You're Using All Your Senses Just For Being Sad

5. Muse
First heard: Hysteria
Fell in love with: New Born
Current favourite: Plug In Baby

6. The Kooks
First heard: Sofa Song
Fell in love with: Sofa Song
Current favourite: Kids (MGMT Cover)

7. Tocotronic
First heard: This Boy Is Tocotronic
Fell in love with: This Boy Is Tocotronic
Current favourite: This Boy Is Tocotronic

8. Kettcar
First heard: Deiche
Fell in love with: Landungsbrücken raus
Current favourite: Landungsbrücken raus

9. Franz Ferdinand
First heard: Take Me Out
Fell in love with: Take Me Out
Current favourite: Bite Hard

10. The Postal Service
First heard: Such Great Heights
Fell in love with: Such Great Heights
Current favourite: Nothing Better

11. Death Cab for Cutie
First heard: Soul Meets Body
Fell in love with: The Sound of Settling
Current favourite: No Sunlight

12. Sigur Rós
First heard: Untitled #4
Fell in love with: Olsen Olsen
Current favourite: Starálfur

13. Morrissey
First heard: The First Of The Gang To Die
Fell in love with: The First Of The Gang To Die
Current favourite: I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris

14. Die Sterne
First heard: Big in Berlin
Fell in love with: Aber andererseits
Current favourite: Was hat dich bloß so ruiniert?

15. Bloc Party
First heard: Banquet
Fell in love with: She's Hearing Voices
Current favourite: Talons


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