Radio 8-03-06 - SXSW


9 mars 2006, 9h13m

This is in light of next week's South by South West festival. Bit of a strange mix, but the majority of the tracks are well worth a listen, its nearly an hour long so its not like your whole day will be gone, especially if you shove it on your iPod or something and go out with it. Anyway, hope you enjoy it...


Annuals - X
The Spits - 19 Million A.C.
Jon Randall - Austin
Real Ones - Ballad of an old man
Lying in States - Turn
Moka Only - More Soup
Times New Viking - We got rocket
Chris Mills - Chris Mills is living the dream
ZZZ - House of sin
Erin Roberts/Porlolo - Scratch my back
Jolie Holland - Black stars
Zenzile - Simple lesson edit
Turn Me On Dead Man - 67 dreams
Serena-Maneesh - Un-deux
The Capes - Tightly wound
Epo-555 - Il Presidente


Yousendit (28mb)

If you want website links and what-not to the bands click here.


  • PRSubway

    hey man i like the list, but that annuals track is actually called Ida, My I'm not sure why it got listed as x in the SXSW thing, but whatever.

    27 juin 2006, 14h28m
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