Editors at The Roundhouse, Camden


24 mai 2007, 9h54m

Wed 23 May – Editors, I Was a Cub Scout, The Envy Corps

I moved downed to Guildford nine months ago, and haven't seen a gig in that time. Clearly that is too long between gigs, and a trip across to London's fashionable Camden Town was in order.

First on was I Was a Cub Scout. I like IWACS, I really do, but live they suck. Their drummer is amazing. He thrashes around on his drum kit, arms flailing and hair bouncing. His technique is top notch. Unfortunately he is joined by his less talented brother. While his brother's voice sounds ok when recorded, live it's grating and not very nice to listen to. Pink Squares is by far their best track, and is probably the only track worth listening to.

Next up were The Envy Corps. I hadn't heard anything by The Envy Corps before this gig, and it's always hard to form an opinion on a band based solely on a single live performance. Still, they blew me away. Straight out of the Grandaddy and Midlake school of American melodic rock they were tight, infectious and fun. Definitely a band to watch out for.

Finally Editors appeared and kicked off with the epic Bones. Mostly alternating between tracks off their forthcoming album and ones from The Back Room they kept the crowd bouncing while giving us a taste of what's to come. And trust me, what's to come sounds great. While I was a bit disappointed by their latest single Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors other tracks on the album sound bigger, more accomplished and more epic than those from their first.

I was a concerned that with Interpol releasing their third album soon Editors would get lost. That's not going to happen though has they have carved out their own distinctive brand of dancable dark rock. As a band they're extremely talented and tight performers, with lead singer Tom Smith's epileptic style of dancing adding some infectious energy to the show.

Buy the album, see them live, Editors are band going stratospheric.

Photos from the gig can be found here.


  • ubertomnffc

    erm, IWACS dont suck live. And the singer isnt his brother, they arent related at all!!!!

    25 mai 2007, 13h54m
  • andrew_j_w

    You're not the first person to tell me that they're not brothers, but I'm sure that's what they said at the end of their set. Maybe they were just messing around. I don't think they are a good live band - it's early days for them though, I fully expect them to get better.

    25 mai 2007, 13h59m
  • pellitero

    hello boys, just came back from the recording of MTV Live with Editors at St. Luke's. Amazing... much better and tighter than last week... Though something went wrong before Racing Rats and Tom's guitar didn't work on another one... It was too surreal to remember all, around 50 people and like having the band playing in school's assembly hall.... genius. Racing rats, An end has a start and even the new single sounded much understated and suitable than at the Roundhouse. I guess the next stop is Summercase. Cheers

    31 mai 2007, 21h47m
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