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    Your the tits! x

    31 déc. 2012 Répondre
  • klarsuoenuu

    GinoPlayer - Find, Listen and Download music For Free! Over 44 million songs! User friendly!

    26 jui. 2011 Répondre


    5 mai 2011 Répondre
  • ocelma

    hi Amy Moss, you've been selected to be part of a music research dataset. In this dataset, we collected your listening habits via API. There is already a published dataset that contains the top-50 artists for a list of ~360,000 users (see ). The new dataset were you'd appear it'll be similar to this one, but containing your listening history, anonymized. In any case, if you prefer not being part of this new dataset, please let me know ASAP. Thanks in advance! Cheers, Oscar

    9 mai 2010 Répondre

    Our compatability is Super! I'm so happy I'm as cool as you again! :D I love you lots my wonderful pickle! <3 x X x X x X x X x X <3 X x X x X x X x X x I L O E Y E

    5 jui. 2009 Répondre
  • grayx

    Snap! We both have quotes from High Fidelity in our profiles.

    28 fév. 2009 Répondre

    Back to Low music compatibility, that's a bit poop! Looks like I better start listening to more music again! :D I Love you my pickle!! :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ilo eye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    6 avr. 2008 Répondre

    White Rabbits! :D We're still on Medium! Woo Hoo! Probably would help if I listened to something too! Last song was scrobbled 3 Days ago! :o I LOVE YOU MY PICKLE!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ilo eye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1 mai 2007 Répondre

    MEDIUM!!!! ^^ ilo eye!!! <3 x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

    25 avr. 2007 Répondre

    Hello My Pik Pik. I'm an incredibly sleepy bobby today. I feel like snuggling up on my desk at sleeping the day away! Which would be nice. Not long now before I reset my music charts! :o x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x I L O E Y E x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x

    12 avr. 2007 Répondre

    Your my lil' busy bee!! You don't make honey you make pickle! :D ilo eye!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    28 mars 2007 Répondre
  • liziefer

    SUPER!! x x x

    18 mars 2007 Répondre
  • liziefer

    We're very high, the next step is super! x x x

    6 mars 2007 Répondre

    My Awesome Pickle! Shame our rating isn't so awesome. Something must be done. Let's throw rabbits at hq!!! ilo eye!!! <3 xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

    5 mars 2007 Répondre
  • Tifa_Lockheart

    Allo! Yes Rob set it up for me the other week but i've only just round to trying to sort it all out! I shall indeed see you next week - Mario! :-) xXx

    18 fév. 2007 Répondre

    So what do you think the taste-o-meter will give us this week pickle? More bullshit?! xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx i love you!!! <3 xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

    18 fév. 2007 Répondre

    Still Low rating I'm not happy with! We're clearly awesome and we're on a low compatibility! This is not good at all! Well we'll se this coming week! ilo eye my pickle!! ^^ xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    5 fév. 2007 Répondre
  • hawesie

    thank you very much amymole, your taste is highly, highly commendable too. Looking at your charts reminds me I must listen to Aside by the Weakerthans again as it's been too long...

    25 jan. 2007 Répondre

    I LOVE YOU!!!! <3 xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

    19 jan. 2007 Répondre

    Guess What, My Pickle? xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

    18 jan. 2007 Répondre
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I'm out of touch with, but I'm making it a very belated resolution to get back into music. I've lost track of things.

Track 20,000: Le Pastie de la Bourgeoisie - Belle & Sebastian


Everything's been so much better since you came into my life &hearts;

"I'd like to do a top five records that make you feel nothing at all; that way, Dick and Barry would be doing me a favour. Me, I'll be playing the Beatles when I get home. Abbey Road, probably, although I'll programme the CD to skip out 'Something'. The Beatles were bubblegum cards and Help at the Saturday morning cinema and toy plastic guitars and singing 'Yellow Submarine' at the top of my voice in the back row of the coach on school trips. They belong to me, not to me and Laura, or me and Charlie, or me and Alison Ashworth, and though they'll make me feel something, they won't make me feel anything bad."
High Fidelity [Nick Hornby]

I'm spending my time trying to redefine cliches in my pyjamas.

you're my new favourite collection
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