• It's been a year

    28 nov. 2007, 15h13m

    The song choice wasn't as easy as last time. Nobody writes any cool songs about being 23.
    At least, not anything with words.

    But I guess I'm desperate... and now I'm a 23kid.
    Yeah, kinda a stretch. It was that or some song about Jesus.


    My brother got engaged when he was 23.
    I feel like I should be an adult.
    This is... interesting.
    Wish me luck.
  • Holy crap I'm 22

    28 nov. 2006, 16h31m

    Don't know what I'm supposed to do.

  • It's pretty easy to prepare confectionary treats.

    13 nov. 2006, 15h32m

    So the other day I went to the grocery and bought a bunch of stuff. But one of the things I bought was a 1 lbs bag of cookies for $2. That was a pretty good deal, I thought.

    So since then I've been thinking a lot about just how many cookies that is for $2. And when people say like "Hey Alex I got a great cheeseburger last night for $5", I say "Hey friend, you could have gotten 2 1/2 lbs of cookies for that much money."
    Then they are usually pretty sad. Because even though cheeseburgers are good, 2 1/2 lbs of cookies is better.

    Then I thought about my apartment, which costs me about $400 a month. That's 200 lbs of cookies. Now, I'm not much of an architect, but I'm pretty sure I could build my own edible domicile with 200 lbs of cookies. And I could eat it.

    Then I thought about my car, which cost me about $5000. That's 2500 lbs of cookies. That's over a ton of cookies. I could have easily ran anywhere I wanted to go for the last 4 years on the sugar rush supplied by 1.25 tons of cookies.

    Then I thought about my bowling balls, which altogether are worth around $1000. That's 500 lbs of cookies. But bowling is better than cookies, so that was a good investment I think.

    But every game of bowling costs $2, and that's 1 lbs of cookies. One game of bowling vs 1 lbs of cookies... hmph. That's a tough decision.

    That's why I like to bowl for free.

    LazyTown - Cooking By The Book

    I'll pile on the candy,
    it's such a pretty sight.
    It makes the food taste dandy,
    but my tummy hurts all night.

    I'll put in some ingredients,
    but keep the rest for mee.
    I'm not just disobedient,
    I'm careful, can't you see?!

    It's a peice of cake to bake a pretty cake.
    If the way is hazy...
    you gotta do the cooking by the book.
    You know you can't be lazy!
    Never use a messy recipe,
    the cake will end up crazy!
    If you do the cooking by the book,
    then you'll have a cake!
    We gotta have it made, you know that I love cake.
    Finally! It's time to make a cake.

    Making food is just like science,
    with tools that blend and baste.
    And every fun appliance
    gives the food a different taste.

    It's a peice of cake to bake a pretty cake.
    If the way is hazy...
    you gotta do the cooking by the book.
    You know you can't be lazy!
    Never use a messy recipe,
    the cake will end up crazy!
    If you do the cooking by the book,
    then you'll have a cake!
    We gotta have it made, you know that I love cake!
    Finally! It's time to make a cake!

    We gotta have it made, you know that I love cake!
    Finally! It's time to make a...

    You gotta do the cooking by the book!

  • I'm really not lazy.

    12 nov. 2006, 13h50m

    Ok actually I am.

    Wow, that was pretty bad. I was too lazy to even try and hide my laziness for an entire line. I guess you could have gotten maybe 4 letters into the first sentence before you knew I was lying. Maybe 6 if you're not very astute. You know it's bad when I'm too lazy to post on my journal, and instead I just sit around doing nothing. Because typing is too much work. And thinking. And coming up with thoughts more complex than these.

    Let's see what I did tonight.

    - I read a few chapers in a book I've already read like 3 times.
    - I sat out in front of my apartment in my very comfy chair for a while.
    - I watched the "Magic Bullet" infomercial for the 100th time. The 10 second pesto gets me every time.
    - I listened to music.
    - I played some Guitar Hero.
    - I listened to music.
    - I drank some milk.
    - I listened to music.
    - I surfed the tubes.

    And that brings us pretty much up to now. And guess what I'm doing now? Nothing. Typing without thinking. Oh and listening to music. It's kinda cold. My fingers are a little numb. Which makes it hard to type. Especially without thinking. You know, really, I thought I was a fool for no one. But, oh, baby. I'm a fool for you. Ok that's cheating. Hmm now I'm listening to music again. Actually I never stopped.

    You know, they call this style of writing "stream of consciousness" I think. Actually I don't, and that's kinda the point. I learned that in high school. It's usually kinda hard to read. I tried to read "Requiem for a Dream" a couple years back, and I couldn't. Because it's hard to follow. It was like "green green black hot DRUGS who? tv DRUGS".

    I almost killed myself the first time I watched that movie, because it was the most depressing movie I've ever seen. When it was over I was walking over to the cabinet where I keep all my wrist-slitting supplies, but then Pootie Tang came on. Thank god.

    I need a hobby.

    Why do lyrics to happy songs look sad when you write them down?

    Tahiti 80 - Here Comes

    Here comes anoter day.
    The bird of prey has finally flown away.
    I guess I'm doing fine.
    Though it took me quite a while.

    Had a hole in my head when my thoughts went dead.
    Had a hole in my heart when I needed to mend.
    Couldn't figure out a role to play.
    I got it all mixed up along the way.

    That was another day.

    I'm sorry for the things I've done.
    I had so many ups and downs.
    That was, that was, that was yesterday.
    Here comes, here comes another day.
    Now that my weary days are done,
    I feel like telling everyone.
    Forget about yesterday,
    Here comes, here comes another day.

    La la la la la la laa,
    La la la la la la laa.

    Now I'm ready to get back in the game.
    I'm making sure the rules are not the same.
    Do you still not want me in your life?
    I can't be a man without a wife.
    Tell me, what do you say?

    Here comes another day.

    I'm sorry for the things I've done.
    I had so many ups and downs.
    That was, that was, that was yesterday.
    Here comes, here comes another day.
    Now that my weary days are done,
    I feel like telling everyone.
    Forget about yesterday,
    Here comes, here comes another day.

    (I have a role to play...)
    (I guess I'm doing fine...)

    I'm sorry for the things I've done.
    That was, that was, that was yesterday.
    I feel like telling everyone,
    Here comes, here comes, here comes another day.

    Now that my weary days are done,
    That was, that was, that was yesterday.
    Here comes, here comes, here comes another day.
    Here comes, here comes, here comes another day.

    I'm sorry for the things I've done.
    That was, that was, that was yesterday.
    I feel like telling everyone,
    Here comes, here comes, here comes another day.
  • You think stuff this original comes easy?

    11 nov. 2006, 12h26m

    You'll be happy to know that I finally gave up and tried, and no, making hot tea with iced tea bags doesn't result in any explosions.

    I really need to go buy groceries. I've been staring at the same box of cereal all week but I have no milk. Plus, I could really go for some cookies. And I think all the halloween candy will be on sale.

    I saw this somewhere, and I thought it would be absolutely hilarious if I did it too. Like, HILARIOUS.

    Ok, the idea is that you take your top million artists, and divide their total plays by the number of tracks by then you have on your hard drive, for each artist. So if you play someone 5000 times and have 5000 tracks by them, nobody cares, but if you only have 1 song by someone and you play it 2000 times, then everyone makes fun of you.

    Get it? Got it? No.

    BT rank: 1
    Total Scrobbles: 383
    Number of Tracks: 156
    Average Plays: 2.455128

    I Am X Rank: 2
    Total Scrobbles: 255
    Number of Tracks: 26
    Average Plays: 9.807682

    The Southland Rank: 3
    Total Scrobbles: 232
    Number of Tracks: 15
    Average Plays: 15.466666

    Sneaker Pimps Rank: 4
    Total Scrobbles: 218
    Number of Tracks: 52
    Average Plays: 4.192307

    The Faint Rank: 5
    Total Scrobbles: 197
    Number of Tracks: 51
    Average Plays: 3.862745

    Apoptygma Berzerk Rank: 6
    Total Scrobbles: 143
    Number of Tracks: 76
    Average Plays: 1.881578

    Electric President Rank: 7
    Total Scrobbles: 142
    Number of Tracks: 10
    Average Plays: 14.200000

    Family Force 5 Rank: 8
    Total Scrobbles: 140
    Number of Tracks: 12
    Average Plays: 11.666666

    Cunninlynguists Rank: 9
    Total Scrobbles: 134
    Number of Tracks: 88
    Average Plays: 1.522727

    Gorillaz Rank: 10
    Total Scrobbles: 124
    Number of Tracks: 71
    Average Plays: 1.746478

    Royksopp Rank: 10
    Total Scrobbles: 124
    Number of Tracks: 32
    Average Plays: 3.875000

    According to this pointless and arbitrary system which really doesn't mean anything at all and was a big wase of time., my REAAALLL top 11 is as follows:

    1. The Southland (15.466666)
    2. Electric President (14.200000)
    3. Family Force 5 (11.666666)
    4. I Am X (9.807682)
    5. Sneaker Pimps (4.192307)
    6. royksopp (3.875000)
    7. The Faint (3.862745)
    8. BT (2.455128)
    9. Apoptygma Berzerk (1.881578)
    10. Gorillaz (1.746478)
    11. CunninLynguists (1.522727)

    Funny thing... I can live with that order. Hm.
  • I've got a bad feeling about this...

    10 nov. 2006, 11h29m


    This was bound to happen eventually. I have nothing to write about at all. I guess I could be like "Hey yeah go Rutgers! Louisville sucks!" Or I could be like, I really don't understand how a deaf dumb and blind kid could play mean pinball. Or why the fact he can't talk makes a difference. Or hearing, really. You know, that song doesn't make any sense at all.

    Man, I must be really desperate to fill up space.

    Which is the only explanation for putting these sentence on separate lines.

    If I was ever in a tribal drum band, I would absolutely demand we learned to play FEAR by Way Out West. I'm not sure how we'd handle all the synth sounds that aren't drums... but come on. I would just have us there for hours playing "badum bum BAP dum-dabum" over and over with the occasional "bapa da-dapa-da-dap bapa da-dapa-da-dap" thrown in.

    Obligatory music connection: Check.
    Almost there...

    And now, as promised, here's some badly recorded lyrics from a song. And for the twist... without spaces! I would say "you win if you can guess the artist/title!" but really, not really. In fact, you lose if you guess the artist/title. So don't. Loser.


    Perrrfect. If you didn't read a single word of that, you would TOTALLY think it was a real journal entry.
  • Something weird just happened...

    9 nov. 2006, 12h02m

    So wednesday night is bowling night, because that's the night I bowl. My teammates usually bribe me with gifts of food to ensure we continue our winning ways, and tonight was no different; I was feasting on tootsie rolls and went hom with a 3 lbs loaf of home made bread.

    Tonight, for the first time, I was given the gift of music. No, I don't have the world famous guitar legend Esteban on my team (did you know he was in a car crash and was unable to play guitar for 87 years?), but one of the guys on my team did decide it was in my best interest to listen to some music he thought I'd like. The band was Diabolus (I'm not even sure if this is the same one), the single was called "Reflections of Hate", and it sounded... well, pretty much exactly how it sounds like it sounds; quality instrumentation and some cool riffs, but the vocals are the grunting/growling style that kinda put me off.

    I guess my bowling teammates is a friend of the band, and it's always cool to add to your CD collection so I appreciated the thought, but I had to wonder what made him think that would be my cup of tea. I mean, you can look at my lists for 10 seconds and realize that I'm a girl, so if he had given me an Alanis Morrisette CD or something I would have understood. Diabolus, not so much. Turns out he got confused a couple weeks ago when he asked what I was listening to - I listen to music while I bowl - and I told him The Legion of Doom. I guess it would be understandable to think the legion are some kind of metal band, when in reality they make electronic/hip hop remixes of Dashboard Confessional songs (and stuff).

    Haha, yeah. By the way, The Legion Of Doom are awesome musics. And good to bowl too as well, for the bowlers out there.

    And hey, about that weird thing,
    I just woke up. Which means I was sleeping. Haha, wow. How did THAT happen?

  • Did you hear the one about the farmer and his dog?

    8 nov. 2006, 8h44m


    Well, long ago, there was and farmer who lived in the country with his beautiful daughter and his trusty old dog. He was very protective of his daughter, and every time he left the house - even just to milk the cows or walk the fields - he would turn to his dog and say "Dog, you stay right by this door. If anyone but me comes by, you know what to do."

    Every Sunday the farmer would go into town to sell his goods, and when he left early in the morning he would tell his dog the same thing; "Dog, you stay right by this door. If anyone but me comes by, you know what to do," and when he got home after sunset the dog would be sitting in just the same spot, faithfully guarding his home.

    Hmm yeah that looks like enough.

    So tonight is about dance music, and the last 24 hours have given me Planet Funk, who are all kinds of catchy electronic dance neatness. The funny part about Planet Funk is that I found them pretty randomly - I got them from the same person that gave me Wired All Wrong - and by total crazy ass chance they happened to be the same band that wrote "Who Said", a song that a person I'm stalking has been looking for and didn't know who wrote it.

    Of course I'm going to take all the credit for finding out who wrote the song, but that's still a nice bit of luck. DON'T YOU THINK?

    Now they're not totally the same type of audibles, but Planet Funk isn't all different from a group called Space Cowboys I've been rocking for a minute or something. Space Cowboys bring a little more thumpa thumpa, and the vocal samples are a little less varietish, but it's still good stuff. I've listened to "Running Away" like three times in a row before, which is pretty crazy. "We Like To Party" is hot rocks too. I wonder if I can make that popular...


    Come on guys, help me out.

    Oh, right, the rest of the joke. I forgot the punchline, but it was something about a well. Whatever.
  • I need to grab some tea. Wanna hear a joke?

    7 nov. 2006, 7h22m

    Hmm, I've got like TWO things to write about, and I'm not sure if I should waste them both on one entry. After all, I've got to write about stuff tomorrow night too. I guess I could just spend some time talking about my day. Or about the thought process behind writing this post. And how I can fill up space talking about what I was thinking when I was writing this post. And how I was trying to figure out ways to fill up space.

    Tomorrow is election day, so we don't have any class. That will give me lots of extra time to do all the interesting things I do.

    Ok that's enough. Ever since I heard Family Force 5 however many months ago, I've been trying to find another group with a similar sound, because one album isn't enough nerdy white boy crunk rap for me. Then, a couple days ago, I stumbled accross Wired All Wrong, and my problems were solved. They've got a lot of the same distorted hazy superfunk pop sound as FF5, with the same dance groove. "You're Freakin' Me Out Girl" is toe tapping good and crap. Elevatin' is Lose Urself's long lost brother. WAW has a couple tracks with more... classical rapping, but it goes well.

    My friend called me up a couple hours ago and told me he shot a deer, and he wanted me to come clean it with him. This is what I get for going to school in West Virginia.

    So last night I was doing my Morr Music Marathon, and the album I probably enjoyed the most was "Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today is OK" by múm. It's got a totally ambient, seriously dreamlike thing going on. It might require a certain frame of mind, but at 4:30 yesterday morning I was in it. "Asleep on a train" and "Awake on a train" were probably my two favorite tracks, and between the two hit me with a solid 18 minutes of relaxed daydreaming. Except it was night, so I guess... nightdreaming. Oh, and before I forget, download "Lost In The Zoo" by Goddamn Electric Bill. I'm pretty sure it's free here on THE LAST.

    Other than that, ISAN kept the vibe going with the album "Meet Next Life", and The American Analog Set wasn't bad either, though it was a little more of the "hey we're a real band with real instruments" thing, and really who wants that? I have to admit that I really liked "First Of Four", "Born On The Cusp", and "Everything Ends", though.

    So after all that, I guess I spent 7 or 8 hours listening to the mellowist music ever. I'm pretty sure my blood pressure was like, six. And I achieved nirvana.

    What's really kinda funny, though - or would be if it wasnt so sad - is that I laid there in bed for however many hours, listening to totally dreamy, trancelike, relaxing music, and I still couldn't fall asleep.

    Haha. Funny right?

    OK, I'm back.
  • This is what happens when I've got 7 hours to burn and no matches...

    6 nov. 2006, 7h22m

    I think I'm going to start writing journal entries every night at... whatever time it is now. The hard part is going to be coming up with stuff to write about, but if I've got nothing I'll just paste a bunch of music lyrics. Which will most likely be wrong.

    Everyone knows Electric President is the best, and they're on Morr Music, so tonight I'm listening to like every album Morr has ever released because I've got nothing better to do. I guess I'd have more to write about if I waited until later to post this...

    Maybe that will just be what I have to write about tomorrow.