Trancemaster: Old skool trance from the 90s


16 mars 2007, 21h55m

I recently rediscovered a huge set of compilations. I have listened a lot to these albums from 1994 and onward for a couple of years. Now, I have restored the collection of the first 18 compilations, over 360 tracks, 6-7 minutes each. It took me a whole week of listening to get through the first half of that collection. I'm sure my playlists and top tracks for this week (and probably all of the following as well) will be quite different from previous weeks, as I will scrobble this collection a LOT. I have rediscovered a musical gem, woohoow!

Back in the days when these albums were released, they represented a type of music that is quite different from the currently common trance music genre. I really enjoyed the tracks in these compilations because of their spacy-ness and hard, bonking edge. They're real classics, and would now be classified among goa and psy trance. For me, these compilations represent the best of what trance initially was meant to sound like. So, for those people out there listening to old skool and , the initial compilation albums of Trancemaster (I lost track after album 18) are a definite must!

Some of the top artists featured on these compilations are B.B.E., Cosmic Baby, Dance 2 Trance, Emanuel Top, Gary 138D, Little Jam, ... The compilations were (and still are, but less old-skool) released by Vision Soundcarriers


  • sljiva

    Yeah, Trancemaster compilations (up to 11th installment) are really good, but there are even better compilations of pure trance like: The Secret Life Of Trance series on Rising High The Sound Of Superstition series on Superstition Ohm! series on Suck Me Plasma Frankfurt Beat Compilation series on Frankfurt Beat Productions Trance Sylvania series on 23 Frankfurt Behind The Eye 1, 2 & 3 on Eye Q - these three are specially recommended if you're new to this sound

    21 mars 2008, 16h32m
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