Lyrics quiz: A Column of Figures That Totals Something Different Every Time


27 sept. 2006, 4h05m

Been too long since I did a lyrics quiz thingy, so here it is. This is not really a random selection of songs--in fact, it's one of my favourite-song tapes--and I'll probably do the opening tracks unless they're a complete giveaway or totally incomprehensible, in which case I'll pick them from somewhere else. Mistakes are probably mine, since I often try to reconstruct them from memory, rather than Googling all of them...

1. Come on baby come on give me
Come give your love to me again
And send me across the water

2. (Ooh, Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny) There is a time for tears
(Ooh, Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny) You won't make it any better
Goodbye Lucille #1

3. And my sex is somewhere in Texas
But my heart is in a safer place

4. {title}, you never gave me a reason to doubt you
{title}, you never gave me much of anything at all

5. Honey, why you always laugh when you see me hurt so bad
Tell me what I did to you, babe, to make you act like that

6. The ground was red, the ground was white
And blue was the colour of the sky

7. Your mind can play tricks, makes you what you want to be
Just like superheroes, you saw them on TV
Don Quixote

8. Science insusceptible, logic so inflexible
Causally connectible, yet nothing is invincible
Synchronicity I

9. Whenever you walk through my door, I start to sweat
I'm falling in slow motion, and I'm losing control

10. I'm a soldier of freedom in the army of the Man
Oh we are the chosen, we're the partisans

11. Flat lands low lands on the track
Shows the water pan the track

12. Hear me now, O thou bleak and unbearable world
Thou are base and debauched as can be

13. Telling stories of others' hobbies
On the corners, they fill the lobbies

14. I can get a job, I can pay the phone bill
I can cut the lawn, cut my hair, cut out my cholesterol

15. I feel the blood of a reptile run through the veins of a child
I trick my eyes, trick my memory, will the beast shed his skin in the world

16. Lately she feels at home in airports, feels at home on trains
More comfortable with strangers than with those who know her name

17. Well, my daddy he stood at the foot of the stairs
He was calling to me at the time

18. So I was feeling lowdown, shoveling pain by the pound
Looking down at my shoes

19. The alarm clock rings but you don't move
But your wife gets up and puts on her uniform

20. Why drink the water from my hand, contagious as you think I am?
Just tilt my sun towards your domain; your cup runneth over again

21. I was there when you shone as bright as Bethlehem from afar
I was there when you were young and strong and perverted
And everything that makes a young man a star

22. I'm young enough to still see the passionate boy that I used to be
But I'm old enough to say I got a good look at the other side

23. And with nothing else to do, they just turned the days to rain
It would take an endless chain of circumstance to get up and start again

Barenaked Ladies
Billy Joel
Chantal Kreviazuk
Christine Lavin
Collective Soul
Dire Straits
The Dream Academy
Edie Brickell and The New Bohemians
Jane Siberry
John Hiatt
Lone Justice
Man of La Mancha
Nik Kershaw
Pat Benatar
Pat McCurdy
The Police
Prefab Sprout
Rupert Hine
Wazmo Nariz


  • sunkeneyedgirl

    20. December - Collective Soul (that's a favorite of mine, too)

    27 sept. 2006, 18h12m
  • alfvaen

    Correct. (That was one of the lyrics I had to Google, though--I have trouble making out some of those.)

    27 sept. 2006, 19h41m
  • icanhaveablast

    14 enid

    27 sept. 2006, 22h08m
  • alfvaen

    Yes, of course, no mistaking that.

    28 sept. 2006, 3h44m
  • kingofgrief

    2. Prefab Sprout - Goodbye Lucille #1 (my favrotie Sprouts tune) 8. The Police - Synchronicity I

    11 oct. 2006, 17h51m
  • alfvaen

    Correct on both. (My favourite is Appetite, but Goodbye Lucille #1 is also great.)

    11 oct. 2006, 19h20m
  • lunapuella

    21. Chantal Kreviazuk - Surrounded

    30 oct. 2006, 19h48m
  • alfvaen


    30 oct. 2006, 22h14m
  • alfvaen

    Okay, anybody care whether or not I reveal the rest of the answers?

    5 nov. 2006, 4h46m
  • Rojavida

    7. Nik Kershaw - Don Quixote

    14 nov. 2006, 23h12m
  • alfvaen

    Yes, I suppose it is.

    15 nov. 2006, 4h36m
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