recent acquisitions, 2007-06-19


19 juin 2007, 11h54m

(gah. so much for the formatting of unordered lists on this thing...)

As Happy As Sad Is Blue: Maybe I just didn't "notice" it hard enough in the shops, but I gave in and ordered it from SLR. J.P. Shilo is/was in Hungry Ghosts, and the album traces a familar though quieter arc through moody instrumental and occasionally drone-y or breathe-y bits, recorded across a three-year period while he was off becoming a Buddhist, or thereabouts. Highlight after the first listen might be The Sea Has Done A Number On Me.

Two of Diamonds: I didn't even know it was out until I came across it in Polyester, but there you go. If you liked the previous, slightly croony, stuff that Mick Harvey's done then it's a fair bet you'll enjoy this too. Possibly not quite as strong as One Man's Treasure, but that's ok. Highlight's probably the opener, Photograph.

Retribution Gospel Choir: I ordered this Retribution Gospel Choir EP from chairkickers along with an ace poster of a guy in a deep-sea diving suit fighting an octopus (or a squid? i can't remember. it's rolled up in a tube waiting to get framed). If you couldn't cope with the more recent Low albums, you won't like this - it's occasionally loud - but it's enjoyable without trying to be anything much in particular.


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