Artists I Can Not Stand


15 juin 2008, 5h37m

Pretty self explanatory, a list of artists/bands I regard in high contempt.

I wasn't going to add any , , , /, or banda (some incredibly annoying music sub-genre) artists to this list, because I highly dislike those genres in their whole extension; nonetheless, I still added some artists pertaining to these music styles, as examples of what I detest the most of such music styles.

Hearing anything by any of these artists will make me:

a. Politely ask to have the music turned off/switched.
b. Try to get away.
c. By any means stop the music.
d. Prevent myself from listening to it.
e. By any means stop the madness.
f. Kill.
g. Die.

So, here's the list:


  • PinkFloydrulez

    lmao @ incredibly annoying pic.

    15 juin 2008, 6h04m
  • afz902k

    I don't know if I should laugh at it or just weep like a bitch. I guess I'll laugh, too.

    15 juin 2008, 12h31m
  • dark_raven_666

    No, no , no. You cannot list NIN and Maiden next to Black Eyed Peas... Wow, Led Zeppelin too? Are you serious? As for pop, rnb, hip-hop/rap, and banda I agree.

    15 juin 2008, 16h35m
  • afz902k

    Raff_waz_here: I found out about it because I live in a place that's full of spics! (Mexico). dark_raven_666: As for NIN, I have just always hated them, ever since 1998 which is when I discovered them. Everybody who was into "alternative stuff" or industrial music (like, people who listened to Rammstein) liked Nine Inch Nails, and I never did understand why, as the music appeared to me (as it still does today) as being completely boring, uninspired, and dull. Then, Zeppelin and Maiden fall in the same category (Along with Sabbath): "Bands everyone who likes metal is supposed to like". As I swept through middle and high school, everytime I mentioned I was into "metal and harsh music" (I was a bit of a hipster back then) 'everyone' immediately assumed I liked Zeppelin and Maiden. Well I don't. Zeppelin have like two acceptable songs (Black Dog... and... What was the other one? Ah yes, Stairway to Heaven), their stuff is the most boring shit I've heard, and also it's rather weak. About Maiden, well I just hate their vocals and the way they combine riffs, their songs as a whole just fail to get my attention; although, mostly, it's my environment that has pushed me into disliking them. You can't forcefeed a band (much less one like Maiden) into people and expect them to actually like such music afterwards, it's like forcing children to eat their veggies. The veggies are "supposed to be good for them" but that doesn't in itself make the taste any better (And I rarely do what's "good for me" anyway). Also I've met a loser too many who claims to listen to Maiden, that doesn't help either.

    15 juin 2008, 18h25m
  • VanessaMelo

    Funny how you take the time to come to JLo's page and share this with people who don't pretty much give two shits [or one] about what you like or don't like from these artists. First off, you have no respect for other people's music, second of all your racism here is utterly despicable...calling people spics? I'll call you Jewish just for the fun of it. :)

    15 juin 2008, 20h24m
  • afz902k

    What? I'm a spic myself XD. It is stated by the Royal Universal Racism and Human Relationships Academy that spics can freely call other spics "spics" just like niggers call each other "mah nigga!"―No one ever gets pissed off when it is that way. Also, everybody knows respect is overrated :]. VanessaMelo, you're very serious business, I salute you.

    16 juin 2008, 0h33m
  • macychick

    LOL yeah you're right, most of them are pretty bad except for U2 and Santana. And I grew up listening to Whitney Houston, so I still like some of her older stuff. And I'll admit that Christina Aguleria is my guilty pleasure. You're right on most of the others, though!

    16 juin 2008, 3h18m
  • afz902k

    Demon_Fall: YOU ARE SO RIGHT. Man, teh black metuzl sound like a pissed off, throatsick Donald Duck LOL. Macychick: LOL wat. Santana is just some beaner who plays guitar, he can handle his instrument incredibly well, yet can he produce music that doesn't bore me to tears or make me want to tear his face off? Nope. U2 is led by Bono. XD. Lulz, Xtina and Whitney are RnB singers LMAO.

    16 juin 2008, 4h25m
  • afz902k

    I'm not saying Personal Jesus doesn't suck, all I'm saying is I can tolerate it and not go insane when it's playing and I'm "forced" to hear it. :].

    16 juin 2008, 18h46m
  • pecusita

    I agree with Mariachi/Rancheras, reggaeton and may I add two genres of my own: and it's torture... if the faith of the world laid in my ability to stand these [i]things[/i], that'd be the last day on earth...

    17 juin 2008, 0h18m
  • afz902k

    Aaarrgghhh. pecusita, you're completely right. I didn't even know what those two things were, so I checked the top artists (La Banda Chula and Aventura). To much of my demise, I had already heard their music before! It is indeed [b]torture[/b]. I guess the fate of the world should indeed be laid on your ability to sand these things then... [i]Ha ha[/i].

    17 juin 2008, 4h19m
  • afz902k

    Your pantaloons smell of pee-pee.

    29 juin 2008, 3h14m
  • Shady11

    I too hate most of those artists. Curse them all, that is, except Led Zeppelin, because I like Stairway To Heaven. The rest can burn in hell for all I care!

    8 jui. 2008, 6h22m
  • afz902k

    Noooo you're not supposed to agree with me. ;_;.

    10 jui. 2008, 15h50m
  • riggall

    I didn't see "Europe" on your music hatelist - big fan of "the final coutdown", then. Sedish Hair Metal suits you. Why do you use the term faggot all the time - me think you protest too much! And what is funny about HIV in Africa - you appear to be "a little" racist. So do grow up a little.

    23 jui. 2008, 20h10m
  • gnrmcr

    [quote] Spacecake8 wrote: "Depeche Mode (except for Personal Jesus)"? More like "Depeche Mode [s](except for Personal Jesus)[/s]". [/quote]

    25 août 2008, 13h17m
  • afz902k

    You evil people, always using bbcode in shoutboxes.

    25 août 2008, 16h51m
  • TheConfuzed1

    You can't stand these artists, so you have chosen to give them air time by adding them to a journal entry? I think we have a case of a closet fanatic on our hands...

    30 août 2008, 23h44m
  • TheDarkLord666

    shame on you for putting Iron Maiden in there!

    4 sept. 2008, 21h35m
  • divinours

    Uh, c'mon man... Maiden and Depeche Mode are respectable, regardless of your personal tastes... You're not allowed to compare them to commercial RnB shit!

    11 mars 2009, 18h53m
  • tomahawk29

    20 avr. 2009, 19h00m
  • Headbanger62695

    maiden and zeppelin are great but i agree on the rest

    21 jui. 2009, 21h31m
  • Kornhole198

    Fair enough that you put Nelly Retardo , Black Eyed Peas , Maroon 5 , Beyonce , Christina Aguilera and usher cos they are just tacky boring R&B sludge but there's no excuse for putting Iron Maiden , Trivium , Led Zeppelin , Dream Theatre or Even New Found Glory in the same category

    31 août 2009, 23h11m
  • Kornhole198

    You should've Put Simply Red , Paollo Nutini , James Morrison , daniel Merriweather , Arctic Monkeys , Daniel Beddingfield , N-Dubz and Take That cos I can't even begin to Tolerate either one of those Artists

    3 sept. 2009, 19h21m
  • afz902k

    You're right I take it back all these artists are great.

    4 mai 2012, 16h20m
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