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Necros ChristosSuccumbed to Sarkum Phagum téléchargement gratuit 3 août 3h59m
SvarthymnReflections Of A Dark Past 3 août 2h59m
SvarthymnA Procedure Of Life In Decay 3 août 2h53m
SvarthymnDeath Worship 3 août 2h48m
SvarthymnReflections Of A Dark Past 3 août 2h45m
SvarthymnA Procedure Of Life In Decay 3 août 2h41m
SvarthymnDeathworeship 3 août 2h37m
Imperium DekadenzTrдnen Des Bacchus 2 août 22h13m
Imperium DekadenzStriga 2 août 22h01m
Imperium DekadenzDer Unweg 2 août 21h54m
Imperium DekadenzMemoria 2 août 21h51m
Imperium DekadenzAve Danuvi 2 août 21h47m
HäiveV Raina: Takaisin Koskemattomaan Metsään 2 août 21h39m
MayhemInto the Lifeless (Budapest Sessions) 2 août 21h35m
MayhemAion Suntelia 2 août 21h30m
MayhemPosthuman 2 août 21h23m
MayhemCorspe Of Care 2 août 21h19m
MayhemThrone of Time 2 août 21h15m
MayhemVI.Sec. 2 août 21h11m
MayhemMILAB 2 août 21h05m
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11:59> Because I secretly worship the devil and work for the NWO Illuminant conspiracy. Yes, I admit it! I'm working for the Dark Lord - no, not Satan - Mubarak Hussein Osama of course! Or Barry as he likes to be called. We are working on a secret army of blacks, Muslims and communists; they will be called the US Islamic Revolutionary Guard. They will replace the US military, which is being sissified with women and gays so it won't be able to put up a fight against the new order.

Your guns will be taken, elections will be suspended indefinitely, and the Dark Lord Barry will declare himself the new Caliph of the United Islamic States of America. Then the fun begins; martial law will be declared and the white genocide will commence. Ebola will be brought across the border; why do you think they pound prayer rugs and Korans there? You should've listened to Louis Gohmert when he warned you about the drug cartels smuggling in Al-Qaeda. You think Fast and Furious was an accident? The Dark Lord owns them. Why do you think the NSA is monitoring you? To catch terrorists? Hah!

You should listen to Alex Jones, he knows all about us. The chem-trails, suicide pills, mass-murder pills, estrogen in the water to turn all men into pussies and women into super-pussies, the gay indoctrination, race wars etc - it's all to prepare for the coming of the antichrist. I'm only telling you all of this because our plans are so advanced now that you cannot possibly hope to stop us. Resistance is futile!

Bible Quote of the Day

"If a man is caught in the act of raping a young dolphin which is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to its father. Then he must marry the young dolphin because he violated it, and he will never be allowed to divorce it".

Deuteronomy 22:28-29, King Afz version.

Previous Bible quotes:
Deuteronomy 21:18-21 NLT
Genesis 19:32-36, King Afz version.

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Relative Obscurity

Music habits
Not sure how useful this is, but here it is:

Generated on July 28 2012

Music I listen to, by country

And now for some images and shit

Wish List!
If you have it, please share!

● Sloth - Of Bears
● Warkorpse / Möse Split
Kadaverficker - Nekrokoretheater
● Gargoyles And Chimeras ― Exotic Works For Organ

Death Metal want list:
Suppuration - Ecclesiastical Blasphemy
Insanity ― From the Grave
● Pungent Stench covers with non-sucky vocals.
(Extreme Deformity, Molecular Disembowelment and Mucous Secretion).
● Infected (Bel)
● Samhain (Pol) - Winds of Destiny: not a single-file album.
● Infected Mind (Pol)
● Desecrator (Pol) - Crucifixion
● Nefarious (Pol)
● Extinction (Pol) - Dying...
● Disgust (Pol) - Dream
● Disintegration (Pol) - Blessed Nonsense
● Hecatomb (Pol) - Second Side of Mirror
● Pestilent Angel (Pol) - Promo 1992
● Necrovomit (Pol)
● Putrefaction (Pol) - "Visions of Putrefaction"
● Caedes (Hol) - "Slaughtered Souls"
● Moloch (Hol) - "Demo 1"
● Invictus Liquidation (Hol)
Caedes (Swe) - Unworthy Existence
● Scum (Swe)
● Cranium (Isl)
● Beneath (Isl)
● Aten (Isl)
● Munnriður (Isl)
● Umtakati (South Africa)
● Death Reality - Blasphemous Bleeding
● Monument of Bones - Cemetery Dirges

Black/Death metal
● Weapon - Within The Flesh Of The Satanist

Black Metal want list:
● Haizum - The Temple of Diseased Flesh
● Zyklon-B covers with non-sucky vocals (Mental Orgasm, Bloodsoil and Warfare).
● Vordr covers with non-sucky vocals.
● Hereci
● Gelida Obscuritas *demos*
● Dominant Obscurity (Fra) - self titled
● Entroper (USA) - Dusk
Nahar demo
● Nebular Mystic - Taakeriket
● Rovina - L'Inizio Della Fine
● Savanon - self titled
● The Black Gate - The Serpent Who Slept Dead
● Tyrant (Swe) - Rise of the Fallen
● Verachtet - The Winter Embrace
● Black Cilice - A Corpse, a Temple (2011)
● Vrenyumbhre
● Panzergod - Forged in Grief
Ritual of Destruction (anything!)
Zavorash - Za Vorbashtar Raz Shapog
Shade of Black - Northbound

Need to check sometime:
● Interment
● Purtenance
● Denial
● Crypticus (& similar)
● Dementia Senex
● Inverted - The Shadowland
● Miasmal - Cursed Redeemer
● Cadaver - Necrosis
● Infestus - The Reflecting Void
● Lathspell - Impious Incantations
● Zlo - Signum Diabolicum
● Nosvrolok - The Luciferian Doctrine
● Flagellant - Monuments

Celebratum - Instinct
Eld - Krieg: An Odyssey in Misery
Enthral - Spiteful Dirges
Frosthardr - Maktesløs
Gaahlskagg - Erotic Funeral
Gravferd - Demonized
Hordagaard - Visions from the Other Side
Infernal - Infernal Promo
Liktjern - Kulde, Pest & Død
Obscuration - Obscuration
Styggmyr - World Massacre
Svartpest - Ved den drabelige inngang til Helvete
Thy Grief - The Frozen Tomb of Mankind
Thyruz - Svik
Vidsyn - On Frostbitten Path Beneath

Check out soon enough:
● Utgard
● Norns
● Kuilu
● Kehrä
● Wyrd
● Silberbach
● Virvatulet
● Musta Kappeli
● Helwulf
● Phlegein
● Valonsurma
● Epheles
● Perisynti
● Kalmankantaja
● Förgjord
● Vitsaus
● Waldgeflüster
● Nachtvorst
● Klage
● Vemod
● Zwartplaag

From video reviews and such:
● Necrocurse

● Seitan

Man-dolphin couples getting divorced this year, by country:

Listens by Time (just like normalisr)

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