• SXE

    24 jan. 2008, 22h20m

    I wonder sometimes why I have a vein of old school hardcore and sxe in my lists and then I realize I played hockey last night and have a no-twee pop rule on hockey game days. I caught myself singing "Hey Girl" by the Softies or Heavenly or something, I forget, while I was skating on the ice one night and realized that twee pop was turning me into a wuss on game nights. I can be a wuss the other 6 days of the week, just not on game night. hey girl
  • Indie pop or Indie rock

    9 juin 2007, 1h00m

    I never really split these hairs too much till Mads was telling me his theory on indie rock bands that take band photos where they look so full of themselves and they "look like they want to fight you. So much of what is "indie rock" nowadays is wanky crap. But the indie pop stuff, of course, is just disarmingly charming and lovely.

    But...and the reason I write this, is having just listened to Neutral Milk Hotel here on, I'd have to say that's "indie rock" and it's just so good. So when did indie rock start to suck?
  • Free Loan Investments, come on!

    8 juin 2007, 7h35m

    Seriously, is this not the best band in the whole world? I don't remember hand claps in their songs but by god, I'm hearing them in this song. I love Sweden, not just for it's ice hockey, but because every goddamn band I find on here is from Sweden. I spent one night in Malmo when I was living in Denmark, I should have spent more time there.

    Free Loan Investments: a band as good as their name is not. I LOOOOOOVE you!!!!!!
  • Lucksmiths

    19 fév. 2007, 16h27m

    argh, I'm quite neutral on this band and even sometimes quite bored. They are my number one band, arrrgh! The singing is just too tender and not in a lovely Rose Melberg way. Maybe it's just cos it's a guy. I dunno. Give me a guy singer like Sean from Tullycraft and it's a thumbs up every time. Or Calvin, swooon.