Music discoveries of April 2010


4 mai 2010, 17h24m

Slightly less discoveries this month due to my having less time to look for new music. During April I have focused less on the metal and have been looking into my other tastes in more depth, in particular my interest in music. So let's start with that.

The best discovery was Dargaard. The members of this project are involved in metal bands so I will be checking those out in May. It's pretty good ambient/darkwave which I find quite interesting with the mix of female vocals and the occasional male vocals which are more akin to black metal. It's good stuff. I recommend that you start by checking out their albums Eternity Rites and Rise and Fall.

Also due mentions are Artesia are Aythis. More ambient with female vocals here. It is light and relaxing music. The same may be said for Dark Sanctuary but I haven't listened to them as much as the others. I need to listen to all three more to get into them better.

The most recent discovery along these lines was Persephone. Not had much time to really appreciate it yet but so far sounding good, and quite varied in style.

Onto the metal now.

Forest of Fog is a black metal one-man project. I like it because it has great atmosphere. It is the sort of black metal that I love and I find it a pity that the project's album's are now more readily available.

I started to check out the solo career of Hugo Flores as well, but after listening to one track and getting called away by the time I got back to it had shot their own collective feet are done away with the full track streaming. It was pretty good prog music but I was deigned the chance to here the whole album, which Hugo had been good enough to allow us to stream in it's entirety. If you've found yourself in a similar situation, support this group:

Haken is a band that I have been looking forward to their releasing of an album since they share member's with one of my favourite progressive metal bands To-Mera. Both bands play progressive music but Haken is not a clone of To-Mera is any way. The songs generally can favour progressive rock just as much as metal and are quite long. The band's vocalist took some time to grow on me but I'm pretty sure that their debut album will be one that I will be going back to just as I have been with To-Mera.

Possibly my best traditional heavy metal discovery since I've been doing this series is Vainglory. In truth their first album 2050 is more of a power metal affair and is not that great in terms of the genre. Cue album number 2 and swap the male vocalist for a woman, change genre to heavy metal with a hint of speed metal and you get their self-titled offering Vainglory. Heavy, catchy and filled with excellent guitar and proper heavy metal vocals, the album is one which really gives me a good kick up the arse. I've enjoyed it so much, for the first time in this series I'm going to paste in a YouTube video from the album.

While we're talking about the more traditional side of metal now would be a good time to mention Helstar. I first heard about Helstar a while back after a thread from made about their vocalist James Rivera on my forum, Heavy Metal Haven, but I did not get around to actually checking them out until a thread was made about Helstar themselves. I was missing so much! This is really awesome heavy/power metal. I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of metal with awesome clean vocals.

Not really a discovery as such, but the album Almah by Edu Falaschi was another album in the trad vein that I checked out this month. Of course many consider this album as the debut of Edu Falaschi's band Almah but I personally consider them as separate artists because this was released as Edu Falaschi and far as I am aware he's he only constant member between the albums.

Redemption is a progressive metal band which I checked out but haven't had the time to properly get into yet. Some good strong prog here though.

As usually of have the members of my forum, Heavy Metal Haven to thank for some of my discoveries. This month these discoveries were Solution .45, Ulver and Van Canto. The latter of these is very unusual, they only use vocals and drums, the rest of their music is completely a cappella. Somehow it works, and they do a pretty good cover of Nightwish's Wishmaster.

Final metal discovery was a death metal band called Scarab. I'm not into this genre as much as others but I like what I hear from this group. They have some free downloads here I, I recommend you check them out.

To close this month's entry I want to talk about progressive rock band Marillion. They are a band I have been meaning to check due to Pete Trewavas being in Transatlantic, and they are the last main band of all the Transatlantic members that I needed to check. When I found two of their early albums as a car boot for £1 each, that was all the opportunity I needed. Great stuff.

Until next month,

Heavy Metal Haven


  • Nergal131

    Awesome journal man, I love these reads.

    6 mai 2010, 15h11m
  • Bombest

    Thank you for the nice Journal... And thanks for featuring Scarab here. ~Bombest / Scarab Bassist

    6 mai 2010, 20h43m
  • MusicMagic7

    Thank you my good friend, Adam! :-D

    21 mai 2010, 0h13m
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