Summer Album Wishlist


31 mai 2007, 1h17m

In no Apparent Order Purchased Album Will Have Some Comments in italics:

I will not review the albums in great detail, since every art is perceived so differently. I recommend you listen to the music on youtube (or its amazing what you can gout of 30 seconds) to see if you like it. I am doing this to give people with similar

I think this list has outgrown my wallet

Explosions in the Sky
_The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place
_or whatever else is cheap
The Flaming Lips
_Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
__Its intrestingm, it tells a story like a country song but throughout an album, it features a combination of rock and pop beats, but it doesn't seem to convey the emotion that other music does, who cares if it was designed with machine like precision it still seems cold in some ways, I really haven't taken a good listen so this may be premature.
__Great Vocals; enjoyable, easy, mellow, dark, dynamic, gentle, sound, it can be appreciated in distracting situations. I like it! I like the use if the turntable in Wandering Star. Listening to the entire album can become repetitive.
_Moon Safari
Great album overall, think I enjoy their later work better
_Virgin Suicides
_10,000 Hz Legend
I expected more, not that good but I think I need a second look
Massive Attack
_The Sea
The Dandy Warhols
_Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia
1 Giant Leap
_1 Giant Leap
Red Sparowes
_At The Soundless Dawn
The Cardigans
_Gran Turismo
The Rapture
_Pieces Of The People We Love
Thievery Corporation
_The Mirror Conspiracy
Good but RMB is better \/
_The Richest Man in Babylon
The Shins
_Oh, Inverted World
Charlotte Gainsbourg


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