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  • serenasaysso

    We have super compatibility :) Cool!

    juillet 2011
  • phoenix26

    Hello! The Reason Why I'm Leaving This Post Because I Want To Get Know People So Let's Keep In Touch

    octobre 2009
  • kikirikoo

    Good music taste my men...

    septembre 2009
  • sfpavel

    can't wait to see you speak at @media 2009 :D

    février 2009
  • SINisterRex

    Thanks for stopping by! cheers

    juillet 2008
  • kevnull

    what the heck? i haven't added you on -anything-. must be remedied.

    mars 2008
  • c

    Hi, Jeremy =)

    novembre 2007
  • ianlloyd

    UNKLE - the soundrack to your SF trip!

    octobre 2007
  • Han

    Oh cool! You're coming to the Spitz gig :) Awesome, see you then!

    septembre 2007
  • Han

    Hmmm... we've got this little group you should add your music taste to ;-)

    septembre 2007
  • oncewasacat

    Hi Jeremy, nice to see you are going to EOTR festival... might see you there!

    août 2007
  • Han

    Yay! That gig is on a Saturday. Definitely :)

    juillet 2007
  • gildedpalace

    Just noticed: our musical compatibility is Very Low! Hmm, what do computers know, eh? PS Ok River tix go on sale this week :-)

    juillet 2007
  • gildedpalace

    HI Jeremy, Thanks for the invitation. I'll be there in spirit, but my physical being will be somewhere on tour on the 18th :-( Still, added attendance so it shows up on the GPOS page. And, congrats on the End Of The Road - know when yr playing yet? PS Check out The Spook of The Thirteenth Lock (Lift To Experience are reborn!) Bloody wonderful they are too.

    juillet 2007
  • leisar

    wow Jeremy. You sure do have 'super' taste in music :) Where'd you come across the Go-Be's?

    mai 2007
  • rh91_uk

    Hey! How are you? Just thought I'd drop a line and say how I love your band's music! I downloaded some tracks from your sites download URL. And local aswell! I may have to buy your album in the coming weeks! :)

    avril 2007
  • daelen

    Just checking out your Explaining Ajax podcast and finding it very interesting. Also exceptionally glad to see The Decemberists so high on your list! :) Hope the d.construct preparations are going well. Looking forward to coming along this year.

    mars 2007
  • trovster


    mars 2007
  • Seattle_Jeb

    Hi Jeremy! Thanks for hooking me up with beta!

    mars 2007
  • flaneur

    Beta time!

    mars 2007
  • ianc21

    Hey. Enjoy the Low Lows? I thought they were great, as were Treecreeper.

    mars 2007
  • adactio

    I'm loving the new features, Hannah... and it's prompted quite a few of my friends to sign up. I'm particularly enjoying the microformated goodness of the events. ;-)

    novembre 2006
  • Han

    Hey! What do you think of the updates?

    novembre 2006
  • luxuryluke

    Echo & the Bunnymen! hooray!!! New Model Army, too?!?! Wow!

    octobre 2006