The Decemberists


3 oct. 2007, 12h41m

Tue 2 Oct – The Decemberists, Land Of Talk

Someone at the BBC didn't much like the gig last night, but I thought it was rather enjoyable. Not necessarily superb, but good. To my shame I didn't recognise any of the tracks except the final encore (it turns out I have plenty of the early albums but none of the later ones).

Compared to the Midlake gig at the Royal Festival Hall I went to back in April the sound was much improved, and this time the performers could remember the words to their own songs. Which helps. The performers all looked like they were having fun, and the finale (complete with the audience all screaming like they were being eaten by a whale) made me grin like an idiot. Which is a fairly good metric of a good gig, really - if you end up gurning with delight it was a good show.


  • Jim_sleepyhead

    I agree, Alex. Don't think the guy at the BBC was at the same gig as me. First time I've ever sat at a gig and must say I much prefer to stand, but thought the Decemberists did a good job in the circumstances. One slight criticism would be that it tailed off a bit just before the encore and was perhaps slightly too reliant on the latest album - they have a strong back catalogue now and would have preferred an extra song or 2 from Picaresque instead, for example - still The Mariner's Revenge Song was a cracking finale so can't complain!

    4 oct. 2007, 12h11m
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