First heard/fell in love/current favourite


18 fév. 2009, 1h23m

Last 6 months.

10) Sonata Arctica
First heard: My Land
Fell in love: My Land
Current favourite: Shamandalie

9) Finch
First heard: Letters to You
Fell in love: What It Is to Burn
Current favourite: Worms Of The Earth

8) Opeth
First heard: Bleak
Fell in love: The Drapery Falls
Current favourite: Reverie/Harlequin Forest

7) Frank Turner
First heard: Vital Signs
Fell in love: Romantic Fatigue
Current favourite: Wisdom Teeth

6) 36 Crazyfists
First heard: Bloodwork
Fell in love: Skin And Atmosphere
Current Favourite: Bloodwork

5) Mastodon
First heard: Burning Man
Fell in love: Blood and Thunder
Current Favourite: Colony of Birchmen

4) Incubus
First heard: The Warmth
Fell in love: Drive
Current favourite: Dig

3) 3
First heard: Alien Angel
Fell in love: Alien Angel
Current favourite:All That Remains

2) Counting Crows
First heard: Mr Jones
Fell in love: Anna Begins
Current favourite:Have You Seen Me Lately?

1) Tool
First heard: The Grudge
Fell in love: Parabola
Current favourite: Lateralus


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