Noir Ambiance


5 fév. 2007, 13h22m


Thank you to the listeners of Noir Ambiance. I am so happy that my music is reaching so many great people. If anyone feels the need to write some free press in their journals, or in groups to spread the word about "Noir Ambiance", I will send you the links for 320kbps files, & larger album artwork absolutely free. The album is currently available on, but only in 128kbps format. PM me for further details on how to get higher quality tracks.

Things you can do to help spread the word:

1. tag the album, the song, and Aaron Marshall with appropriate tags. Some examples would be:

ambient, space music, film music, film score, melodic, minimalism, ost, soundtrack

Those are just basic tag. Use your imagination, be creative.

2. Write small reviews in your journals using the album and tag inserts below. Even if it's only about a certain track that jumped out at you; it will help a great deal. Thanks!

Here are some artists, albums, & tracks that influenced Noir Ambiance.

Blade Runner
Deep Breakfast
Donnie Darko
The Blue Notebooks
In Sides
Far From The Maddening Crowds
The Campfire Headphase
Ennio Morricone
Graeme Revell
Bernard Herrmann
Pain and Retribution
Dead Cities


  • aaronmarshall

    Hello Lucas, Thank you! That means a lot. A few tracks from Noir Ambiance came about from some film projects that I had been doing with MacGregor & Bruno Zacharias. They're two amazing Spanish filmmakers. The Salt Flats, and Alternate Universe were written for a short film entitled Engagement. [img][/img] They had some location problems so the shoot was postponed until later this year. They were in the US shooting a commercial, so they decided to shoot a short film called Eighteen Seconds. It took place in New York city. I wrote three tracks for it. NYC is from that collection. If you would like to download & see the film I'll post a link below. Warning, due to some sexual content, this is for mature audiences only. It's all done in an artistic way, & very natural. Keep in mind these films are european. Eighteen Seconds Here is another amazing film by MacGregor and Zach (not scored by me BTW, but definitely worth checking out. It blows me away.) Similo Thanks for listening err, & watching! :)

    6 fév. 2007, 2h10m
  • zerofish9

    eighteen sec's is a good little heartstring...full ambient moodlighting(& not to mention the sound of course)=nice synchronization! Thxz for sharing Ur inspirations-some good classics. peace-> tzo

    6 fév. 2007, 16h01m
  • guthorm

    Great works! I just added some on my playlist!!!! :-)

    3 juin 2007, 17h53m
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