Kissable, meet attainable.

In these woods, indie rock songs with big "choruses" encounter the exotic temptresses of freak folk, dreamgaze and chillwave for a roll around. Some synths may cross the road, don't be alarmed, they're more scared of you than you are of them. P.S. 17 songs; Broken Social Scene, Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, a.o.
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Titre Durée
1 Broken Social SceneTexico Bitches Loved track 3:50
2 Porcelain RaftShapeless & Gone Loved track 3:45
3 Animal CollectiveFireworks 6:51
4 BroadcastOminous Cloud Loved track 3:45
5 Sharon Van EttenGive Out Loved track 4:18
6 WhirrFlashback 4:08
7 We Were Promised JetpacksAct On Impulse Loved track 5:31
8 Bombay Bicycle ClubHow Can You Swallow So Much Sleep Loved track 3:30
9 Grizzly BearLittle Brother (Electric) Loved track 6:28
10 Lewis & ClarkeBe the Air We Breathe 2:51
11 Banjo Or FreakoutDear Me Loved track 5:51
12 Devendra BanhartMy Dearest Friend Loved track 2:33
13 Beach HouseI Do Not Care for the Winter Sun Loved track 3:29
14 Lower DensBrains Loved track 5:09
15 Film SchoolMeet Around 10 Loved track 5:52
16 I Break HorsesHearts Loved track 3:54
17 Broken Social SceneLover's Spit Loved track 6:22