albums i own alternative alternative rock avant-garde bands that would eat children if only they could fit a whole one inside their mouths best song ever - for real this time best song i have ever heard in my life british brutal death metal classic rock cock lover corruption of lol damn good metal core damn good riff death metal death metal that actually fucking threatens you doom drone epic experimental experimental rock fucking greatest track of all times funk metal gay gay musik ov satan lol geologycore gothenburg metal groove metal grunge guilty pleasure guitar virtuoso hackers on steroids hard rock hardcore hardest metal known to man heavy metal hell fucking yeah hip-hop hip-hop that is actually good holy shit i used to like this band i actually shit my pants i had to change my pants after this song i put my penis inside you instrumental instrumental rock intelligent hip hop internet hate machine jabba the hut lookalikes learn to english masturbatory keyboard solo masturbatroy solos abound mastusbatory guitar solo math metal mathcore melodic death metal metalcore mick barr mike patton minimalism musical masturbation must hears that you might never hear neo-classical symphonic progressive power metal nwobhm oh lawd old school thrash orgasmatron people who suck my cock play this loud enough to raise the dead pop possibly made by god post-rock progressive death metal progressive metal progressive rock psychedelic rap rap metal riffs the size of suitably huge mountains rock secondary school favourites shit singer-songwriter ska sludge so many damn good singers some guy with birdhouse on head songs i sing with the windows down songs that i will still be listening to in a billion years songs that kick my face in that everyone should know which just brutal and amazing… stoner rock technical death metal technical metal this band pulverised my pelvis with awesome this song made me sell my mom on ebay and made me move to siberia this song pulverized my pelvis thrash metal too damn short welsh why is this song vulgar woah whattahell hes on some sorta drug