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23 oct. 2006, 9h27m

I replied on this great journal by VikingR on Progressive Metal, and thought it would be nice to repost my reply in my own journal.

Some recommended Progressive Metal / Rock bands which are maybe less wellknown in the Progressive genre:

Alerion is a new Female Fronted Metal band from The Netherlands. Their music is best described as Female Fronted Metal with a Progressive Edge. They combine Female Fronted (or Gothic) vocals, with a guitar-oriented, heavy and melodic sound. Because of this unusual combination of vocals and music, Alerion's music is slightly different from that of most bands out there, and might just be a bit refreshing. The demo album Fledgling is available in full on, both streaming and as a download.

Progressive death metal band which balances softer parts (including many acoustic passages) and beautiful clean vocals with death grunts and heavy riffs. Both Still Life and Blackwater Park are great albums to start with. Their best song is probably 'The Moor' off of Still life.

Pagan's Mind
Progressive Metal. Fairly new band with great vocal lines and many beautiful melodies. Their latest effort Enigmatic: Calling is their best so far. Best song: 'Through Osiris' Eyes'.

Explorers Club
Progressive Rock with some metal. A side project of Trent Gardner of Magellan featuring musicians like Steve Howe, John Petrucci, Marty Friedman, Billy Sheehan, Terry Bozzio, James Labrie and John Myung. The first album, Age of Impact is one of my favorite albums.

Great Progressive Rock with awesome melodies, one of the main inspirations of Riverside, Porcupine Tree and Opeth. Unique band, I know of no bands that are very similar. The live album Coming of Age would be my recommendation, a favorite of mine as well.

Vanden Plas
German Progressive Metal, opened for Dream Theater in 1998. They have been around for a while and are very underrated. My alltime favorite song was written by them and is called 'Rainmaker', off of The God Thing.
2002's Beyond Daylight is their best and also most progressive album.

Missa Mercuria
Extremely unknown yet very good Progressive Metal / Rock opera album. The music was written mostly by guitarist Stephan Lill and keyboardist Gunter Werno of Vanden Plas. One of my favorite albums.

Ice Age
Has nothing to do with the movie. Greatly underrated Progressive Metal band, now sadly disbanded. Their 1999 album The Great Divide is one of the better Prog Metal / Rock albums out there.

The Flower Kings
Great Progressive Rock band with lots of (sometimes rather weird and happy) melodies. I really enjoyed the album Stardust We Are.

Leonardo: The Absolute Man
An awesome Progressive Rock opera, featuring many great artists. Very unknown unfortunately.

Wishbone Ash
A Classic Rock / Progressive Rock band, pioneering the twin lead guitar sound and major influence of Steve Harris of Iron Maiden. 1972's Argus is their masterpiece. Great songs from other albums include 'Phoenix', 'Vas Dis', 'FUBB' and 'Outward Bound', among others.

september 10th, 2007: edited the Journal to add my own band Alerion, which has just released its demo album online.


  • DeadSilence

    Opeth are not well known in the genre? lol?

    23 oct. 2006, 12h45m
  • _se_bas

    Opeth is mostly known as a death metal band, not a prog band, though I'll grant you they are very succesful. Ice Age and Missa Mercuria, but also Explorers Club have very few listeners on The other bands, with the exception of Camel, are better, yet not widely, known. But does that really matter!?

    23 oct. 2006, 14h51m
  • zedstuff

    I'll definately be checking out Missa Mercuria! Thanks brother.

    23 oct. 2006, 22h45m
  • r1Co

    nothing really new here :P btw vanden plas' latest album is beyond awesome :D

    26 oct. 2006, 10h15m
  • windbelow

    appreciate the info...

    11 sept. 2007, 3h11m
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