no, Radiohead isn't in it (top 2007)


4 jan. 2008, 11h10m

the good thing about posting this kind of thing here is that I can change it whenever I feel like.

1.Kan Mikami – Barking practice /// White lines [PSF]
1.Keith Rowe – The room [Erstwhile]

3.Sachiko M – Salon de Sachiko [Hitorri]
4.Mitsuhiro Yoshimura – And so on [(H)ear Rings]
4.Mitsuhiro Yoshimura & Taku Sugimoto - Not BGM and so on [(H)ear Rings]
5.Phosphorescent – Pride [Dead Oceans]
6.Toshimaru Nakamura & Lucio Capece – IJ [Formed]
7.Drudkh – Estrangement [Supernal]
8.Primordial – To the nameless dead [Metal Blade]
9.Axel Dörner & Toshimaru Nakamura – Vorhernach [Ftarri]
10.David Sylvian – When loud weather buffeted Naoshima [SamadhiSound]
11.Beirut – The flying club cup [Ba Da Bing!]
12.Noid – You’re not here [Hibari]
13.Woods of Infinity – Hamptjärn [Supernal]
14.Castanets – In the vines [Asthmatic Kitty]
15.Toshiya Tsunoda – Low frequencies observed at Maguchi Bay [Hibari]
16.Mayhem – Ordo ad chao [Season of Mist]
17.PJ Harvey – White chalk [Island]
18.Tomas Korber / Christian Weber / Katsura Yamauchi – Signal to noise vol. 2
18.jason kahn / tomas korber / christian weber – Zürcher Aufnahmen [Longbox]
18.MERSAULT – Raymond & Marie [Formed]
19.Marissa Nadler – Songs III: Bird on the water [Peacefrog]
20.ryu hankil / jin sangtae / choi joonyong – 5 modules I [Manual]
20.ryu hankil / jin sangtae / taku unami / mattin – 5 modules III [Manual]
21.Om – Pilgrimage [Holy Mountain]
22.MIMEO – Sight [Cathnor]
23.Sunset Rubdown – Random spirit lover [Jagjaguwar]
24.Radu Malfatti – CDR series [self-released]
25.Burial – Untrue [Hyperdub]
26.The Sealed Knot – Live in concert at the Red Hedgehog, Archway, London, 29 October 2006 [Confront]
27.Klaus Lang – einfalt.stille. [Edition RZ]
28.marc baron / bertrand denzler / jean-luc guionnet / stéphane rives – Propagations [Potlatch]
29.Mark Wastell – Come crimson rays [Kning Disk]
30.Kim Doo Soo – 10 days butterfly [PSF]

also of note: Larsen and Friends, Supersilent, graham halliwell & tomas korber, Lifelover, steve roden with jacob danziger, Taku Unami (the one on Hibari, not the one on Skiti!), Dødheimsgard, Peste Noire, takefumi naoshima / hirozumi takeda / utah kawasaki / mitsuteru takeuchi / toshihiro koike / takahiro kawaguchi / yasuo totsuka, and so on...


  • ISKRA1903

    wow! impressive list. no radiohead but beirut. hm ... i should listen to it again, it hasn't convinced me yet.

    4 jan. 2008, 15h25m
  • _duif

    thanks! yeah, sorry, Radiohead hasn't grabbed me really on the last 2 albums. I had trouble even getting through this new one, and haven't felt the need to return to it. Beirut is what it is: simple, immediately hummable, perhaps a bit cheesy, but I find it very uplifting and always enjoyable.

    4 jan. 2008, 15h47m
  • _duif

    thanks for the comments; that Sylvian album doesn't feel incomplete to me, although I wouldn't mind hearing it in its natural environment. a beautiful collage any which way you hear it though. the avatar is Keith Rowe's cover to ErstLive 005, also known as the best album of 2005 :)

    12 jan. 2008, 14h09m
  • frederickallen

    radiohead gives good luck to the lists you include them in.

    3 oct. 2008, 6h34m
  • Adjar-one

    no radiohead is no taking serious

    11 nov. 2014, 21h44m
  • Adjar-one

    vooral omdat in rainbows beter is dan god

    11 nov. 2014, 21h44m
  • Adjar-one


    11 nov. 2014, 21h44m
  • _duif

    Een verdedigbare opvatting, maar niet de mijne. In al de jaren sindsdien nog steeds niet teruggekeerd naar 'In Rainbows'. Geen tijd voor gevonden!

    11 nov. 2014, 23h05m
  • _duif

    Looking at this list 7 years later, it actually looks like it doesn't need as big a do-over as I feared. I would now put Mitsuhiro Yoshimura and this particular Beirut album a good bit lower though, and Sunset Rubdown and Burial much higher. And Peste Noire would be in it instead of languishing in the leftover pile.

    11 nov. 2014, 23h08m
  • Adjar-one

    een verdedigbare opvatting? is dat een stijlfout die ik daar bespeur? ovidius zou hier geen voldoende voor geven

    12 nov. 2014, 22h23m
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