• Wark

    29 août 2012, 4h10m

    My last scrobble was almost three months ago? Oh, dear.
  • Unhappy Day after Bomb20 Day

    4 mai 2010, 1h28m

    The link in my post from a year ago to the Papa Smurf DMFs has gone down. :(
  • Corner case

    26 fév. 2010, 7h23m

    A little over a week ago, I got a friend request from someone. I said to myself, "Eh, I don't know who she is, but the Taste-o-Meter says she listens to Khonnor, Grandma, Clown Connecktion, and Massive Attack, so we have two artists in common. Why not?"

    Yesterday, she sent me a message about something fairly trivial (suggestions for keeping myself from being on my computer five and a half hours before I have to get up for work... like I am now). I could see the message in my e-mail, but I didn't get around to trying to reply until now. However, it appears that at some point since the message was sent, she deleted her profile. I now have a permanent "Inbox (1)" notice at the top of my page, because I can't view the message in my inbox, because the sender attached to the message no longer exists.

    Maybe I can will myself into thinking the "(1)" is decorative.
  • Future love withheld

    1 oct. 2009, 2h41m

    After applying a brief round of updates to my "loved tracks," I must say I've acquired a strong hatred for AT&T.
  • Transient flood advisory

    22 juin 2009, 1h40m

    Recently, I came to be in possession of Transient's complete discography. I have resolved to listen to the entire thing. As a result, my scrobbled plays are going to be rather predictable for a while. The usual shuffle mode antics should resume in a couple of weeks.

    Observation so far: everyone should go listen to Tymewerm.
  • Holy crap!

    1 mai 2009, 15h48m

    While idly seeing if anyone else had ever listened to "Orion 2000 Jam," I stumbled across this page, which has all of the Papa Smurf DMFs that I lost when I changed computers a while back -- including the fourteen-minute-breakbeats-and-bad-melodies odyssey "Naughty White Kids" -- as well as several more that I haven't heard.

    This truly is the best Bomb20 Day ever.
  • Happy Bomb20 Day!

    1 mai 2009, 13h30m

    Howdy, y'all! Today, I'll be celebrating The Man with the Short Career by playing a little over two hours of stuff that (mostly) was written during his pre-DHR days, back when he was still churning out tracks for Radical Rhythms. This setlist includes, of course, "May 1st," the song that was later forced through a compressor until the beat at the end of the song became inaudible and renamed to Lory Vs Bomb 20 (trivia: In the original song, the vocals were credited to, "Cory on crack," which makes it rather odd that it was popularized with, "Lory," in the name). It's fairly likely that none of the songs I play will have any recorded listens on, other than from me.

    And let us not forget those words of wisdom: "They say im a Kelly to society, but society is a Kelly to me. This jokes on you again! Ha!Ha!Ha!"


    Postscript: Where the hell did people get the idea that this guy should have a space in his name? I realize that it actually refers to, "Bomb #20," from a movie, but literally everything I have by him gives it as one word, including Field Manual. It's upsetting to see correction notifications that conflict with my physical copy of the source album. Bah. :(

    26 avr. 2009, 18h26m

    It took me over three years, but I've finally accomplished what many people do in just a few months. I now have ten thousand plays scrobbled. To celebrate, I'm cursing the fact that I don't have any songs on my computer with, "ten thousand," in the name, and then playing some other stuff that sort of comes close.

    I am rather proud to say that I managed to reach this point without ever recording more than 12 listens to a single song. I think if you counted alternate mixes of some songs (e.g. Fury vs. Fury 2007), you might be able to get up to around 15-20 listens, but this is still an achievement in my eyes. I am The Long Tail.

    Now I've only got approximately 297 years to go until I'll have a really good excuse to listen to If I Had $1,000,000 some more.
  • Hmm

    3 jan. 2009, 1h12m

    I am the curious position of having too much music that I like on my computer, so that I frequently have to flip through ten or more randomly-selected songs I like before I find a song that I feel like listening to at any given moment. Curious.

    I still need to clean out a bunch of mediocre stuff, though.
  • Dumb

    4 fév. 2007, 14h51m appears to have stopped listing the "weird" songs that I listen to. I don't much care for this turn of events. If I'm listening to wwcarpen right now and I've listened to "mark a.j. pisses off" by Dune five times in the past year, I think everyone should know that I'm listening to wwcarpen right now and that I've listened to "mark a.j. pisses off" by Dune five times in the past year. That's just how it's supposed to work.

    At least I have chicken.

    Wow, that was topical.