• Mantis Radio 116 + Somatic Responses

    9 oct. 2012, 10h17m

    Mantis Radio 116 + Somatic Responses
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    Paul Blackford – Directive 4 [Battery Park Studio]
    Om Unit – Ulysses VIP [Om Unit]
    Borealis – Coal Angels [Origami Sound]
    Deadbeat – Yard [BLKRTZ]
    Rachel Haircut – Drench.Sf2 [Aural Sects]
    Ghosts on Tape – No Go [Icee Hot]
    Volor Flex – Pressure [Apollo]
    Terrence Dixon – Fountain of Life [Tresor]
    Barker & Baumecker – 10Silo [Ostgut]
    Robert Pain – Testing the Bombs [Robert Pain]
    Ingen – TRYC9 [Digital Distortions]
    Chairman Kato – Yeah You’re Right pt.1 [Shades of Grey]
    XZICD – Melyridae [XZICD]
    Randomer – Nar [Hemlock]
    Trevino – Under Surveillance [Apple Pips]
    Radioactive Man – Itisanditisnt (Tipper remix) [Rotters Golf Club]
    Ingen – Downstairs Mixup [Digital Distortions]
    Adam Jay + DJ Shiva – Capsaicin [Sonic Convergence]
    Unam Zetineb – Twishots (Voidloss Blacker than pitch mix) [Voidloss]
    Volor Flex – The Conspiracy [Apollo]
    Recondite – DRGN [Hotflush]

    Somatic Responses – Carousel (extract)
    Somatic Responses – Gemini 8 (Gordon Sharp (Cindytalk) sample)
    Somatic Responses – Back Home
    Somatic Responses – Oddityditty
    Somatic Responses – Basic Organism
    Somatic Responses – Tethys near collision
    Somatic Responses – Casineb Peiriant (Gordon Sharp (Cindytalk) fucked up sample)
    Somatic Responses – Old Photos (Blade Runner sample)
    Somatic Responses – Sleep Furiously
    Somatic Responses – Wormhole
    Somatic Responses – A man is whatever room he is in
    Somatic Responses – Sleep Memory
    Somatic Responses – Veneers (Moog Array)
    Somatic Responses – How the Dead dream
    Somatic Responses – Repititive/Destructive

    This week we welcome a duo who will need little introduction: Somatic Responses.

    the showcase
    Welsh brothers John and Paul Healy aka Somatic Responses have been releasing their particular brand of aural assault since the mid 90s yet in that time have always pushed their sounds forward.

    Known for their heavy breakcore IDM acid sound more than their beatless ambient, they are, nevertheless a talented and prolific pair of musicians.

    Recent releases have been pushed through Hymen, Acroplane, Ad Noiseam, Viral Conspiracy Records and their own Photon Emissions label amongst many others.

    Their new album Tachyon Attack drops next week, October 8th on Dark. Descent.

    For their first of 2 sessions for Mantis Radio, tonight they present a 100% unreleased and exclusive ambient session.

    Paul Healy:
    First off. Thanks for listening to this mix. Most people who know our music know that we have produced a lot of hard broken beat stuff over the years. From our early love of music, ambient (for want of a better term) always figured strongly within our influences. As time passed we’ve started to explore that love more and more.

    This mix is a way of getting our ambient stuff out there. We aren’t really sure if any labels will be interested or in fact what labels it may sit well with (any ideas get in touch). The music itself ranges from scifi soundscapes, pianos, welsh choir samples and horror soundtrack styles. Everything was produced within logic using various effects and plugin synths and on the whole it’s all quite heavily processed.

    Hopefully the use of bass in ambient music comes across as it’s an important aspect. We would really like to hear the feedback from this, any questions please aim them at our Facebookor Twitter feed!

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  • Mantis Radio 115 + Simplicity is Beauty

    8 oct. 2012, 10h15m

    Mantis Radio 115 + Simplicity is Beauty
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    Wu-Tang Clan – Uzi (DVF remix) [dub]
    HE3Dless – Straight [Mindtrick Records]
    Dr Octagon – Aliens (Kalbata remix) [dub]
    Ruxpin – Snegurochka [Anti-Social Network]
    ESS – She vanished to the Hyperbelt [dub]
    Phat Chex – Inner Heartbeat [dub]
    Ruskin & Broom – D.O.D [Blueprint]
    Positive Merge – Point Of Beginning [Energun]
    Sigma Zigurat – Mechanic [Cicuta Netlabel]
    Dekode – Black Cell [Anti-Social Network]
    Adam Jay + DJ Shiva – Capsaicin [Sonic Convergence]
    Oliver Kucera – Stand Your Ground [Cicuta Netlabel]
    OGB – Frogs Sporn [Anti-Social Network]
    Chrome & Schmidt – Eclipse [Maschinen Musik]
    C Mantle – We Care Because They Don’t [Anti-Social Network]
    puresthatred – mutant disco [Darkfloor]
    Bok Bok – Silo Pass (Sir Spyro remix) [Night Slugs]
    Ghostek – Navigate (artist]Sclist Mix) [dub]
    Lorn – Weigh Me Down [Ninja Tune]
    Schmidt & Chrome – EBM (Blackmass Plastics remix) [Maschinen Musik]
    The Mover – For No Ones Eyes [Tresor]

    SIMPLICITY IS BEAUTY ‘cut up, fucked up’
    Gil Melle/Metromedia Producers Corporation – Future Shock Intro
    Kraftwerk – Showroom Dummies
    Material – Don’t Lose Control
    A Number Of Names/The Dirtbombs – Sharevari
    Defekt – Sunseq
    Analord – Boxing Day
    Chromezone – Colonial Outpost
    Simplicity Is Beauty – Telemachus (Djamel remix)
    Adam Jay – Inward
    Stakker – Eurotekno (track 9)
    Metromedia Producers Corporation – Future Shock Interlude
    Stakker – Eurotekno (track 20)
    AnD – Stellar
    Nitzer Ebb – Family Man
    Noir Deco – Charged And Ready
    Simplicity Is Beauty – Pressure
    Joy Division – No Love Lost
    Gil Melle/Metromedia Producers Corporation – Future Shock End

    This week we welcome Simplicity is Beauty; the work of one Kent based Jason Courtney.

    the showcase
    I was first introduced to his work via Rolf Mulder’s The Public Stand and his label’s July’s release of Operator’s Manual. Quite the introduction. Proper deep business on that opener, it should be knee deep in film imagery.

    As I do with every guest on Mantis I asked Jason if he’d give us an insight of his music to this point. He kept things brief:

    I’m just a music fan, trying to write some of his own.
    Recent airplay and support from Dave Clarke, BBC 6 Music, Laurent Garnier, The Hacker, Arnaud Rebotini, The Public Stand and Darkfloor.

    He did also provide an introduction to tonight’s mix, which as the following will express expect a diverse selection:

    Welcome to ‘Cut Up, Fucked Up’; a selection of stuff I like, sliced, diced, punked and funked. Sometimes brutal, sometimes beautiful.
    Warning, purists may not like everything they hear.

    Personally, I’ve never given a fuck about genres, if I like it… I like it. Hope you do too. Cheers for listening.

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  • Mantis Radio 114 + Aural Sects

    14 sept. 2012, 13h36m

    Mantis Radio 114 + Aural Sects
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    Tmavy Kruh – Starmill [Radiodrone Records]
    Mark Fell – SOA-5 [Editions Mego]
    Nguzunguzu – Smoke Alarm (AAIMON remix) [AAIMON]
    Exium – Resetor [Audio Assault]
    MR O – Stromboli Revisited [Motech Records]
    Marcel Dettmann – Deluge [50 Weapons]
    VCMG – Aftermaths (LFO remix) [Novamute]
    MAZZULA – Weather Wash [Mazzula]
    T. Linder – Broken Border [Motech Records]
    Exium – Cloner [Audio Assault]
    Robert Pain – Disappearing in Time (string version) [Robert Pain]
    vacated – rm2 [dub]
    David Meiser – Transcending Your Fears [dub]
    Musical Mob – Pulse X [Inspired Sounds Records]
    Spookhouse – Nightmares on Cross Ave [dub]
    TRO – Break It Down [Furioso]
    Wirewound – Wiretap [Stasis Records]
    Alexander Robotnick – Submarine [Hot Elephant Music]
    Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells Pt1 (finecutbodies’ martian detritus journey) [FineCutBodies]

    Rachel Haircut – Drench.Sf2 (Reserve EP, 2012)
    Fifty Grand – O Jewel! O Valuable! (Fifty Grand, 2012)
    Signs – Artillery (Banana Clip EP, 2012)
    Madden – II (VACANT, 2012)
    Spell Hound – Y O U R (Spell Hound, 2012)
    Andras – INVINCIBLE (INVINCIBLE, 2012)
    DJ Deathray – Aurora (Neus, 2012)
    APARITION – Send to You (Apocryphal Receptivity, 2012)

    From our inaugural Darkfloor Sound artist Phat Chex to this week and the prolific netlabel and beyond Aural Sects.

    the showcase
    An independent record label, run by musicians as a collective. Aural Sects focus on various forms of modern dark electronic music; witch house, juke, weird electro and bizarre pop. The majority of their output is available as free downloads, right from the start they wanted to keep it that way.

    Tonight’s mix was compiled and mixed by the labels co-founder Bunny aka Pe† Ceme†ery. What’s going on with Sects at the moment I asked:
    We’ve got releases from Spell Hound, MADDEN, Peachblack and VS//YOUTHCLUB forthcoming, and at the moment we’re really trying to push for more recognition for the Rachel Haircut EP we just put out.
    It’s like experiencing time compression of the last 20 years of dance musics (garage, uk bass, 90s pop dance etc).

    The label does occasional physical CDs as the latest from WITCHBOY LE UNVIERSE PERVERSE an expansive concept album exemplifies. SWASTIQUE taken from that album is featured on tonight’s showcase mix.

    And of tonight’s mix, well it’s certainly different; multi faceted and colourful. If anything it aptly shows the range of sounds Aural Sects unleash.

    Strap in, we’re going to the other side.

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  • Mantis Radio 113 + Phat Chex

    23 août 2012, 12h00m

    Mantis Radio 113 + Phat Chex
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    Imploded View – Across The Snow [Psychonavigation Records]
    Enoruos – Yggdrasil [Spiritech Recordings]
    Nim – Down [nim]
    Swarm Intelligence – Something Broken [Swarm Intelligence]
    C Mantle – Blackboard Jungle [Digital Distortions]
    Kid606 – New boss same as old boss [Tigerbeat6]
    Roger Robinson – Spaceship [dub]
    Imaginary Forces – The Last Mimesis [Sleep Codes]
    Forward Strategy Group – Elegant Mistakes [Perc Trax]
    Untold – Overdrive [Hemlock]
    + Speedy J – Snap [Speedy J]
    Unam Zetineb – Twishots (Voidloss Blacker than pitch mix) [Voidloss]
    VC-118A – Antenna Forest [Lunar Disko]
    Actress – ShockTherapy101 [Dummy]
    Death Abyss – Destroy the Mundane [Rods Konez]
    George Lanham – Rationale for Revenge [Pareto Park]
    Jon Convex – What I Need feat. Velvit [Convex Industries]
    Mr Jones – Black Rainbow [The Public Stand]
    Mad-Tek – Get Down [Digital Distortions]
    Human Resource - Dominator (AGT Rave Cru Unofficial Remix) [AGT Rave Cru]
    Dan Fix – Anti Wax [Digital Distortions]
    Threnody – Squarewave Rhythm [dub]
    Sd Laika – 36 [XLR8R]
    Ion Driver – Turn It Up [Digital Distortions]

    Corticyte – Impulse 101
    Pip Williams – I won’t let go
    Trevino – Indulge
    Bambounou – Deepstaria
    Ben Milstein – Pulser
    Al Tourettes – untitled
    Jon Convex – Desolation
    Phat Chex – Uncertain Future [Darkfloor Sound]
    Untold – Overdrive
    Banbounou – Chrome
    Phat Chex – Puxton Bridge [Darkfloor Sound]

    In a somewhat predictable move on our part, being that he is our first Darkfloor Sound artist; tonight’s showcase session is from Phat Chex.

    the showcase
    Fresh from launching the debut CD/EP for our record label Darkfloor Sound, and following up his superb 2 hour session at Darkfloor Live on August 3rd, Chex has recorded us an exclusive session for the show.

    The producer and DJ should be no stranger to our regular listeners. His tracks have been cropping up on the show over the past 18 months, always to a great response. Having his debut CD EP now out is a mighty feeling of pride.

    Based down in Plymouth, Ben Pooley isn’t only attracting attention from the Darkfloor hive. Recently he was included on the milestone 10th release for London’s Pyramid Transmissions on their double vinyl comp: Interstellar Communications Vol 1.

    His housier sound is forthcoming on Bristol’s Applepips imprint with a double sided 12″.

    When he’s not pushing his machines and his studio into the bass rich electro strains and beyond he’s a very fine selector and DJ as his showcase session tonight will continue to illustrate; I’m not kidding when I say his Darkfloor Live appearance a few weeks back was very special.

    That recording will be surfacing soon on the Darkfloor in Session podcast.

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  • Mantis Radio 112 + Robert Pain

    23 août 2012, 11h49m

    Mantis Radio 112 + Robert Pain
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    Vladislav Delay – Kolari Versio [Raster-Noton]
    Old Apparatus – Dealow [Sullen Tone]
    Being – Ken [thismachineisbroken]
    Sturqen – Toxinas [Sturqen]
    Powell – Search [Diagonal Records]
    Kangding Ray – Oise [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
    Forward Strategy Group – Mandate (Sawf remix) [Perc Trax]
    David Meiser – Inner Fight[dub]
    Roebin de Freitas – It had some form of container [roebindefreitas]
    Erol Alkan + Boys Noize – Brain Storm (Unsubscribe remix) [Boyznoise Records]
    + Energun – Hot Bits [Energun]
    Autologic – Illicit Minor [Singularity Records]
    Senor Frio – Lobo [Digital Distortions]
    Consequence – Chamber Music [Tempa]
    Anodyne – Empire Of Glass (Subjex Remix) [Combat Recordings]
    Ingen – Snap The Tilt [Digital Distortions]
    Blawan – What You Do With What You Have [R&S]

    Demdike Stare – Caged In Stammheim [Modern Love]
    Amiina – Thoka [Sound Of A Handshake]
    Dialect – Supervision [Transporta Rec]
    T++ – Allied [Erosion]
    Robert Pain – Dubravkin Put [dub]
    Female – Blood Tide (Regis Mix) [Sandwell District]
    Cleric – Phased (Robert Pain Mix) [dub]
    Szare – Trk1 [Horizontal Ground]
    Lapse – Sound 6 [lapse]
    Cleric – unknown [dub]
    Stanislav Tolkachev – Fadeout [Subsist]
    Northern Structures – Rotations [Sonic Groove]
    Cleric – Jeroen Search [dub]
    AnD – In Just A Small Moment [Frozen Border]
    Aglaia Is Always Wrong – I Mavri Laterna [SoundCloud]
    P.E.A.R.L. – Gravitary (Casual Violence remix) [Avant Scissor]
    AnD – ABDF [Black Sun Records]
    Blawan – Tuesday’s March [Frozen Border]
    Edit Select / Shifted – A38 [Semantica Records]
    Mary Velo – Detune [Frozen Border]
    Raime – This Foundry (Regis Version) [Blackest Ever Black]
    Rebekah – 2 [Cult Figures]
    Lapse – Brave New World [lapse]
    Margija Je Mrtva – U Sjeni Neona Kasnokostov ‘Uvod U Ubod’ Mix [Nauk]
    Skirt – Ikaros [Horizontal Ground]
    Scanner- Furies [SoundCloud]
    Jon Hopkins – Vessel [Domino]
    Villain – Leave No Trace

    Tonight on Mantis Radio we head into the bleak deep and dark techno of Robert Pain.

    the showcase
    his techno is dark, uncompromising, defined and beautiful…

    As we ease back to reality after Friday’s Darkfloor Sound label launch we continue with our fortnightly live broadcast from our London based Darkfloor hive, where this week our guest for Mantis Radio is the 24 year old Croatian Robert Pain.

    His Black Queen debut album self released last year blew me and the few who heard it away, quickly becoming a repeat listen album. It stands up there with the best of them. I’ve written about him a few times already on Darkfloor, so the keen eyed amongst you may already know what lies in wait in the 2nd hour of tonight’s show. His music really will do the talking tonight with an exclusive session for us.

    This mix was recorded specially for Mantis Radio at my home. Some old some fresh stuff.

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  • Mantis Radio 111 + Villain

    27 jui. 2012, 14h16m

    Mantis Radio 111 + Villain
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    Midfield General ft. Noel Fielding – Seed Distribution (Si Begg VIP mix) [sibegg]
    Zomblaze – Mind Op (Dub Version) [Chi Recordings]
    Moskra – ennui [IDMf]
    Bas Mooy – Loaded [Perc Trax]
    Gary Beck – Hopkin [Soma Records]
    Death Abyss – Love Is A Weakness (Mark Broom remix) [Rodz Konez]
    Max Duley – Backlash Boy [ARC]
    Monolake – Alaska (Surgeon remix) [Monolake / Imbalance Computer Music]
    Coefficient – Intrinsic Vector (Part 2) [Duality]
    Actress – Metamorphosis [Ninja Tune]
    apkallu of enmerkar – GGG (Laica’s Drum Drone remix) [Pathmusick]
    Mark Flash – Eagle Warriors [Underground Resistance]
    Alphaxone – Synthetic Vision [Kalpamantra]
    Anodyne – Empire of light (Boris Noiz mix) [Combat Recordings]
    Death Abyss – Seek Happiness In Victory, But Never In Peace (Inigo Kennedy remix) [Rodz-Konez]
    Roebin de Freitas – Ceizo [Roebin de Freitas]
    Cygnus – District Nights [Central Processing Unit]
    korrupted brothers – First Round [Korrupted Brothers]
    Blackmass Plastics – Flux Bleed [dub]
    Krissi B – Like Diss (Avery Caines D.A.D remix) [Mutant Bass]

    Villain – Stakeout
    Villain –
    Villain – Subsidence
    Villain –
    Villain – Escapade
    Villain –
    Villain –
    Villain –
    Villain – Subterfuge
    Villain – Down in Flames
    Villain –
    Villain – Materials
    Villain –
    Villain –
    Villain – Leave No Trace

    On Mantis Radio this week we welcome Villain.

    the showcase
    One of those artists that despite not having the big discography has a focused selection that speaks volumes, notably with his recent(ish) album Escapade.

    Escapade came along earlier this year and has quickly cemented itself as one of our favourite techno longplayers in the past 6 months.

    In March I said of the album:
    This is just wall to wall stunning. Deep, hard and focused. For music made in the sunshine of California it couldn’t be deeper, darker and further from the shining Golden State. Broken techno deftly programmed. The production level on Escapade, is, quite simply, as good as they come.
    It was a diverse sound palette build on a techno frame, but pushed beyond what was expected, something that is seen so rarely seemingly these days with artist albums.

    …to the bleak and captivating Stakeout; with a sonic footprint that you might find on the darkest of Raster-Noton’s output. An album chillingly precise and yet not rigid; with a deep respect of spacial awareness in his tracks…

    …Villain has an album that flows as one cohesive piece but also takes the individual tracks into different headspaces as an album should…
    The mysterious Villain can at present be found lurking in the shadows of LA crafting his own sound.

    His exclusive showcase session is something special; half of the set built from past releases (all released through London’s Singularity Recordings), the other half, brand new, especially for our show. I’m reliably told those new tracks will debut later this year, no doubt, on Singularity.

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  • Mantis Radio 110 + Boris Noiz

    27 jui. 2012, 14h08m

    Mantis Radio 110 + Boris Noiz
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    The Fear Ratio – Fedec [Blueprint]
    Øystein Jørgensen – Hidden [Pale Noir]
    I†† – Zahgurim [Pale Noir]
    Simplicity Is Beauty – Telemachus [The Public Stand]
    WIKAN – Ghostrobe [Pale Noir]
    Jake Conlon – Asymmetric [Cicuta Netlabel]
    Blaq Robots – Lacia []
    Slam – System V System [Soma Records]
    Zimbra Sound – 2 Turntables [Yarn Audio]
    Riffs – This n That [Rag + Bone]
    Bassbin Twins – SQSH [Bassbin Twins]
    Voidloss – Slipping Into Ice Water [Singularity Recordings]
    Perc – Cash 4 Gold [Perc Trax]
    Blaq Robots – Clark []
    Phase 313 – Technological Singularity [Motorlab Records]
    Hoth System – Bone Of A Saint [Cicuta Netlabel]
    Killawatt – Re-engaged [Killawatt]
    Kryptic Minds – Askum [Tectonic Recordings]
    Simplicity Is Beauty – Operators Manual (The Exaltics remix) [The Public Stand]
    Bombé – Tell (Riffs remix) [Fullfridge]
    Structural Form – Welcome Techno [Cicuta Netlabel]
    Scott Robinson – Splinter Sisters [Darkfloor Sound]
    Nico Muhly – Part I Material in D [Bedroom Community]

    Boris Noiz – Untitled
    Point B – Suicide Beauty Spot (Boris Noiz remix – version 2)
    Anodyne – Empire Of Light (Boris Noiz remix)
    Boris Noiz – Rapid Transitions
    Boris Noiz – Inceptive Point
    Boris Noiz – Slashback
    Boris Noiz – Untitled
    Boris Noiz – Omniforma
    Boris Noiz – Panorama
    Boris Noiz – Diorama

    This week, we return to Serbia, to present a very special live set (his first ever broadcast) from none other than Boris Noiz.

    the showcase
    Noiz started making tracks back in 2003, and started DJing a year later. Vehemence, his first release, saw the light in early 2008 on Rottun Recordings. An industrial dubstep track that would form a foundation part of the soundprint Noiz continues to excel at, build on and unleash on the dancefloor. That same year the follow-up two collaborations with Excision; got serious attention with Force receiving airtime from Annie Nightingale on BBC Radio 1.

    Since then, Noiz has released tracks on Combat Recordings, Yellow Machines, Subtrakt, Bankai Audio, EX7 and has remixed renowned artists Scorn, Machine Code, Anodyne, Point B and Gunjack.

    What he releases into the sound system can best be described as a fusion of bass styles and genres forming an aggressive, dynamic, futuristic journey. His sound has taken him outside of his native Serbia to performances in Germany, Russia, Greece, Croatia, Spain and Hungary. His tracks continue to receive support from the likes of Surgeon, ScanOne, Warlock & Noyeahno, Stormfield and Electronic Explorations amongst many many others.

    Aside from the Noiz soundset, Boris is working on two other projects; a collaborative industrial techno project with fellow Serb Dekode: Ontal. And, a deep / acid house, 80s Chicago house inspirited project: Lost In The Sound.

    Back in Feb Blackmass Plastics interviewed Noiz for Darkfloor. The piece gives an insightful look into the origins of the producer, DJ and music lover that is Noiz.

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  • Mantis Radio 109 + Dimentia

    26 jui. 2012, 16h43m

    Mantis Radio 109 + Dimentia
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    Laurel Halo – Joy [Hyperdub]
    Posthuman – In Apophenia [Tusk Wax]
    Raphael Dincsoy & Robin Hirte – Ketambourine (Dave Shokh remix) [Bulletdodge Records]
    Mike Dehnert – Fachwerk 25 [Fachwerk 25]
    Positive Merge – Untouchable [Monochrome Audio]
    Mark Rogan – Paranoia (Bas Mooy remix) [DSNT]
    no data available – Heartsilver [nodataavailable]
    Illum Sphere – Never Lie Twice (/artist]Om Unit remix) [Fat City]
    Delta Funktionen – Target [Delsin]
    Martyn – Red Dancers [50 Weapons]
    Phat Chex – Uncertain Future [Darkfloor Sound]
    vacated – boogie times [vacated]
    Sturqen – Kepler [Sturqen]
    Oneohtrix Point Never – Remember (Surgeon remix) [Software records]
    Monolog – cut 02 [Acre Recordings]
    Si Begg – Hanfords Contents [Si Begg]
    Chris Moss Acid – Eurosport [chrismossacid]
    Jon Oakley – SKIPP [Takeover Recordings]
    Chordata – Resist [Tudor Beats]
    Wellbelove – Luv Dis Way [Cue Burn Digital]
    Warlock – Pocket Dancing [Warlock]
    Datassette – Videohorse [SHIPWREC]

    Dimentia – Raindrift [Katabatik]
    Dimentia – Realm [Record Label Records]
    Xanopticon + Dimentia – Acid Test [dub]
    Dimentia – Incense [Void Tactical Media]
    Dimentia – La Voison [Void Tactical Media]
    Dimentia – Distant Skies [Void Tactical Media]
    Dimentia – Nightside [Void Tactical Media]
    Dimentia – Dissektion [Void Tactical Media]
    Dimentia – Malkuth [dub]

    Heading stateside, this week we present the heavy electro presence that is Dimentia.

    the showcase
    Beginning life in 2000 in Oakland, California; Dimentia is the work on one man: Sean Dimentia. For a long time he’s been involved with the West Coast’s underground soundsystem counter culture, working with the Katabatik, Spaz and 5lowershop crews.
    His sound is a unique build of electro, acid, techno and broken bass; all made on hardware gear. He tells Darkfloor he draws a lot of his inspiration for his musick from the occult and esoteric traditions.

    Other projects for Dimentia include Cinkrillian Weight, Pansophia, and Kanopic Descent (subliminal and psychedelic tapestries ov sound invoking waking dreams ov unimaginable realms within the listener).

    His work has seen release on Katabatik, Void Tactical Media, Record Label Records and Zhark International. In the pipeline are several releases, scheduled with release on Void Tactical Media and Katabatik, plus some new collaboration projects he’ll be unveiling soon. We’ve been looking forward to his exclusive session for months, it really is something else.

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  • Mantis Radio 108 + Rory St John

    26 jui. 2012, 16h34m

    Mantis Radio 108 + Rory St John
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    Somatic Responses – K-141 Kursk [Viral Conspiracy Records]
    The Ebertbrothers – Black String (Karsten Pflum Where Are You Mix) [Mindwaves-Music]
    Slam – Positive Education (Rod remix one) [Soma Records]
    Kristian Heikkila – Kult [EPM Music]
    Bas Mooy – Noirr [Blank Records]
    Floorplan – Altered Ego [M-Plant]
    Hadji – Jako Veliki Penis [Cicuta Netlabel]
    Sunil Sharpe – Saturana [Sheworks]
    Craig Mak – False Alarm [Dots]
    Kristian Heikkila – We Want Techno [EPM Music]
    Sunil Sharpe – Roki [Sheworks]
    Mark Rogan – Paranoia (Jerome Hill remix) [DSNT]
    Lifecycle – Broken Weasel (Adj remix) [Ricochet Records]
    Jam City – The Courts [Nightslugs]
    Delta Funktionen – Redemption [Delsin]
    Scott Robinson – Splinter Sisters [dub]
    Radioactive Man – Wreckorder [Wang Trax]
    Kryptic Minds – Askum [Tectonic]
    David Meiser – Addiction to Darkness [dub]
    Eomac – Slide FX [Acroplane]

    Recorded live at Tresor, Berlin on February 22, 2012.

    Starting year six of broadcasting in style we present Dublin’s Rory St John.

    the showcase
    His production work is much revered with the underground techno community. Describing himself as: the maker of future influenced dancefloor and non-dancefloor music alike. He’s heavily influenced by the purity of the techno sound.

    Rory’s debut was on Eire Electronic’s VA compilation, alongside fellow influential Irish techno compadre’s Sunil Sharpe and Fran Hartnett. It was his début 12″ release for Mantrap Records: his Ear Cycle EP, a sellout release don’t ya know, that proved Rory was a force to be reckoned with.

    Following completion of his 2 year postgrad in Music & Media Technologies, he’s build a real-time audio and visual manipulation environment. This forms the core of his current production work.

    Progressing from a vinyl only DJ to a hardware only liveset, Rory now brings both software and hardware into his studio and into his live performances. Describing his sound as often funky, usually deep, always influenced by what the sounds of the future might be.. It’s this approach that has presented his sound and livesets across Europe; from the former U-Club Bratislava to techno mecca Berlin, back to Ireland and beyond.

    Now residing in Berlin, Rory continues to build and refine his studio, always striving to develop his sound and skillset in music production. His work has been signed to London’s deadly effective Singularity Records, Serbia’s Teskoba Recordings, Leeds Limetree Projects, Swarm Intelligence’s Stasis Records. He’s also crafted remixes for the likes of Digital Distortions, Takeover Recordings and Nice & Nasty.

    For his exclusive session tonight we present the live recording from his performance at Berlin’s Tresor a few months ago (February 22nd).

    That night also saw some serious techno flexing from Sunil Sharpe, Marcel Heese and Dominic Muller. This is raw and live Rory St John.

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  • Mantis Radio 107 + Anniversary Special (Year Five)

    26 jui. 2012, 16h24m

    Mantis Radio 107 + Anniversary Special (Year Five)
    Download / Stream / Darkfloor / Comment / iTunes / Podcast / Twitter

    Dom + Roland – Terminate [Dom + Roland Productions]
    Casual Violence – She [Aftertaste Recordings]
    Cloak – Sixmenace Two (Oyaarss remix) [3BY3]
    Roly Porter – Arrakis [Subtext]
    wk[es] – breed [Hz-records]
    Dead Sound + Videohead – Pench [Acroplane]
    Mat Lionis – Beat Runner [Dakoa Records]
    Sawf – Peplo [Perc Trax]
    Kassem Mosse – GSO2 [Nonplus Records]
    Death Abyss – Come As A Reaper For Thus You Will Sow [Rodz Konez]
    Modeselektor – Evil Twin feat. Otto von Schirach [Monkeytown]

    snippet / our 3rd most popular show:
    Bas Mooy from Mantis 093.

    Author – The City [Tectonic]
    Planetary Assault Systems – Black Tea [Ostgut]
    Death Grips – Guillotine (Voidloss Blood Rage Mix) [Voidloss]
    Emptyset– Avichi [CLR]
    Mr Jones – Zoom 42.0 (Yeah Jack) (Luke Creed remix) [The Public Stand]
    Mr Jones – Armory (Sunil Sharpe remix) [Heavy Reel]
    Rory St John – Noughtsmith [Singularity]
    Radiohead – Bloom (Objekt remix) [Ticker Tape]

    snippet / our 2nd most popular show:
    OYAARSS from Mantis 094.

    Mad-Tek – Terra [Digital Distortions]
    Gremino – drumbeat [gremino]
    Innasekt – Cluster [Boka Records]
    Neil Landstrumm – Chijit [Snork Enterprises]
    Big Narstie – Gas Leak (Ourobonic Plague remix) [dub]
    Byetone – Black Peace [Raster-Noton]
    Ion Driver – Hum [Ricochet Records]
    Mobthrow – Flashback [Mindtrick Records]
    The Fear Ratio – Guv Three [Blueprint]
    Phaeleh – Lament (DJ Madd remix) [Black Box]
    Exillon – Shortwave [Katabatik]

    snippet / our most popular show:
    Perc from Mantis 091.

    107 /
    It’s our 5th anniversary show. Holy cow.

    the showcase
    As we enter our 6th year of broadcasting we take a retrospective look over the past 12 months and 20 shows.

    It’s been another amazing year for us at Mantis Radio and Darkfloor. Back in February we celebrated the milestone of the 100th radio broadcast by throwing an event in London. Top of the bill was a rare performance from Kronos Device who were joined by Militant Science’s Paul Blackford and Combat Recordings Stormfield. All three unleashed serious bass weight on the venue.

    This Friday we return to that venue to begin a series of monthly events; Darkfloor Live. Up first we present 90 minute sessions from two of London’s underground techno heavyweights Voidloss and Coefficient.

    Tonight, as is tradition with our anniversary show, we work out the stats and run down the three most downloaded and listened to showcase sessions from the past year. Broadcasting 20 minutes from each of the three.

    From Global Goon and his unique acid trips to most recently the dark lord of Manchurian techno; Casual Violence. I’ll also be taking a long look at the huge amount of tracks I’ve played over the past 12 months and picking out some of my absolute favourites from another year of frankly fantastic music.

    Who was your favourite showcase guest from the past year. What were your favourite tracks of the past 12 months? We’d love to know. Get in touch.

    It’s so hard picking a favourite guest. Each and every guest goes above and beyond delivering killer selections and tight programming.

    This year is going to be a big year for us, thank you for being a continued part of our broadcasts, our site and soon, we hope, our record label.

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