Dragonforce Vs Double Dragon?


19 nov. 2007, 16h52m

While randomly shuffling through my playlist and stopping for some DragonForce, I had a flashback from one of the good old 2d fighting games.

Namely, Double Dragon.

Listen to Black Fire at around 3:40 and listen for the guitar. Now, listen to the theme from Double Dragon...

Notice a striking similarity in the melody? Is Dragonforce stealing from old school games?

I don't think so - It's probably a funny coincidence or perhaps a band member is a fan of the game.

Interesting, nevertheless!


  • Nesferatu

    Dragonforce do site one of there influences as old school video games i wouldnt be suprised if they took the lovely 8 bit sound and made little a riff out of it

    19 nov. 2007, 22h36m
  • Bullitt64

    Wouldn't surprise me either. But man, Double Dragon II was so fucking badass. My favourite NES game, and easily the best of the series. I mean, holy shit, you get to beat the shit out of a purple version of yourself at the end. Fuck that guy, he thinks that just because he's purple he gets some kind of special rights? He can eat shit like the rest of his cronies. Motherfucker.

    20 nov. 2007, 0h33m
  • jBake

    Yeah they emulate old video-game sounds on their guitars. I've learnt from Herman how to make mine sound like Pacman .

    20 nov. 2007, 20h35m
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