Ripped off some guy on the QOTSA page... (top 10 of all time)


25 sept. 2008, 23h51m

**I'm ignoring Game music and Stand-up for this one**

10) Linkin Park
First heard: One Step Closer
Fell in love: In the End
Current Favorite: Easier to Run

9) Sevendust
First heard: Praise
Fell in love: Clueless
Current favorite: T.O.A.B.

8) Daft Punk
First heard: One More Time
Fell in love: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Current favorite: Veridis Quo

7) Rammstein
First heard: Du hast
Fell in love: links 2, 3, 4
Current Favorite: Herzeleid

6) Eiffel 65
First heard: Blue (Da Ba Dee)
Fell in love: I DJ With the Fire
Current favorite: Cosa resterà

5) System of a Down
First heard: Chop Suey!
Fell in love: Toxicity
Current Favorite: Radio/Video

4) Queens of the Stone Age
First heard: No One Knows
Fell in love: Go With the Flow
Current Favorite: 3's & 7's

3) Richard Cheese
First heard:Baby Got Back
First loved:Crazy
Current favorite: Holiday in Cambodia

2) CKY
First heard: 96 Quite Bitter Beings
Fell in love: Flesh Into Gear
Current Favorite: Sporadic Movement

1) 311
First heard: Come Original
Fell in love: You Wouldn't Believe
Current favorite: Bomb the Town


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