70s 90s a crazy rythm in a crazy town a look through window a sweet freak acoustic alternative alternative rock ambient as good as the unicorns atmospheric baroque pop beautiful and more belgium breath in third brilliant canadian chillout choral song coconut song downtempo dreamy electronic electronica every definition of beautiful experimental favorite artists favourite bands folk for free mind for free music from hawaii happy songs for sad people hip-hop hippie song maybe i could listen to this song ever i want to go back in montreal iceland dreamers icelandic indie indie folk indie rock instrumental loved tracks lovely maybe live in west coast me and nature meet at the disco melancholic melancholy melodic montreal montreal memories music that makes me happy music to fall asleep to music to fall in love with music to walk away music to write something when it rains my brother influence native american sound new folk from the mountains ninja tune nyc one more reason why i love canada one of best female voice perfection pharmacotherapy pills to fly poetry post-rock pretty song psychedelic punk punchy relax seen live 2005 seen live in 2003 seen live in 2003 - twice seen live in 2004 seen live in 2007 seen live in 2008 seen live in 2009 silent intensity singer-songwriter summer and birds and smiling faces sweet tape song sound the best female voice the best for ever the most important band in 2010 the most important tune in 2008 the most important tune in 2009 to run in space and have a good trip to yell trippy song two giants on the scene want this in a movie want to see live watch the clip when cat power was the best when i was far away i was listening to this song