• Be negative to your top 20 (you probably shouldn't read this)

    17 mai 2008, 3h27m

    This looked like just the right combination of fun and retarded to waste some time. The concept is taking your top 20 artists and insulting them. So keep in mind that I pretty much love all these bands ridiculous amounts and my comments are not at all serious (unless otherwise noted). Sometimes the "bad" things I write about them are the things I like anyway.

    1. The Decemberists
    Pretentious indie folk for English majors looking for validation for the idea that they're cooler than other people.

    2. Sonic Youth
    They're just noise for the sake of being noisy. But really, NYC Ghosts & Flowers and A Thousand Leaves are pretty bad albums.

    3. Beirut
    It's just a bunch of indistinguishable horns and ukuleles and accordions and vocals and God-knows-what-else played by a bunch of drunken wannabe Slavs.

    4. The Pogues
    Shane McGowan is a drug addled wannabe Irish. He's also a drunkard. And is the ugliest man alive.

    5. Neutral Milk Hotel
    Over poetic and affected.

    6. DeVotchKa
    Melodramatic Morrisey-esque singer pilfering pieces of music from other cultures.

    7. Asobi Seksu- Like Britney Spears became Japanese and started trying to play Jesus and Mary Chain songs.

    8. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
    They think a weird singer makes them original.

    9. of Montreal
    Like trying to eat Sweet & Low by the spoonful.

    10. The Fall
    They're just weird.

    11. Pavement
    Hipsters too involved in their own hipness to make real music.

    12. Olivia Tremor Control
    Just sounds like they tried to cover a bunch of Beatles while they were all on acid.

    13. The Microphones
    Alternates weird and boring.

    14. The Cure
    The only reason they got famous was Robert Smith's hair.

    15. Yo La Tengo
    They're always either too ethereal and pretty or too loud and noisy.

    16. Sufjan Stevens
    Pretty boy indie folkster #37.

    17. The New Pornographers

    18. The Long Blondes
    Snarky is not the same thing as clever.

    19. Gogol Bordello
    They're just annoying.

    20. Songs: Ohia
    Album upon album of MOPE.

    ...And I think my only further comment besides an apology for the time you wasted in reading this is the note that snarky actually IS the same thing as clever. at least in the Long Blondes' case.
  • Albums for kissing

    24 avr. 2008, 0h01m

    A list copied verbatim from my RYM. Because I'm super cool and original like that.
    It's in alphabetical order, by the way.

    1. Arcade Fire- Funeral
    I still think it's over rated, but not for kissing in the snow it isn't.

    2. Asobi Seksu- Citrus
    If Arcade Fire is music for kissing in the snow, this is music for kissing in the high noon sun with clouds drifting by and a breeze washing over you.

    3. Be Your Own Pet- be your own PET
    For when biting, punching, scratching, kicking and kissing are all acceptable forms of showing your love.

    4. Beach House- Devotion
    For slow, tender kissing (preferably mixed with heroin). Their other album works too.

    5. Beirut- Gulag Orkestar
    I feel the only way I can boil down my reasoning on this one is by the following formula:
    Gulag Orkestar = Amazing
    Kissing = Amazing
    Gulag Orkestar + Good whiskey = Amazing^2
    Kissing + Good Whiskey = Amazing^2
    Good Whiskey(Gulag Orkestar + Kissing) = SO AMAZING

    6. Andrew Bird- Armchair Apocrypha
    Sensual layer of strings layered upon sensual layer of strings. This is like the music they play in the movies for kissing, except it works for kissing in real life too.

    7. Blonde Redhead- Misery Is a Butterfly
    For tear-stained break-up kissing.

    8. The Boy Least Likely To- The Best Party Ever
    Twee kissing!

    9. Calexico- Feast of Wire
    Brings me back to my years in the Southwest... Like mariachi music of dreams...

    10. CSS- Cansei de Ser Sexy
    Brazilian disco rave kissing. And possibly more than that.

    11. Chromatics- Night Drive
    Kissing for martinis and sleeping pills and long nights on the town.

    12. Cocteau Twins- Heaven or Las Vegas
    Blissed out dreamy kissing for warm nights.

    13. John Coltrane- A Love Supreme
    I feel no comment is necessary.

    14. Cut Copy- In Ghost Colours
    Pretty dance party kissing.

    15. Miles Davis- Kind of Blue
    Lie beside the fire with a couple glasses of wine and some sleeping pills...

    16. The Delgados- Hate
    Despite the title, this album is really all about love.

    17. DeVotchKa- How It Ends
    This album will transport you to entirely foreign lands of kissing.

    18. El Perro del Mar- El Perro Del Mar
    Tearful moving away forever kissing.

    19. Elf Power- A Dream in Sound
    Blissful arse-over-tits in love kissing.

    20. The Flaming Lips- Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
    I don't know where the sunbeams end and the star lights begin,
    It's all a mystery.
    And I don't know how a man decides what's right for his own life,
    It's all a mystery.

    21. Gotan Project- La Revancha del Tango
    I'm pretty sure tango is the quintessential kissing music, and adding chill beats and accordion loops only helps.

    22. Grizzly Bear- Yellow House
    Stoned kissing with no one else around for miles and miles.

    23. Interpol- Turn On the Bright Lights
    Another on the long list of spaced out and beautiful kissing music.

    24. The Jesus and Mary Chain- Darklands
    It's dark and rainy out there, but in here we're kissing.

    25. Justice- Cross
    Ecstasy and dancing and kissing.

    26. The Ladybug Transistor- The Abermarle Sound
    Running through the streets of Oxford, and the sun is shining.

    27. The Magnetic Fields- 69 Love Songs
    Very very long kissing sessions.

    28. Aimee Mann- Bachelor No. 2 (Or, the Last Remains of the Dodo)
    Depressing and slow, but oh so pretty. For the confident kisser who knows none of the stuff Aimee is talking about will happen to them.

    29. Joni Mitchell- Blue
    This is really good background music for anything, kissing included.

    30. My Bloody Valentine- Loveless
    More blissful spaced out kissing music. Note: Should be turned up as loud as possible to emulate the feeling of bathing in a tub full of fuzz.

    31. Neutral Milk Hotel- In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
    Intense and cathartic kissing.

    32. The New Pornographers- Mass Romantic
    Happy fun kissing!

    33. Pavement- Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
    Cutting school and work to go to a playground and sit on the swings and kiss.

    34. Philip Glass- Music in 12 Parts
    For very long, slow, amazing kissing.

    35. A Place to Bury Strangers- A Place to Bury Strangers
    Sexy angry kissing.

    36. Portishead- Dummy
    Noir lounge kissing. But anyway, it's druggy and seductive and generally awesome.

    37. The Postal Service- Give Up
    I don't know, but the ladies love it.

    38. Primal Scream- Screamadelica
    Don't know what to say about this except that you will probably get some.

    39. Radiohead- OK Computer
    Radiohead pretty much makes a good soundtrack for whatever.

    40. Ride- Nowhere
    What can I say, yet MORE spaced out dreamy shoegaze. Spaced out dreamy shoegaze is great for kissing!

    41. Sally Shapiro- Disco Romance
    I don't think I know any Scandanavian electropop that would make BAD kissing music, but this is probably the best.

    42. Slowdive- Souvlaki
    Really slow, really spaced out, and really really pretty.

    43. Songs: Ohia- Magnolia Electric Co.
    Farewell Transmission is its own self enclosed kissing epic, but the whole album works quite well too.

    44. Sonic Youth- Daydream Nation
    I'm not ashamed to say that it would be pretty amazing to lose my virginity to this album.

    45. Tarkio- Omnibus
    While I would never try to say that Tarkio are better than The Decemberists, they are definitely more consistently good for kissing to.

    46. Yann Tiersen- Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain
    Not much to say on this one except waltzes are amazing.

    47. The Twilight Sad- Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters
    Another slow, pretty, spaced out thing, but this one has a guy with a super thick Scottish accent.

    48. The Waterboys- Fisherman's Blues
    Badass violins and generally rocking Irish music is good for kissing.

    49. Wilco- Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
    I am trying to break your heart.

    50. Yo La Tengo- And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out
    The fact that this album ends with Night Falls on Hoboken makes the entire album ridiculously worthy for a list of good albums to kiss to.

    Oh yeah, before I forget, I actually ahven't tried any of these, I kinda just went through my albums thinking what would be good. I do plan on trying them ASAP though. :-)
    Also note that I was purposely staying away from cliche things, so don't bother telling me I need some Marvin Gaye. I know already, I know.
    So yeah, it's really just supposed to be silly list. So don't try o, I don't know, read giant generalizations about me or my taste or whatever into it.

    Edit: I got rid of Tap Tap to stick in Ride. Sorry Tap Tap, it wasn't you, it was me.
    Edit 2: Changing Slowdive- Pygmalion to Slowdive- Souvlaki because I've just heard it and it's entirely more beautiful and wondrous and good for kissing. Although Pygmalion is still one of the few ambient albums I can actually sit through without passing out. But my comment still stands: "Really slow, really spaced out, and really really pretty."
    Edit 3: Got rid of MGMT in favor of Portishead. Because DAMN is Portishead some good kissing music.

    1 mars 2008, 20h15m

    Fri 29 Feb – Holy Fuck, A Place to Bury Strangers, White Denim, Veil Veil Vanish

    Last night I went to see A Place to Bury Strangers at the Bottom of the Hill. It was good times.
    I got there way too early, froze my ass off with Zoe and her friend, finally got in, bought A Place to Bury Strangers’s amazing CD and a T-shirt, grabbed a free pin and sticker, as well as some ear plugs, and then got my CD signed by them.
    Not too much of an interesting story there, I just saw them, asked for them to sign it and tried not to be too star struck. I failed a little, but THEY STILL SIGNED IT BITCHES.
    After that, I went and grabbed a spot front and center. First up was Veil Veil Vanish. They were pretty good. The singer was a little whiny, which always annoys me, but they certainly made a nice wall of sound. The guitarist has a really sweet 12 string electric that made for many pretty twinklings coming over the squall of noise from the other guitar. Overall I quite liked their set, but I’m not sure if I’ll go check their album(s?) out or anything.
    Next up was White Denim, who were… interesting. Crazy man screaming (albeit soulfully) and freaking out on his guitar, funky ass bass player (as in he was super funky, not in that he was weird), but the real star was the drummer. He was ridiculously into it, and looked out of his mind half of the time. But holy shit. An amazing drummer. Totally that sort of Deerhoof drumming where it seems totally random and offbeat but keeps the beat anyway. I watched the drummer for the majority of the time just because he was so totally mesmerizing. As for the music, it was like noisy Captain Beefheart sort of psych-rock, nothing too mind blowing, but I can see how one would like it. And they were all really into it, so it was at the very least super fun to watch.
    A Place to Bury Strangers were up next. Since they were who I came to see I’m going to devote most of my writing to them. This is the only band I didn’t wear ear plugs for, just because I wanted to see if the hype about them being ridiculously loud was true. I wasn’t disappointed, although the permanent ear damage I sustained may disappoint me at some point. But okay, first off, they were FUCKING AMAZING. My descriptions of seeing them live tend as much towards the tactile as the aural, because they are, for the record, earth-shakingly, bone rattlingly loud. It was quite a lot like a 30 minute rocket launch, or perhaps drowning in a giant sea of sludge with the occasional sparkle of sunshine coming through. I’m not sure if people who didn’t already know their album appreciated it as much as I did, but suffice to say it was like the album, only more so. Sludgier, noisier, and entirely more awesome. Part of why their loudness is so great is actually that it’s not like having ice picks jammed in your ears. Their live show is very bass heavy, so it’s a lot more like being… beat up or something. Your whole body vibrates with the music, and half of the time you can’t tell if those treble notes you hear floating over everything are actually there or if it’s just your ears giving out. I think it was a little bit of both. The vocals couldn’t really stand up to this fucking noise assault, but you could still hear them as murmurs coming through the bass. It was basically just an all out noise fest, and while I would’ve loved if they had done a full set, I’m not sure if I could’ve handled it. I actually felt like they did a perfect set, especially at the end when they were just flipping out and the guitarist/vocalist just fucking ripped all of the strings off his guitar. It was amazing. And golly, do I love bass feedback. Oh yeah, and did I mention they had a smoke machine going the whole time so half of the time you could barely see them? Yeah, I loved it.
    The headlining act was Holy Fuck, who I didn’t really know anything about except that they were kinda experimental kinda electronic stuff. I wasn’t really expecting much since that sounds like something I pretty much wouldn’t like. But they were pretty good. They were pretty experimental I guess, but in a way where you couldn’t help dancing. Lots of messing about with bleep and bloop generators hooked up to 20 different pedals, a groovy bassist, live drummer who kinda got to do whatever he wanted since the bleeps/bloops kept the beat most of the time; it was very dancey and fun. I had my eyes closed for a lot of it, since it was kind of cool just to listen to it. Anyway, not exactly my thing, but I can see why people like it for sure. I didn’t stay for the encore, if they even had one. Seemed like a lot of people were leaving. It was 1 in the damn morning, after all.
    Got home at 2, crashed, and that’s that. Overall, probably in my top 10 shows just because A Place to Bury Strangers was bloody brilliant, I’m really glad I got to see them live. And the other bands weren’t half bad, so there you go.
  • Obligatory End of the Year Shindig

    7 jan. 2008, 19h11m

    Well, it's been more than a year in the making, so here it is: BEST ALBUMS OF 07 EVER.

    25. Blitzen Trapper- Wild Mountain Nation
    These guys make a darn good spastic album. They might not be Pavement or Guided by Voices, but they're probably the best you'll get nowadays.

    24. of Montreal- Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?
    Well, for some reason, I liked this a lot more when I first heard it. But it's still pretty good.

    23. Sally Shapiro- Disco Romance
    Not really an 07 release, but who gives a shit. Anyway, this is one of the many albums that I got on my electronica kick that made it onto this list (probably because my electronica kick is/was very recent). Anyway, she's sort of like a slightly less bubblegummy version of Annie, so nothing wrong with that.

    22. St. Vincent- Marry Me
    Probably your standard cute-girl-sings-pretty-songs indie fare, but it's still heart warming in only that way that cute girls singing pretty songs can be.

    21. The Ponys- Turn the Lights Out
    This album is just kick ass. There really isn't much else to it. Yup, 21 for being kick ass.

    20. Chromatics- Night Drive
    '80s noir disco? I don't really know how else to describe it. Suffice to say that it's very good.

    19. Wilco- Sky Blue Sky
    I don't fucking know, it's a good album. Not Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, just good.

    18. Iron & Wine- The Shepherd's Dog
    Best Iron & Wine album. I like his other ones too, but they do get a bit samey after a while. The decision to get more instruments was a good one (as it almost always is).

    17. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah- Some Loud Thunder
    I used to think I understood the people who disliked this album, but now my opinion towards them is something more along the lines of "Fuck you, you fucking fucks." But yeah, a lot of the lyrics are about how it's not even all that great having fans, so haters can go die for all I care.

    16. Spoon- Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
    What the hell do I say about Spoon? They're awesome? Go listen to them? Why aren't you listening to them already? What the hell are you doing reading this damn journal?

    15. Aesop Rock- None Shall Pass
    Not his best album, but who cares, it's bloody awesome.

    14. Picastro- Whore Luck
    Like Low made folky and even slower. And given an awesome female singer. They're the best band you haven't heard of.

    13. Justice- †
    This is like if Daft Punk were better than they have been lately. The album title bugs me though. Just because it's a symbol, and thus it will not show up with the right title in my iTunes.

    12. Kevin Drew- Spirit If...
    Sounds like a Broken Social scene album, but a fake Broken Social Scene album that's almost good as You Forgot It in People(or at least better than their self-titled) is something to enjoy indeed.

    11. Feist- The Reminder
    Haha, the only thing I can think to say is that it's pretty funny how I got a couple next to each other in this list.


    10. The Go! Team- Proof of Youth
    Better than their first one. Oh no I didn't! Except I did. 'Cause it is. Bitch. Quite a bit better, actually. The first one was good but this one is fucking awesome in every way. Yes, I think that pretty much sums it up.

    9. The National- Boxer
    The National continue their ridiculously long streak of making albums that are way awesome.

    8. Modest Mouse- We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
    What can I say, I enjoy this album immensely. It's not a classic like Lonesome Crowded West or Moon and Antarctica, but it's a damn good album. I figure if they're turning into a pop band, might as well make a pop album and not a wannabe Modest Mouse album with one pop song on it.

    7. The Twilight Sad- Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters
    I'm just going to come out and admit that the only reason this album is so high is because of the singer. <3

    6. Glass Candy- Beat Box
    The only problem with this album is that it's too short. I WANT MORE DAMN IT. But yeah, it's like Night Drive done better. Like licorice flavored candy on a dark night in San Francisco; fantastic shit.

    5. Andrew Bird- Armchair Apocrypha
    Violin + Whistle solos + Sex + ?? = Andrew Bird

    4. Dinosaur Jr.- Beyond
    It's rare that I love such a guitar solo heavy album, but what can I say, J. Mascis kicks major ass.

    3. El-P- I'll Sleep When You're Dead
    His lyrics are cool, but more importantly, he is the best fucking producer ever. Whoaaaaa...

    2. A Place to Bury Strangers- s/t
    I don't think I knew I'd like this album as much as I do when I first got it. But yeah, this shit is right up my alley. Like My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain and a bunch of gutter slime had a love child. If Asobi Seksu is the Yin of shoegaze, A Place to Bury Strangers is the Yang.

    1. Beirut- The Flying Club Cup
    Once I listened to this a couple times, there was no way anything else was beating it. Like Gulag Orkestar before it, it serves as proof that Zach Condon is one awesome bastard. Honestly, some 20 year old kid doesn't have the right to hijack my end of year list twice in a row, but damn it, he deserves it.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Arcade Fire- Neon Bible
    It's a step in the right direction, but they still need to make an album that is even darker. DARKER DAMN IT.
    The Besnard Lakes- The Besnard Lakes are the Dark Horse
    This one was basically tied with Blitzen Trapper, but it came down to a coin flip.

    Hope you enjoyed it, and try not to take me too seriously.
  • Stuff on my computer that I haven't listened to yet.

    20 oct. 2007, 23h28m

    My list of things I need to listen to is really long right now. I'm gonna try to make it through these before I get too much more new music.

    Robyn Hitchcock- I Often Dream of Trains
    Belle and Sebastian- Dear Catastrophe Waitress
    Belle and Sebastian- The Boy With the Arab Strap
    Cage- He''s Winter
    Enon- Grass Geysers
    White Whale- WWI
    Bishop Allen- The Broken String
    Dirty Projectors- Rise Above
    Black Francis- Bluefinger
    Thurston Moore- Trees Outside the Academy
    Thom Yorke- The Eraser
    Miles Davis- Birth of the Cool
    Miles Davis- Kind of Blue

    ...Among others.
  • Hi friends

    27 sept. 2007, 5h46m

    I think this the place most likely for all of my friends to find something, so.
    Who wants an OiNK invite?
    I have 3.

    Let the death match begin! (Or not)
  • Thank you Jesus! (Decemberists Tour)

    23 août 2007, 20h11m

    The Decemberists are playing four shows at The Fillmore (my second favorite venue in the Bay area) on their new tour! I am definitely going to try to make it to all of them (a nice way of saying I will drive to and from SF every night if I have to). I will be insanely broke, but it will be so worth it.
    Anyway, if you haven't heard, some nights they will be playing only their longer songs and on the other nights they will be playing their shorter, poppier songs. Should be pretty amazing.

    Also, I really need to get my act together and go in costume this time. Preferably a different costume each night.
    Chimney/Chimbley Sweep (The Chimbley Sweep, obviously)
    Mariner (The Mariner's Revenge Song)
    Civil War Soldier (Yankee Bayonet)

    Hmm, can't think of a good fourth one... Bagman (The Bagman's Gambit)? Shankill Butcher (Shankill Butchers)? The Scoundrel (We Both Go Down Together)? Sport Player (The Sporting Life)? Prostitute(On the Bus Mall)? Any suggestions?

    Oh yeah, and they're releasing an EP of remixed versions of The Perfect Crime #2. I'm very happy.
  • Top 150 albums ever

    20 août 2007, 16h33m

    Mwahaha! My list is finally complete(ish. Version 1.0 is done at least.) Enjoy. Or don't.

    Top 150 albums ever
  • Country predjudice, and why it's stupid

    2 août 2007, 3h44m

    So I was just listening to Gillian Welch's Hell Among the Yearlings, and thinking how stupid it is that some people hate country so vehemently. Sure, some of it is terrible; now, name a genre where that isn't true.
    So, if we say that any genre consisting of more than, say, 100 bands has some bad things in it, why is it that so much hate falls onto country?
    Well, a large part of it is political. Political in that there is a divide on political lines. What's the cliche about Republicans/conservatives? They're trailer trash hicks who listen to COUNTRY MUSIC. Now, this stereotype is just wrong, but it exists never the less. What is true? That more people in red states listen to country radio than people in blue states. What is also true? Country radio SUCKS. SUCKS. A lot of country music stations push right wing Evangelical views in between songs (which often push right wing Evangelical views as well). Scary how radio can push stereotypes so far, but I definitely think it's a major contributor. Furthermore, even if the music is neutral politically, it's still just bad music. Why? Because Shania Twain, Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood and company sound like teenybopper pop music with an electric guitar and a southern accent. Now, for people who came just because of those names, I don't mind if you like those people. I'm not biased against people whose taste I don't agree with. But, in the end, I have to use these people as an example of what most people think of when they think "country." Now, thinking of Shania Twain as the end all and be all of country music is wrong. Yes, wrong. Want people who don't sound like the above? Try Jason Molina (and associated acts Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co.), Will Oldham/Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Lucinda Williams, The Be Good Tanyas, Tim O'Brien, Uncle Tupelo and early Wilco, Neko Case, fucking Johnny Cash... Do I need to go on? Because I can. I definitely can.
    So, why does it bug me that so many people hate country? It's not because they've listened to a variety and none of it really grabbed them. If that's how it was, I couldn't really care at all. As it is, most people just say they don't like country because... Because? Because it's southern? Because it has banjos? I don't think there is a reason, and that is a shame. The same thing goes on with rap: Everybody hating the stereotype, and thinking they hate it all.

    So, country haters: try listening to some different kind of country. The tag is a good place to start, but not perfect. Try doing some exploring. Try to recognize that quality is independent of genre.
    And country lovers, try converting the odd friend or two. And while you're at it, you might feel like exploring some of those genres you felt you'd never like. I know whenever I do that, I end up being surprised by all of the good things I find.
  • Sonic Youth: Aural death attack!!!

    21 jui. 2007, 6h26m

    Thu 19 Jul – Sonic Youth

    So I saw Sonic Youth playing Daydream Nation at the Berkeley Community Theater last night. And, as expected, it was amazing. Thurston Moore is a guitar God, and as one of my friends so aptly put "KIM IS MADE OUT OF SEX." (Thanks Tom.) She is the sexiest woman old enough to be mother that I know of.
    Anyway, it was a seated show, which was a bit lame, but not lame enough to ruin the concert. We missed about half of the opening band's set, which honestly wasn't anything too special. I don't even know the name of the band, but I don't really care because they weren't very good. Just lots of tribal sounding drumming and reverb and delay on everything, vocals included.
    Then Sonic Youth came on. Now, if you've heard Daydream Nation (If you haven't, what the fuck are you doing here? Why are you reading this journal? Why are you at your computer? You're filling out job applications so you can feed your children? You're donating millions of dollars to fund research into alternate sources of energy? I DON'T CARE. Get out of here and go buy Daydream Nation, you won't regret it), you know how amazing it is. Now. Take the amazingness of hearing that album on headphones in whatever you think the best place could be to listen to it. Now triple that awesomeness. Now take a little away because you're really far away.
    More or less, they kept all the important bits of the album and made them better. They definitely changed parts, mostly putting awesome guitar feedback noise freak-outs in the middle of songs or tying together two songs. Highlights were mostly things like Kim dancing around wildly and uh, Thurston. Doing awesome shit. Like using a drum stick as a slide and just beating the shit out of his guitar(s) and making them feedback and do the most amazing things. I never really got it before now, but he's an amazing guitar player. Actually, all of them are pretty amazing. Steve Shelley really has some good drumming chops, and you can especially see that on Daydream Nation (Or any of the albums really, except maybe Rather Ripped).
    For their encore, they played a bunch of Rather Ripped songs, I think 5. Reena, Incinerate, Do You Believe in Rapture?, What a Waste, and Jams Run Free, if I remember correctly. I don't remember what order they played them in though, sorry. Anyway, they also did a double encore, which I think I've only seen happen one other time. Rather Ripped is good, but having those songs next to Daydream Nation really pointed out how much better some of their earlier stuff is, at least for me. But still, I'm not complaining.
    All in all, very much worth it. I got a sweet ass T-shirt, got to hear one of my favorite albums live and just had a very good time in general. I would've liked to be a bit closer, but you can't always be close enough to see up Kim's dress (She was wearing shorts underneath).