• Linkin Park

    15 août 2005, 6h45m

    What can I say? I've liked Linkin Park even before I listened to rock music, before I even understood music. Thier music always got me moving.
    If I recall correctly the first song I heard by Linkin Park was One Step Closer off thier first big hit album Hybrid Theory. From there is moved onto In the End off the same albums. From then on I was addicted and have enjoyed every song put out on a major album some more then others but thats just nature. But there was one album I did not appreciate very much, Reanimation. Not much of this album did I enjoy at all. After later finding some of the songs that were never released but remixed for that album such as My December. I enjoyed most of the un-remixed songs off of that album.
    To sum things up. Linkin Park is my number 1 favorite band and has been that way for years.