New Night Over Europe tour


28 mars 2010, 13h41m

Sat 27 Mar – New Night Over Europe Tour

I've been struggling to see Katatonia live for about 4 years now, and when I found out they're going to stop in Slovenia for their new album promotion tour I was jumping to the roof. Based on reservations, the show was sold out, and really.. the hall with capacity of 350 people was filled to the last.

So after missing half of first song of Long Distance Calling outside, I finnaly settled somewhere in second row, where I pretty much staid till the end of the show. I haven't heard about these guys before and they really impressed me. They were pretty much quiet band since they only play instrumental music. They're nothing new, but still suit the show perfectly and i love the flowing melodies and progressive tempo so it was a very pleasant surprise.

The next band on stage was Swallow the Sun. I've been listening to these guys since »Ghosts of Loss«. And they don't seem to let me down with anything they release. »New Moon« is a fantastic record and belongs to my top 5 of 2009. The sound and preformance were great, but I wish they would have played longer setlist. By the way setlist was:
Theese woods breathe evil,
Falling World,
These hours of despair,
Sleepless Swans,
Don't fall asleep,
Plague of Butterflies,
New Moon,

Finnaly, the big Katatonia came to rock the stage. The preformance was just amazing. Nothing to add, plain perfection. I've read somewhere on forums that they're boring live. What the fuck? They were exactly like I've imagined. The show was quite long, and the people were going crazy. It's fantastic feeling that everyone is breathing in the same pace with the band, and the attitude of people reflected on the band itself. You could feel they really enjoyed the preformance. Of course, they had to add that it's fucking hot in this sauna. Anders was wet like he was thrown in the pool. You could tell they're Swedish. Also the setlist was fantastic, but here's the problem with band like Katatonia. They just have too many good songs in their discography to play all the hits, so the first two albums didn't stand a chance. Probably also the reason that the Norrman brothers left band just recently has it's consequences. Their spots were filled with Sodomizer on guitars and Nille on bass.
Setlist was something like:
My Twin,
Onward into Battle,
The Longest Year,
Saw you Drown,
Idle Blood,
Ghost of the Sun,
In The White,
Day and then the Shade,
For my Demons,

As a conclusion I'd like to say I'm very happy that they have gone through Slovenia, and that the show was one of my all-time favourite concerts. Fantastic atmosphere, a bit annoying croatian guy in my row, Great preformance of all three bands. This is how I'll remember this show!


  • everfallen

    zakon koncert! z izjemo ubitaćnega pijanega hrvata, seveda, in že omenjene finsko-švedske savne na in pod odrom.

    28 mars 2010, 15h45m
  • everfallen

    jp :D in mislim da je on vpil mi hrvati xD

    29 mars 2010, 8h03m
  • everfallen

    ma, razgled je definitivno boljši v prvi vrsti, ampak so me pa ušesa bolela.... res pravi užas xD

    29 mars 2010, 12h14m
  • TheDeathItself

    A nicely written review, sadly your first. Looking forward to your next reviews.

    31 mars 2010, 19h44m
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