• Cleaning up my media collection.

    8 jui. 2010, 23h16m

    I bought my self an Acer Mini and have moved all my media files over to it. I'll just be using it for surfing and music and so far I am very happy with the performance. With 250 gigs of storage, I can really expand on the 60 gigs I have in my collection.

    Now the fun begins. I've loaded itunes and am now in the process of re-rating all my files. I'm discovering old favorites, but I'm also tagging all my media files in last fm as I listen. It will be interesting using the app on my phone once I'm done.
  • BlackBerry for Last.Fm

    18 mars 2010, 2h11m

    Started using a BlackBerry Bold and the 7digital music app to get my music and fix. So far I really like it. Better sound quality then the MyTouch. I think it's better then my Ipod Touch.
  • Updating made easy!

    19 fév. 2010, 21h28m

    It's great to not have to 'sync' to anything to get your plays loaded to The android app scrobbles the on board music player OTA! Not to mention the player is top notch and getting better daily.
  • and Android

    12 fév. 2010, 21h27m

    Having used both the Ipod and the Zune, I'm going to give and Android a go. So far I'm impressed with the ability to explore music.