Cursor Miner - Danceflaw: Review


21 juin 2006, 7h41m

I got Danceflaw on Saturday after ordering it on Friday from Warp Records. Now, I've been a big fan of Cursor Miner ever since I stumbled across the video for his track Library. So I was quite excited to hear there was a new album. I had already bought the Hair Of The Dog / Spassfaktor single (in MP3 form from as it was only released on vinyl) so I already knew the direction Cursor Miner was taking, however I held up hope that there would still be the amusing songs which made Cursor Miner's previous releases so unique and enjoyable.

However on first listen to Danceflaw, I wasn't overly impressed as the album was pretty much entirely missing tracks with lyrics apart from one track Errors in my Mind. The rest are pounding electronic tracks which on initial listening were fairly boring in comparison to Cursor Miner's more unique tracks from former albums.

However then I learnt the secret to the album... it needs to be played LOUD! The opening track This Is Electro is an absolute stunner when played on full volume, and many of the other tracks come in to their own when played at full volume.

So despite initial impressions, I do like the album. It's just a shame to see a departure from the likes of War Machine, Remote Control and the classic Library which gave Cursor Miner his charm and got me interested in the first place.


  • SynthPants

    WOw, I didn't know he had a new album out! Whenever I check his website, there's been nothing new added. Your comments dismay me though - War Machine, Man Made Man, Library and Remote Control are my favorites of his, and I agree, it's a great shame that he's moved away from that side of things.

    26 juin 2006, 3h12m
  • Wootz

    Yeah, I knew there was a new album coming out which would feature Hair Of the Dog, but I had no idea or even indication of when it would be released. It was only when a friend noticed a review of the album in Q Magazine that I even knew the album was being released. I think it was officially released on the 19th June, despite me getting it from Warp before the release date.

    26 juin 2006, 6h04m
  • sumit

    Personally, I'm not much bothered by the absence of lyrical content - I'm keenest on the longer, more electro workouts like Grilling the Cheese or The Sport of Kings, so Danceflaw might be right up my street. That is, if I can find a copy - I've been trying to find it for the past week - might as well have mail-ordered it. I only knew about it because I'm on his mailing list - his website, and his record company's, is completely useless ...

    26 juin 2006, 9h24m
  • Wootz

    Well if you liked Grilling the Cheese, The Sport of Kings and probably Metathon, you'll love the new album :) And yes, I agree Lo Recordings suck, he needs to get himself on a decent label. I'm sure Warp would be a good place for him!

    26 juin 2006, 22h28m
  • 90dayman

    I like the dancey stuff, but could I take a whole album of it? That remains to be seen. I hope there's a track like the classic Propaganda on there!

    28 juin 2006, 21h24m
  • sumit

    Thought I'd just pop back in to say that I did, as predicted, love the new album, though on initial listens it sounds more retro than I was expecting and I'm undecided as to whether more vocal presence would be a good thing. Exult is the standout for me at the moment ...

    11 jui. 2006, 14h53m
  • infraspazz

    It's proper gurny late-night rave music, and great, though like a few other people I was inititally a little disappointed at the departure from the electropop joy of plays God. Give it a chance though, as the melodies are still there and as good as ever. Another track that deserves to be played LOUD is Carnivore off of the 4 Guardians EP on Combat Recordings, another release I can highly reccomend. He's also got a new mix on his website, which is, as he puts it contains contains spectacularly repetitive electro. 'sgreat.

    5 août 2006, 9h45m
  • enriqueiglesias

    LOUD is definitely the key to this album. I guess my neighbours already know it by heart!

    5 nov. 2006, 12h03m
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