Real Life Top 10 V LastFM Top 10


23 nov. 2008, 0h25m

I thought it would be interesting to compare the real life top 10 with the top 10 according to last fm.

Real Life:

1. Melissa Etheridge
Info: My favourite artist for the past 16 years, since I was 10. My Dad is responsible for this, he played her music in his car and I fell in love with it. Like The Way I Do is my all time number one favourite song.

2. Karma/Henry Ate
Info: Karma-Ann Swanepoel was the singer songwriter for South African band Henry Ate and it was her song Just that got me hooked. She later moved to the US to try and crack it internationally and started a new band called Karma. So I have them equal on my list as they are basically the same woman. Just is my second all time favourite song.

3. Missy Higgins
Info: Missy Higgins is an amazing Australian talent and I totally fell in love with her when I heard Scar. I have both her albums and have seen her in concert twice. The only concerts I’ve attended, might I add. At the moment I like listening to Where I Stoodon my MP3 player.

4. Trisha Yearwood
Info: Her version of How Do I Live caught my attention, so I had to buy Songbook and the rest is history. I have several albums, and want to find the others. I’m also particularly fond of her cover of You Can Sleep While I Drive, which is originally a Melissa Etheridge song.

5. Sarah McLachlan
Info: Sarah is an exquisite song writer and the first song of hers I remember hearing wasI Will Remember You. Angelis another song of hers that I heard early on, in the movie City of Angels. However my favourite song would have to be Push from the Afterglowalbum.

6. Pink (P!nk)
Info: Have always liked her music since I heard Most Girls. I’ve bought every album since. I love listening to her music, not a single song do I dislike. Is one of the artists I have in common with my best friend, so I do have a fondness for her music.

7. Reba McEntire
Info: Not only an amazing country musician, but a pretty good sitcom actor too. Loved her TV Show, but love her music more. Songs like Forever Love, Somebody, It’s Your Call and What If It’s You resonate within me. Awesome talent.

8. Matchbox Twenty
Info: Another one of those artists I could listen to for days without any qualms. I love Rob Thomas’ voice and quite enjoy a lot of the songs. Pushwas my first favourite but I’ve added a few more favourites over time including Last Beautiful Girl, Unwelland Bed of Lies.

9. Indigo Girls
Info: Yet another artist my Father is responsible for me liking. He had the eponymous CD of theirs and I fell in love with it. Tried To Be True and Blood and Fire are my big favourites, but special mention goes to Land Of Canaan.

10. Violent Femmes
Info: Who could not love Gordan Gano? This band was a band I can credit my Father for getting me into. For my 11th birthday he gave me a cassette player and their eponymous album. Please Do Not Go is my favourite, but Blister In The Sunis a fave when out on the town. Love hearing that song in the clubs.

Now According to Last FM My top 10 is:

1. Melissa Etheridge
2. Karma
3. Trisha Yearwood
4. Reba McEntire
5. Pink
6. Henry Ate
7. Nelly - by sheer force of two songs might I add.
8. Missy Higgins
9. MIssy Elliott
10. Janet Jackson

MIssy Elliott and Janet Jackson are unlucky to miss my top 10, as they are both artists I adore. Nelly is only in there because of two songs that I listened to heaps. And Since Henry Ate/Karma is one and the same in my list... Number 11 on Last FM is...Ani DiFranco - yet another unlucky artist. Interestingly enough those three artists MIssy Elliott, Janet Jackson and Ani DiFranco can all be attributed to an old friend of mine, whom I haven't seen in a while and whom I miss a lot.

Well that's it for me. Hope you found this interesting. I sure did.


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