Winter Crescent

Review from Once I listened to the Winter Crescent’s demo, I was enormously impressed. "In your face" progressive metal, but, and this "but" hides a whole story behind it. Let us therefore reveal the truth and find out what lies behind it, starting....from the cover. The cover was designed by Maria Trialoni and the logo by Marianna Antoniadis. Both lady did a perfect job, proving that there are Greek design talents, able to work for the music industry. The logo witnesses the band’s progressive style, and the cover fully expresses the aspect of the music and lyrics. Also the title is part of the rest ... Battle of Egos, a conflict against ourselves. I wish the best to the two girls and hope to see more or their artworks in the future. The music is a wonderful "In your face" progressive metal, with clear influences from Nevermore, with no tiring long lengthed solos, bridges and fillings, the band was not trying to prove that they are virtuosos (oh what does it reminds me), but they successfully proved that they are excellent instrument players, composers and producers (the production is home made). The songs, whic most of them are composed by Alexis Ktistakis, are so careful composed, that the care is qualitatively similar to a cardiac surgeon while he operates. Each note is, if not perfect, almost perfect in the proper position. Indeed, as a programmer that I am, I believe that I can take a song and break it into independent musical parts, that each one could easily stand alone, not as separate song or as a riff, but as a milestone ready to be placed in the right positrion in order the whole stracture to be built. Also I would like to add that I really have loved the "Lost In Dreams" drums. George Ktistakis is an 18 year old talented drummer that has been playing really complex drums at least from the age of 15. The vocals of Nikos Spyridakis (ex - Arkenstone, Rex Mundi) are very nice, perfectly touched on the songs. His voice has a special falsetto that makes the vocals even more varied, full, and having the songs being more peculiar. He has participated to all of the songs’ lyrics writing, proving that he is good at that part also. The lyrics provide a dark style, an internal search and a deep introversion. Typical example of this "paranoia" is the "Battle Of Egos" trilogy. In there, the protagonist struggles with his past sins but also with himself. In a similar vein are the rest of the songs. While the first three songs are part a concept story, we could say that listening to the demo is like watching different episodes from the same series. To further emphasize, some of the lyrics are really theatrical at some points which is reflected to Spyridakis performance. Finally, the production and the mixing are excellent, don’t forget that they are home by Ktistakis brothers. It is a noteworthy try, cause is not easy to achieve that kind of high quality production. Let us not forget that in order to get your music produced and mixed like that, you have to pay a studio and some "specialists" a lot of money. Furthermore to say that the songs where masterd by Michael Papoutsaki. In conclusion, the overall effort worths of praise. It has been an organized effort, from the composition period, until the demo printing. and I think the first step is done in order to escape from Heraklion and their music to become known in Greece and aboard. Good luck to Winter Crescent and I wish to see them once live in Thessaloniki, and believe me, my words are prophetic.
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Titre Durée
1 Winter CrescentBattle of Egos Intro Loved track 3:40
2 Winter CrescentBattle of Egos Part I Loved track 4:52
3 Winter CrescentBattle of Egos Part II Loved track 6:43
4 Winter CrescentFurrow Loved track 4:08
5 Winter CrescentMy Last Will Loved track 6:20
6 Winter CrescentWinter Crescent Loved track 2:44
7 Winter CrescentLost in Dreams Loved track 5:42


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