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27 avr. 2007, 23h02m

I fast-forwarded through a lot of "Idol Gives Back" because it just seemed like a whole lot of pomp and circumstance that I didn't have the time to sit through, and for the most part, I was right. I mean, five minutes of celebrities lip-syncing to Staying Alive? Seriously? What a joke. The only performances that really moved me to stop the fast forward were Kelly Clarkson and Annie Lennox. Past those, I was kind of bored. And how FREAKY was the duet with Celine Dion and Elvis Presley?

As for the contestants, I really felt for Jordin Sparks at the end. What a freakin' cruel joke to play! Someone at American Idol should learn the difference between "shocking" and "surprising". Shocking would have been Jordin going home, or Chris Richardson being the first contestant to be safe. At least my boy gets to stay another week, although it will take a minor miracle for him to make it to the top 4.

Next week is rock week. Here's what I would like to see the contestants perform...

-Chris/Forever Man - seeing him perform Clapton got this song stuck in my head. I think he could do a great job with that. Or maybe he should go for Drive. I don't see him rocking it out too hard.

-Jordin/Shadows Of The Night - Another first reaction that the more I thought about it, the more I liked it.

-Phil Stacey/Talk Dirty to Me - Just thumb your nose at the Heartland, Phil. You know you wanna...

-Melinda Doolittle/Piece of My Heart - You know she would tear this up!

-Blake Lewis/Higher Ground - Keeping with his habit of picking people's covers of classic songs, if he rocked this out with the beatbox making a comeback, he would guarantee himself a trip to the Final Three.

-LaKisha Jones/Similar Features - My bizarre pick of the week, but if she put a bit of an R&B spin on it, this could be the show-stopper that they normally put at the end of the show. Come on, Kiki!

[And now it turns out that it's going to be Bon Jovi night instead. I can't even keep up anymore. Y'all are on your own for figuring that one out.]


  • blabbers

    Hehe.. I thought the Carrie Underwood one was very moving too. I loved the Carrie and Kelly's the most. very moving and very touchng. Following second i think are Il Divo and Josh Groban :D Overall, no matter how the performance was, I thought it was a very meaningful event. And also, through that show, you could see how everyone had already regarded Jordin as their American idol. Even Chris' family and friends were shocked (with his mum putting her hand over her mouth) when they announced that Chris was safe. Plus the cheering for Chris was very very soft., as the whole crowd went owwww, like as though all of them felt for Jordin. Proves that Jordin's talent is indeniable. :D

    29 avr. 2007, 14h20m
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