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  • bobsaget355

    heard a good joke the other day. it goes like this: the atlanta hawks.

    27 mai 3h41m Répondre
  • bobsaget355

    hahahaha fuck the hawks.

    25 mai 5h24m Répondre
  • bobsaget355

    summary: kevin owens hates america. john cena likes america. john cena agreed to disagree, kevin owens said nuh uh and ended the conversation by body slamming cena. evidently this is some contract signing ritual where both parties agree to have a full match at a later date despite having no further verbal communication. john cena is really boring but he can whip a hat into the crowd real good. seth rollins is a bitchboy. there's no other way to put it. my favorite part was during a tag match where there are apparently no rules and dudes just kept running out of the tunnel for no apparent reason. like someone entered the locker room and said "everyone out there we need more dudes!" there's going to be a tag tournament and all the dudes are invited. one of them took out like 4 dudes at once so it seems like a foregone conclusion. i was actually trying to watch some rugby but i missed it and the sky sports stream was playing raw instead so i said what the hell.

    22 mai 12h57m Répondre
  • bobsaget355

    watched monday night raw. i feel dirty.

    22 mai 2h55m Répondre
  • bobsaget355

    About half the county was without power last night. Someone apparently dug where they shouldn't and cut some lines. Slapped a portable headphone amp on my ipod, put a 3.5mm adapter on my hd650s and I'm telling you in that pitch blackness music sounded twice as good as it usually does. Maybe I'll do that more often. // I've about had it with the scrobbler stopped working with my ipod for ~reasons~. Think I'll just ditch it and use rym to keep track of what I've listened to. Not as immediate or precise as lastfm but it'll do the job.

    21 mai 12h27m Répondre
  • bobsaget355

    Wizards look like they won't disappoint for once and then John Wall breaks his hand. RIP Wiz fuck the Hawks.

    7 mai 22h18m Répondre
  • bobsaget355

    Was looking through old OXM demo discs and found a demo in one of the first ones for Tony Hawk 2X. I'll let the box art explain it: // WHY DON'T PEOPLE EVER TALK ABOUT THIS. Copies are real cheap too so I snagged one. Also you actually liked Beyond the Black Rainbow right? I watched a movie last night that must have inspired it heavily. It's called THX 1138. I found it devoid of plot, characters, various other things that I believe make movies movies, but evidently it's somewhat acclaimed anyway. Maybe you'll like it if you're willing to sit through it and tell me what you think of it. It's pretty impressive looking for the time, but I've read that George Lucas added shit years after the fact with computers like he did with Star Wars so most or all of the CG is probably that.

    1 mai 18h44m Répondre
  • bobsaget355

    Can this be The Year™ for the Wizards?

    27 avr. 13h10m Répondre
  • bobsaget355

    You should listen to the Korean tribute album named Blue Loveless though. It's entertaining for lack of a better description. My actual recommendations: Whirr - Distressor, Tokyo Shoegazer - Crystallize, The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa - Pigment.

    6 avr. 10h10m Répondre
  • bobsaget355

    Shoegaze is a dumb mess of a genre. I've tried for over an hour now to explain why without it being a mess as well, but I've failed. It really boils down to Loveless itself. The style of Shoegazing existed before it. The integration of Dream Pop with a more droney Noise Pop existed before Loveless. Yet none of those albums come close to sounding like Loveless. It's an album that so thoroughly outclasses those before it that attempted the same thing that it sounds nothing like them and makes many question if the genre really existed before Loveless. Albums before it either skewed closer to Dream Pop or Noise Pop whereas Loveless sounds like neither Noise Pop or Dream Pop by themselves. It was a fusion of existing styles that is so flawless that it ended up being completely fresh. The reason I've explained this is I've tried to think of what albums to recommend based on where Loveless skews so as to avoid just recommending cheap Loveless clones. My conclusion is that it doesn't skew.

    6 avr. 10h03m Répondre
  • bobsaget355

    If you want a "what do I listen to if I want to know if I can like this band at all" album then it's Houdini. So I would say Houdini --> Stoner Witch --> The Maggot --> Lysol. Lysol is my favorite, but it's an oddity in their discography. I still haven't listened to half of it myself. They make albums faster than you can listen to them. Don't know what setlist to expect if it's just their newest album or what. When I saw them a couple years ago it was their 25th anniversary tour and they played mostly stuff from Houdini, Stoner Witch and Lysol.

    4 avr. 2h34m Répondre
  • dementedX14

    You got weird taste mate!

    3 avr. 22h36m Répondre
  • bobsaget355

    Yeah it is. I don't know what else to say about it though other than it's a great action movie. Bout the most generic thing you can say about it. The sequel is great too, but I haven't gone farther than that. / Listening to some Pumpkins huh? "They" actually released an album last year and I completely forgot to listen to it. Probably not missing much. / Also Marriages finally came out with their album. / Looking at a couple concerts in your area. Acid Mothers Temple (April 30th) and Melvins (June 25th). What do you think?

    3 avr. 22h21m Répondre
  • bobsaget355

    If they do end up playing detoilet then I plan on going and thanks for the recs. I have a huge folder of post hardcore/math/noise rock and they have to be in there somewhere. I like the emotional energy of post hardcore, the dynamic rhythm of math and the dissonance of noise rock. It's a good mix.

    25 mars 21h57m Répondre
  • bobsaget355

    death grips is...on tour???!

    25 mars 18h31m Répondre
  • rockandross

    Pussy power! ,i..i

    25 mars 0h00m Répondre
  • Claggy

    Hah wow, I actually haven't listened to that in a long while. It was the first album of theirs I heard, so that's would be why :P

    24 mars 23h45m Répondre
  • bobsaget355

    speaking of softmodding here's the bootleg-ass xbox memory card I made out of various things in order to transfer a hacked savegame and softmod exploit from my PC to my xbox's hard drive: - - as it turns out I'm really shit at soldering, but at the same time it's really hard to fuck up. You don't want to know what horrors lie under that electrical tape. Let's just say it worked.

    20 fév. 21h11m Répondre
  • bobsaget355

    yup and it's not even the useful version of mechassault you can use to softmod your xbox with either

    20 fév. 19h48m Répondre
  • bobsaget355

    I don't get it. Ok so Project Snowblind is another one of those OG Xbox games I wanted to check out. So I picked it up off ebay for under $4 shipped and it claimed it was new (sealed). It was sealed, but there was a key thing missing from the openy bit. I'm just going to send the pics I took of it to you and see if you can pick out the contradictions here with a legit sealed copy of Jade Empire as a reference. There are 3 contradictions in total and they either missed all of them or there's some sort of con going on, but that can't be. We're talking about under $4 shipped. Why bother. The disc also seems trashed. Haven't tried it yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it got a read error. The seller has a ton of rep too. I don't get what's with this order. I'm not mad at all. I'll sort it out tomorrow and get a refund. I'm just kind of fascinated with the circumstances that could have led to this and if it was on purpose what is the logic behind it.

    20 fév. 2h27m Répondre
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