• Dimmu Borgir & Amon Amarth

    24 sept. 2007, 15h19m

    Sun 23 Sep – Dimmu Borgir, Amon Amarth, Hatesphere

    Engel was playing at the time I came in. Didn't really mind them playing, allthough it wasn't all too good. They stopped playing around 10 minutes after I arrived, so they caused no harm.

    The Stage got empty and soon Amon Amarth came up. The volume was cranked up and Viking metal was crushing through the air. I didn't know Amon Amarth very well, so I have some catching up to do now. They were just too awesome, especially their songs Death in Fire and Cry or the Black birds got everybody's energy. Headbanging, pitting, a whole metal stage fully active. Really rocked!

    All too soon Amon Amarth was over and it was time for Dimmu Borgir. They didn't get on the stage too soon, cause it had to be fully rebuilt and they seemed to be struck by technical problems. Their background yet looking down upon us. After the wait they made their entrance. The metal blew out of the speakers, at the limit of harming ears. They played both old and new tracks, which was pretty nice to hear. Before the gig I was expecting the very symphonic Dimmu Borgir, but they surprised me by sounding way more metal live. Great show, great music.

    Yelling "Bier en tieten" might keep you happy folk busy for some time.
    Might see you at another great metal gig.

  • Last week's top 10 (19/11- 26/11)

    4 déc. 2006, 19h28m

    1. Ensiferum
    Such great folk metal. At the moment addicted to folk metal.
    2. Finntroll
    Folk metal addict.
    2. Scar Symmetry
    Great band, discovered it lately, sounds great.
    4. Dimmu Borgir
    Hear Masses for the New Messiah, and Dimmu caught me again
    4. Turisas
    Really great folk metal, just has too less albums
    6. Korpiklaani
    Makes my hyperactive, and makes me feel like I want to jump around.
    7. Opeth
    Musical ownage.
    7. Summoning
    Discovered this aswell, and it sounds better and better, especially the song "Land of the Dead" is awesome.
    7. Windir
    Viking metal, between Summoning and folk metal, just so great.
    7. Norther
    Great artist, sound is awesome.
  • Last week's top 10 (12/11- 19/11)

    20 nov. 2006, 19h48m

    Last week;

    1. Within Temptation
    I guess the first Dutch band to reach the weekly top, and I also guess it'll be the last time it will be so high in my weekly list. Anyways, it is a very fine band, and they sound good. Enjoy, but don't overuse it.
    2. Wednesday 13
    I don't know why they call it horror punk, cause it makes me happy. It's awesome stuff, and still fascinates me since their gig (30 sept).
    3. Windir
    Really bad that they stopped making music, because their music is really nice. Luckily Cor Scorpii came into existance, and keeps the type of music alive.
    4. Opeth
    After finishing my 0-9-A-Z list I just had to listen Opeth
    4. In Flames
    Same Story as Opeth, same place, but still second overall.
    6. Samael
    Feel good music, I listened Heliopolis when listening all my music, and it is just too good to exist.
    6. Murderdolls
    Such great stuff.
    6. Yngwie Malmsteen
    Nearly forgot about this stuff. Pretty nice what sounds you can get out of a guitar.
    9. Dark Tranquillity
    Long live melodic death metal.
    10.Fear Factory
    Just great music.
    Up for folk metal!
    10.Scar Symmetry
    "The Illusionist" is definately a masterpiece, to join the gallery with some Opeth songs.

    Finally finished listening to all my music, now I can start again, lol.
  • Last week's top 10 (5/11- 12/11)

    13 nov. 2006, 13h43m

    1. System of a Down
    Great artist, was one of the earlier bands I listened to, because a friend of mine was really into them. They're still pretty good, and haven't heard much bands with the same kind of sound.
    1. Sonata Arctica
    The only band I really enjoy listening to when it comes near power metal. Very happy and active music with a mood improving touch.
    3. Tool
    Complicatedness and great sound which makes me love albums like Lateralus where songs don't end nor start. Lateralus doesn't know songs, just an album, which is pretty impressive.
    4. Static-X
    Industrial metal, freaking stuff, which is pretty cool. Weird, but cool.
    5. Soilwork
    A bit alike to In Flames, which is especially notable in the vids of Trigger(In Flames) and Rejection Role(Soilwork). Overall they're still a great band.
    6. Stone Sour
    Some great songs, and pretty great sound overall, however I'm not too fond of songs like Bother, and lately their "Through Glass" which is really soft, and I think that their quality is in making harder songs, like Get Inside and Orchids.
    7. Soulfly
    Not heard for some time, used to like it very much, but I guess it lost a bit of it's magic. Still good to listen to, and I should check it a little more often.
    8. Superbutt
    A damn unknown artist, I dunno why, but they should be wellknown because they've got a great sound, which is a bit close to System of a Down, but way funnier when also looking at the lyrics.
    8. Wednesday 13
    Now where it belongs to be, between the artists of the W, but somehow cut my list in 2, because with this list it just seems like Wednesday 13 hasn't got much listens last week, whilst I also listened to the rest of them.
    10.Swallow the Sun
    Doom! All be doomed! Great super doom metal. Such bands make me love music.
    Wacky stuff, very happy, but not really all too musical in my eyes.

    So far this week, too bad didn't take my whole sunday, cause finally finished with listening all my music, which I had around 20 September 2006. So next weeks will probably be different charts, and more randomized.
  • Last week's top 12 (29/10- 5/11)

    10 nov. 2006, 13h24m

    This time a top 12, due to Shattersphere just not making it to the top 10. How bad of me.

    1. Slipknot
    Just into slipknot for about a year. Their 9.0: Live got me into it, and it's good music.
    2. Rage Against the Machine
    Great music, their songs are full of energy and well err, Rage.
    3. Samael
    The 'newer' Samael has pretty good songs, especially from Reign of Light and Passage.
    4. Seether
    Soft music, but it's good, a lil bit of not-so-much-screaming-and-grunting music.
    5. Murderdolls
    Well, it was Halloween
    6. Wednesday 13
    Halloween! The day of the living dead!
    7. Sepultura
    Weird music, but their sound is unique, and pretty good.
    7. Sentenced
    Really awesome and funny funeral metal!
    9. The Project Hate MCMXCIX
    Melodic Death Metal, pretty unknown, but really great! So may you read this, and not know The Project Hate, try it!
    Had some of them, so used it for Halloween.
    10.Shadows Fall
    Metalcore stuff. Pretty heavy and cool.
    Just adding a number 12 this week, because Shattersphere is a great artist which should be heard! Too bad there's not much of them, but what they've got is great.

    So far last week, finally up to date with journalling.
  • Last week's top 10 (22/10- 29/10)

    10 nov. 2006, 13h23m

    Week 22 to 29 october, my holiday.

    1. Opeth
    The best band there is. Not much doubt about it. Great songs, and the length even makes them better, whilst other artists would not always have better songs when lengthening them.
    1. Porcupine Tree
    The most relax music in my list, pretty calm, and very nice for chillin' out.
    3. Nightwish
    Gothic Metal stuff, pretty good, except for the voice which is a bit too high for me sometimes.
    4. Murderdolls
    This time it belongs in the charts, as I went from the M to the P. Still damn good and funny.
    5. Nothingface
    Great band, awesome music, it isn't very loud, but it can surely feel loud.
    6. Metallica
    The most popular metal band existing. They've got some good songs, but currently overrated by the crowds. If they have to represent metal for the pop-listeners, metal won't get a better image anytime soon.
    7. Pantera
    Heavy metal, pretty damn good if you ask me. Nice heavy sounds with great vocals.
    8. Mudvayne
    Agressive! Pretty good aswell, deserves this place, cause the rest is kinda better, except for Metallica, but just got more songs of em.
    9. A Perfect Circle
    I'm writing this a day after I was at the T, and thus Tool in my list. Both are great bands, and with much mystery you can listen to their songs.
    9. Norther
    "I am the Death Unlimited, Death is all I have to give!"
    Don't think I need to give more comments on Norther.

    So far my holiday, rethinking of wonderfull Rome.
  • Last week's top 9 (15/10- 22/10)

    22 oct. 2006, 20h26m

    Top 9 instead of 10 :p

    Been to rome last week, enjoyed it alot, but didn't get to listen much music, so therefore a top 9.

    1. Marilyn Manson
    Great music. Very enjoyable, especially after a week with barely good music.
    2. Mastodon
    A Unique sound I've never heard before with any other band. Really worth listening
    3. Marduk
    Lucky to get in here.
    4. Mayhem
    Same as Marduk, but just less luck
    5. Megadeth
    Don't have much, but it sounds pretty good.
    5. Megaherz
    Weird German stuff. Pretty funny.
    5. Mercenary
    Great band, need more! Need More!
    5. Menhir
    Good music.
    9. Turisas
    Just needed a little break from listening the list from A-Z.

    So far this week. Next week Holidays, so more music and a better journal.
  • Last week's top 10 (8/10- 15/10)

    22 oct. 2006, 12h50m

    Last week:

    1. Ill Niño
    Great band. Their Revolution/Revoluçion was my second album, and it's still great music to listen to.
    2. In Flames
    The top listened artist, which followed Opeth for a long time, but on which Opeth will take revenge when I'll get there. It's brilliant melodic death metal.
    3. Korpiklaani
    The most crazy hyperactive folk metal which makes me happy, and it's real good feel good music.
    3. KoЯn
    After removing all sucky songs just 23 left, from the 80.
    5. Guano Apes
    Haven't heard much lately. It's nice music, but usually not in the mood for it.
    6. Machine Head
    Davidian and Imperium are such good brilliant metal tracks.
    7. The Haunted
    Very Agressive music. Had the plan to visit them, but had to cancel the idea due to wrong day.
    8. Linkin Park
    8. Iced Earth
    Good music, definately need more of it.
    8. The Lords of Altamont
    Happy Rock'n'Roll.
  • Last week's top 10 (1/10- 8/10)

    10 oct. 2006, 5h43m

    This weeks top 10:

    1. Wednesday 13
    Still the boost from their concert, and most of those 31 songs are listened last sunday and monday. Still a great band.
    2. Finntroll
    The first folk metal I listened to, and still too cool. Always makes me happy somehow.
    3. Fear Factory
    One of the few industrial bands I have, but pretty good. Especially their CD 'Archetype' was brilliant
    3. Murderdolls
    Same as Wednesday 13, the post-concert boost. Now continued listening to all my music.
    5. Ektomorf
    Sometimes agressive, sometimes subtle and chilling. Should try to get some more of it, cause it's good.
    6. Godsmack
    Not very hard, but they're really good. Especially the accoustic guitar songs are really nice to listen to.
    7. Fejd
    An unknown folk band I would recommend to all the folk listeners out here. They had alot of free songs downloadable on their site, and they're great.
    8. Franz Ferdinand
    I actually wonder why I've just got 8 Franz Ferdinand songs on my computer. Maybe it's time to get more of it.
    9. Drowning Pool
    Not much to say, just wicked.
    I've listened it when doing school work. Just a tip for those who are going to do the same, it's not really good for your schoolwork.
    9. Edguy
    One of the few power metal artists I kinda like. But they're not as good as Sonata Arctica, the only power metal I love.
    9. Element Eighty
    A friend sent me a song a long long time ago, and I liked it from the beginning. Their other songs are also doing well, so might gonna listen it some more.

    So far this weeks journal. Next week will be no journal cause I'm going to rome on saturday, and won't return untill Friday. Comment is welcome, so I know it's actually been read <grins>.
  • Last week's top 10 (24/9- 1/10)

    1 oct. 2006, 18h11m

    This week's top 10

    1. Dimmu Borgir
    Great artist, haven't heard a better artist combining black metal with melodies. That's why I've got lotsa songs of them, and thus they got the 1st place this week.
    2. Chimaira
    Pure brute force. Not really much words needed to describe this band. They're full of agression, and they just want to make me scream.
    3. Dark Tranquillity
    Just not as many songs as the 2 bands mentioned above, but in the future might pass them, as I'm getting more and more into their great melodic death metal.
    4. Coal Chamber
    Not really long, but I've got enough of their songs to make them end at place 4. Weird music, and very original, but just suitable for a few moods.
    4. Children of Bodom
    Another unique artist, with a great style. They passed rather quickly according to my feeling, so I need more of their songs!
    6. Disturbed
    Unclear genre, as they want to be describes as hard-rock, but for sure they're great.
    7. Wednesday 13
    Shouldn't be here actually, for I'm listening from 0-Z, and not in the opposite direction. But I've visited their concert yesterday evening, which was totally awesome, so that's why they've been on today, to keep the damn good feeling.
    8. Murderdolls
    Wednesday 13 also played alot of Murderdolls songs, thus I've listened to them today aswell. They'd actually also not fit, because I'm still at the D.
    8. Blindside
    Good music, not hard, not soft, perfect background music whilst "chillin 'n' chattin"
    10. Clawfinger
    Very agressive, and good music. Not much comment.
    10. Cradle of Filth
    Nice artist. Especially Nymphetamine is a masterpiece.
    10. Breaking Benjamin
    Weird name for a band, but good music. A bit softish, but not bad.
    10. Crossfade
    Also a great band, has something original in it's sound, which keeps their songs from becoming boring.

    So far this week's top 10, listened from B to D, so next week from D to F, hopefully. For more info about the concert check my other journal, written tomorrow.