the garden of all possibilities is hidden


7 juin 2011, 17h55m

"The world we are born into has raised walls between eyes and eyes. It has constructed steel doors for the ears and of rigid poly vinyl chloride for the hands. Forewarned in this way against 'homo sapiens' and 'homo faber', it would finally be able -nothing left seemed to stop it- to stifle its old enemy, its ancient sire, the red demon of its sleepless nights, the guardian of all powers hidden in the deepest forests, in the hollows of old oaks and under the lively springs: it is the terrestrial receptacle of all the stars, the scandalous savage heart...

Towards those whose gaze was gleaming so clearly in the street -'young red women, still more beautiful'- the world we are born into has turned its empty eyes, its old man's face, to obscene sneering. It was no more than a hollowed out and dried bark. They were the morning star, the madmen dressed in leaves, green vitriol, the mysterious place where vibration becomes body. The spirit of life was in them: death can do nothing against the dawning light; death is but a cardboard mask soon consumed by fire.

Behind the black flag -which is nothing other than an anti-flag- the garden of all possibilities is hidden, opening out infinitely to the sea...

Certainly 'it was acceptable to hope for better'. Nonetheless, the solar tree has pushed forth its first buds towards every part of the earth. Hidden in the forest of the nymph Venus', it already bears fruit which will soon ripen: your poison and your natural solvent, senile world, your everyday food, a 'golden age' so natural because gold is encountered only among the stones of the path."

~from 'Melius Spe Licebat', Bernard Roger, 1968.


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