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  • humannaturegirl

    hello there ;) sorry 4 spamming but i hope u can watch my video 4 OneRepublic and i hope u 'll like it and for more u can subscribe my channel :) thanks

    mars 2014
  • jvictorrock

    Super Gosto Musical !!! , Aceita ???

    février 2013
  • JoeBaKawaii

    Ta aceita moça! (:

    octobre 2012
  • GreatKenji

    Hehehe :3 I see, it makes happy you like Game of Thrones a lot! ;D :O I see... the first time I saw Tyron I thought he was a jerk like his two brothers, well, he actually is a jerk, but he must be it or he would end like Ned Stark :( I liked the storyline involving him with his mistress, it was kind of cute and remarkable the last scene we've seen involving these two in the last episode of the second season. Well, my favourite characters are Jon Snow, Ned Stark (one minute of silence in his memory u.u) and Jorah Mormont! :D What's your mind on the Mother of Dragons :O? And what about Drogo's death D:? owo Have you read the novels? I haven't D: Well, I do like to read, I'm fond with Anne Rice's Lives of the Mayfair Witches saga :D Does it ring your bell? And I love to read a lot of History books :D! History of my country and world history! :3 What about you? Have a nice day! :3

    juillet 2012