Skeletons in my Closet


11 sept. 2007, 1h24m

...yes, I guess it's about time to confess some sins of my past. Ancient people like me sometimes need to do something like that. Just want to make sure I'll go to heaven some day and won't miss the beer volcano, arrr...

Though I prefer listening to and for almost three decades now, always looking for obscure new stuff, it wasn't like that all the time.
While I was browsing youtube just for fun, I stumbled over some clips that brought back memories of the days I attended primary school - let's say memories of the more embarrassing kind ;-)

I already liked decent music like Eddie Cochran (I still like his Summertime Blues as well as I did back then), Buddy Holly, The Kinks or The Rolling Stones, as this was my dads taste and we always listened to Radio Luxembourg (which was the only steady source of English and American music at that time if you couldn't receive AFN) and watched "Beat Club" (which was later renamed to "Musikladen"), while my mother kept raging about those "long-haired communists playing nigger music" (but honestly spoken, I'm pretty sure she simply suspected my dad having been a big fan of that TV-show not for the music, but the moderator Uschi Nerkes remarkably pretty long legs )

But school, that was something different then. Most of my classmates had a lousy taste in music, they were all in for German "Schlager" which actually is the worlds lousiest music and cheap pop music, and for some time that actually rubbed off (well, fortunately I got rid of that when I entered high school, all thanks to my best friend and one of my English teachers but even to think of that stuff still gives me the creeps...).
But can you imagine that some dumbass actually made up some "parody" of Rock Around The Clock called "Totengräber Rock"? For months you could bet your ass that every minute some idiot would come round the corner squealing "1-2-3-4 Leiche in'n Sarg" ...
And everyone was swapping these small booklets called "Top-Schlagertexthefte" no matter how often this trash got confiscated by our teacher. Looks like some horror movie to me now...

Want to have a taste of it? Well, here they are, some of the skeletons in my closet (I picked youtube-clips, so you won't mess up your charts). Enjoy the ultimate horror-charts now

Juliane Werding - Am Tag als Conny Kramer starb
(To think she mutilated good old The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, that's a capital crime...)

Heintje - Heidschi Bumbeidschi
Although that was from the 60s, it was still awfully popular in Germany in the 70s

Michael Holm - Mendocino

Christian Anders - Es fährt ein Zug nach Nirgendwo

Roy Black und Anita - Schön ist es auf der Welt zu sein
Another horrible but at that time very popular example of German "Schlager"... actually survived this? Congratulations, you're a lot tougher than I thought ...


  • lostchildberlin

    Hahaha omg that's really horrible! I remember Am Tag als Conny Kramer starb, it was kind of popular with the kids when I was in the third or fourth grade, in the mid-90's... I've still no idea why...

    8 oct. 2007, 21h55m
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