Cadence Weapon, Where art thou?!


30 déc. 2005, 6h40m

Cadence Weapon is IMPOSSIBLE to find. Despite the hype around him, three music stores i've visited (and I'm in freaking edmonton atm) haven't had any of his stuff; Either their sold out, or don't even know who he is. His website is down, AFAIK.

I've only managed to hear one track so far, Black Hand, and only because it's being streamed here:

It's a really well done song though. I need more.


  • cadencew

    it's sold out all over town. try listen records on 124 street and 107 ave.

    1 jan. 2006, 19h38m
  • G3K

    I've got the album in MP3. If you're, you know, into that sort of thing, I will gladly send it to you.

    13 jan. 2006, 15h16m
  • blackesque

    check soulseek ( for mp3s. you'll find them all (and anything else you've ever been looking for). if you're, you know, into that sort of thing. :D

    13 jan. 2006, 21h43m
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