The 50 songs I actually love

After "loving" 1000 tracks on, I decided to take a step back and think of the 50 songs that I probably love more than any other. The order they're in is random. Songs that barely missed...

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Songs that blatantly rip off other songs

Songs that make me go "Damn, this shit sounds like _______ by _______". Descriptions for each entry soon to follow. I don't necessarily dislike these songs either, and if I do dislike it i'll be...

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Songs that are much better in retrospective

A lot of these songs I flat out hated when I first heard them. Most likely it had to do with the media playing said songs constantly. But you know what? These songs really aren't too bad.

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The Greatest 365 days for Music Ever

HINT: It's 1994

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Good Background Noise

Stuff that doesn't completely break my concentration when doing tasks

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"It Doesn't Matter If We All Die": Songs to ruin your good mood

Dark overtones, haunting lyrics and self loathing are abound in this list of songs that I listen to against the pleas of my overall morale

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