actual japanese music actually from actual ancient japan alien ambient black metal ancient art metal awesome solo bad ass badass riffs baroque bebop bela lugosi would be into this bendy riffs best song ever better than alcest better than deathspell omega better than i thought it would be black metal brutal catchy catchy chorus church music complicated cool jazz cool opening riff dark death fucking metal death metal dense dissonant doom metal epic evil folk black metal folk symphonic black metal fucking brutal son i mean goddamn german grindcore awesomeness giallo good stuff great guitar tone great intro grindcore h p lovecraft hail fucking satan hateful heavy high baroque holy jesus what the fuck i want to make a movie and put this one on the soundtrack killer bassline kills folk metal dead lengthy lol jews long but definitely worth the listen longing melodic death metal multi-faceted murder metal my grave is cold mysterious national socialist black metal night time listening not folk metal not fucking nirvana not some shitty indie band that only faggots like not symphonic obscenely perfect in every way oldschool horror oppressive pagan black metal pretty cool acoustic section pretty cool stuff razorback attack ritualistic satan satanic shit sorrowful sort of like the angelic process soulful singing sounds like samael surprisingly good suspiria swedish death metal thick this is awesome but goth shit is terrible this is awesome but j-rock sucks this song kills posers thrash thrashy transcendant ukraine ukrainian ukrainian black metal underrated unocore varied weird weird time signatures witches xxhardcorexx