A Rush Retrospective Part 3


21 avr. 2011, 7h08m

Let the controversy begin. I really like Caress of Steel. One of my favourite songs of all time is on the album. Not just a favourite of Rush songs, but a favourite among every song I've ever heard. If that song is on this album, then it must be good, right? Well, I wouldn't say that this album is better or worse than Fly By Night, I would say that it is different. They wouldn't fully hit their stride until their next album, but I am getting ahead of myself. Back to the song I just absolutely raved about. That song is, of course, Bastille Day. That song, to put it simply, just kicks ass. There is no doubt in my mind that it is one of their all time greatest tracks and is the best possible way to open this album. Of course, it's not this track that people have a problem with, it's the rest of the album. The second track is Rush's strangest titled track ever. It is I Think I'm Going Bald. It's actually a pretty rockin' tune. From what I heard, it was sort of a tribute to fellow Canadian rocker Kim Mitchell of the Canadian band Max Webster. Correct me if I am wrong, that's just what I heard. They did do a song with Max Webster called Battlescar so I know they were familiar with each other. Anyway, back to the album. After that strange track, we get one I have a particular attachment to called Lakeside Park. Neil wrote this one about a place he used to work in the summer in Port Dalhousie, Ontario called Lakeside Park. How do I know this? I have been there. The merry-go-round he writes about in the song is actually still there. It's not really a great song, I'll admit, but it is cool to know that there is a Rush song named for a place I have been to and lived near. After that is The Necromancer. I don't really have much to say about it, it's actually one of their more forgettable tracks. Finally, and perhaps most hated of every song on this album is the fifth and final track, the epic The Fountain of Lamneth. I'm going to be honest here, I love this song. Granted, it's not the best of their epics, and I don't like to listen to it all that often, but I think it's pretty solid. I particularly like the part titled Didacts and Narpets in which Neil shows off a bit. It's pretty awesome. I didn't think I'd go over every track on this album, but there aren't all that many to begin with. Time for the word of the album. The word I have is obvious, given my opinion. Caress of Steel=Underrated. Why? Because it is. But let me tell, you, their next one isn't. Next up, I will hold the red star proudly high in hand.


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