• read before you read any of my other journal entries

    29 déc. 2010, 7h17m

    i was in like 7th grade when i wrote those i was an idiot disregard them all
  • I'm retarded

    26 juin 2008, 2h52m

    Last night, I was on the compy. I was trying to save some memory, and noticed I had two folders:
    "iTunes" and "iTunes Music"
    I always use my "iTunes Music" folder, so I skimmed through the "iTunes" folder to see if there was necessary stuff in there, and there wasn't. So, I erased it from my computer. And yes, I'm smart enough to check my Trash and restore it, but I'm dumb enough to empty it. So I was clicking random songs on my iTunes to see if anything was gone, and The Alchemy Index by Thrice was gone, and upon further looking, I discovered a good portion of my iTunes was erased from my computer. So I decided to make it easier, I would erase ALL my music from my computer, and use Sentui to transfer all the songs back to my iTunes. So, taking pretty much the biggest risk of my life, I erased ALL my music from my computer, and emptied the Trash. I figured, at least it's on my iPod, it's somewhere, and I have to be able to get those files back on my computer. SO, I had Sentui(by the way, Sentui is a program for Mac to transfer songs from iPod to your computer) ttransfer the songs, and I received this message:

    Your iPod is either brand new, or the hard drive is corrupt. If you would like Sentui to transfer all songs it can find to your desktop, click Hard Recover.

    I was going to go insane, if you have a big iTunes library, imagine ALL your music just disappearing. There would be no place to start, it would be like a Great Depression but with no way to get all your music instead of getting all your money. I tried clicking hard recover, and I'm SO glad it worked. It created a folder on my desktop and put EVERY song and video on it. I was so relieved. I only lose my play counts which is kinda cool to see, but it's definitely worth it. I'm transferring it back on my iTunes as we speak!
  • Amazing

    31 jui. 2007, 0h42m

    I can't get enough of the Requiem For A Dream score, composed by Clint Mansell. It's a great movie, and the score made it even better. It's one of the best scores that I have ever heard, so check it out. I love it.
  • Complaints.

    22 jui. 2007, 22h30m

    The taste-o-meter annoys me so much. It's accurate I guess, but I was looking at pages today, and I get low compatibility with them even though we both listen to a lot of the same music. It's a cool feature, but it still annoys me when it does that.

    Also Top Listeners or Weekly Top Listeners.
    Sabrepulse was my top listened artist this week. I had 67 plays. On the Sabrepulse artist page, the last person on the biggest listeners thing only had 65 plays, and I had more than him and I wasn't on there! Same thing with the overall top listeners for Sabrepulse.Hadlock is another band that does this. This is my guitar teachers band, and I listen to them. I have 54 plays of them and I am not even on the listeners list. It makes no sense, and that annoys me too.

    EDIT: And this week, Trophy Scars
    EDIT: Semi-Fiction
  • 10,000 Songs!!!!

    26 juin 2007, 3h11m

  • Phases

    7 jan. 2007, 23h33m may seem flawless and perfect, and it is pretty amazing. But. Every two weeks to a month, I change my taste in music, I still like all the music, but I just go through a phase. I went through a heavy screamo grindcore phase for about a month, then started listening to lots of real punk stuff for about 2-3 weeks, now I'm sort of transfering into an industrial(Marilyn Manson, Orgy, Nine Inch Nails) stage. Usually all the stuff I end up listening to is Alternative, Rock, Techno - 8-Bit(Stuff like that), Indistrial, Screamo/Grindcore/Metalcore/Mathcore, Soft and Calm music, and then just other random things for a day every now and then. But whatever, here is the problem. The taste-o-meters on is amazing, they are pretty cool. But they don't base it on what you've recently listened to, but on your overall artists. Since I have such a wide variety of bands, almost every page I go onto I have a low musical compatability rating, as how people see they are on my page. This is going to reduce how many friends/messages, which is angering and I don't get why they just base it on your weekly top artists!
  • This has to be the funniest thing I've ever seen

    23 déc. 2006, 16h18m

    If you live near me, this is on the Opie and Anthony show, it's on weekdays afternoon until 5 on 94.1! They were hiring an intern but only if he had somone puke like 70 shots of eggnog onto his face. Let's take a look at the video, shall we?