• matt_cky

    Do you have the full setlist?

    2 juin 2007, 12h28m
  • TheRomulans

    From the top of my head... Elephant Riders Ship of Gold Burning Beard The Incomparable Mr. Flannery Brazenhead Gravel Road Who's Been Talking? The Mob Goes Wild Texan Book of the Dead The Regulator One Eye Dollar Big News Pure Rock Fury Post edited slightly... (damn forgot how kick ass The Regulator was)!

    3 juin 2007, 12h58m
  • Weathermaker

    Let me add to that setlist: You Can't Stop The Progress Power Player White's Ferry Child of the City Electric Worry btw, I'm from Adelaide and flew to both Sydney and Melbourne for the shows, and Melburnians clearly appreciate their music a whole lot more than Sydneysiders.. the crowd at the Sydney show was quite subdued (read: lame) and took a while to get into it compared to the Melbourne crowd, which went crazy from the get-go. Setlist was totally different, which was awesome. (However being a massive fan of Elephant Riders, Ship of Gold and Brazenhead, I wasn't disappointed (those were the big 3 I wanted to hear!!)) fyi some songs played in 1st Melbourne show were: Never Be Moved Mice and Gods The Soapmakers Profits of Doom Cypress Grove Slow Hole to China

    4 juin 2007, 5h25m
  • TheRomulans

    Heh thanks for the updated set list, I knew I was missing something fairly major... like every song off the new album :P Cool, glad the Melb show was a bit more jumping... I thought the crowd was a bit tame too. The crowd was a lot better last time they came, at the Annandale - although I think the venue really suited Clutch too - a bit more up close and personal. Never Be Moved, Soapmakers and Slow Hole would have been awesome. But I'm pretty happy with what we got in Sydney :) thanks for the info, really interesting!

    5 juin 2007, 14h29m
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