• wow

    19 fév. 2007, 2h04m

    Shiny Toy Guns ROCKETED to the top of my charts

    In under a month they have beaten out bands that i have listened to for over a year or even longer, such as Keane, Karizma, Spoon, The Killers, Wolf Parade, My Chemical Romance, The Knife, The Strokes, and Death Cab for Cutie

    While I really like them, I think their placement in my playlists also has somthing to do with their quick rise to the top. Most of my music listening come from my "recently added" playlist, basically my new music playlist. When i got shiny toy guys, I got their songs in two batches; the first was mainly stuff from their new cd that i really love, and the second was older and softer stuff that I'm not as fond of. I dont think the second batch would have gotten that many plays if it wasnt for its critical placement right after the new shins album. After I finished playing the new shins album it would go into those shiny toy guys songs that Im not as fond of, thereby increasing the plays.

    Anyway I just thought it was interesting how they got 200+ plays so fast...
  • Boy Bands

    30 sept. 2006, 21h25m

    People who hate boy bands are idiots. They fucking own. Backstreet Boys + *NSYNC = Amazing
  • HORSE the motherfucking band.

    11 jui. 2006, 2h36m

    wow. HORSE the band OWNS. i fell in love with their stuff after seeing the lord gold throneroom video, and i have to say if there is anything that can make me cross over and like metal/screaming music, its HORSE. Its like rap for me a few years ago... i used to hate the stuff until i heard "hey ya" and "i like the way you move" by outkast, which are kinda genre mixers, and they brought me over to loving rap. So basically I want band recomendations of bands that sound similar to HORSE. And none of this crappy pure screaming stuff, its got to have musicical qualities, melodies, and such.

    thanks :)
  • new purchases

    7 jui. 2006, 22h56m

    cds ive gotten in the last 2 weeks:

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium: so far so good, only listened to the first 7 or so tracks so far because its such a large album it takes a while to plow through

    Muse - Black Holes and Revelations: HAHAH I GOT IT ON THE BRITISH RELEASE DAY HAHA NOOBS LOLllLlOLOLOlLOLLOlo!!1!!!!!!1!!1!1!!111. yea so its not the best... i really like starlight and map of the problematique, and supermassive black hole and take a bow are pretty good, but the rest is just bleh.

    Electric President- self titled: Good stuff, alot like postal service but a little to soft for me

    Cartel- chroma: alright but generic, too repetive

    Kaddisfly - Buy our intention, We'll buy you a unicorn: good in some parts, but kinda boring. i really like "a message to the flat earth society" though.

    Band of Horses - Everything all the time: some awsome songs (funeral, first song) some of its a little boring. however i havent listented to it enough to really formulate an opinion on this one yet

    Alkaline Trio - Crimson: Damn I really like this album, the singles kinda suck "time to waste" + "mercy me" but alot of the songs are awsome... burn, sadie, back to hell, fall victim, etc.

    Keane - Under the Iron Sea: Mehful. i listened straight through but i didnt really like it, but i suppose i havent listened enough. Nothing in my way and is it any wonder, are, however, amazing
  • I have...

    3 jui. 2006, 20h44m

    696 Artists, yet only 2418 songs

    which means I have 4 songs for each artist on average >_>
  • Don't teach me a lesson because I've allready learned

    15 juin 2006, 1h53m

    Top Ten Artists:

    First heard: The Way We Get By
    First Fell In love With: I Summon You
    Current Fav: The Two Sides Of Monsieur Valentine so. dam. good.

    The National
    First Heard: Secret Meeting
    First Fell In love With: Mr. November
    Current Fav: I still love Mr. November to death, but my new fav would be the geese of beverly road

    Okkervil River
    First Heard: No Key No Plan
    First Fell In love With: For Real
    Current Fav: Westfall (my parents tell me this song is exactly like gratful dead songs... >_>)

    Jack's Mannequin
    First Heard: The Mix Tape
    First Fell In love With: The Mixed Tape
    Current Fav: EVERYTHING. but my top would be bruised. that song is amazing

    Wolf Parade
    First Heard: Shine a Light
    First Fell In love With: Shine a Light
    Current Fav: LOUSY PICTURES. BEAUTIFUL. "god made mistakes an we threw rocks at the sky"

    First Heard: King Without a Crown
    First Fell In love With: King Without a Crown
    Current Fav: "Wp" awsome. alot more rap then usual

    The Strokes
    First Heard: Someday
    First Fell In love With: Someday
    Current Fav: Heart in a Cage

    First Heard: Hunted By a Freak
    First Fell In love With: Hunted By a Freak
    Current Fav: Friend of the Night or Glasgow Mega-Snake

    The Decemberists
    First Heard: Here I dreamt i was an architect
    First Fell In love With: Same
    Current Fav: On the Bus mall, the infanta, or the legionaire's lament

    The Streets
    First Heard: Pranging out
    First Fell In love With: Pranging out
    Current Fav: Pranging out, Hardest way to make an easy living (or cant con an honest jon, its pretty funny :P)

    Thats it kiddos!
  • Tom Delonge, Angels & Airwaves, and Blink 182

    23 mai 2006, 0h34m

    Ok, so dont get me wrong, Blink 182 was a great group making fun songs. They pretty much defined the punk rock scene for my generation and the rest of the 90's. So when I first heard about Angels & Airwaves, I was pretty excited that Tom would be making some more good music. So after hearing all my friends rave about AVA, and i mean like freaking RAVE about them, I decided that the time had come to check them out.

    First thing I do is visit their myspace. I read all about how Tom wants to revolutionize music, and how he wants to make an album that will last for generations. And then i see this epic video with people walking around space, and war planes and shit. Alright i think, this could be really good cuz I love epic stuff (along the lines of muse, mogwai, m83, kent, avenge sevenfold, pearl jam, radiohead, smashing pumpkins etc.) anyway so I listen to the first few songs.

    huge dissapointment.

    I mean I like the style of music, there is no doubt about it. But its been done before, hundreds of times before actually. These songs are purely OK. And they arent even good at what they are trying to do. There are many bands out there that have masterd this style far better then AVA has. It seems as somewhere between the breakup of Blink and the formation of AVA, Tom and his bandmates decided that they were the greatest things that ever walked the earth, and that they could make an album to change the world. They talked about how they were trying "new instrumentation" and stuff, yet the only song this is apparant on is the first track, and its sooooo forced. And all their epic stuff with their little planes and spinning metal symbol and world in a box just makes me dislike them more.

    It reminds me of fight club. its a very good movie, but its so damn pretentious you would think its letting you in on the secret to life or somthing

    final verdict: will probably ganer a few listens since a few songs are solid, but bound to be forgotten in the depths of my itunes library. Also, I freaking hate the image they are trying to project.

    so now back to listening to Gnarls Barkley
  • LAWL

    27 mars 2006, 3h41m

  • Crazy Fun

    8 mars 2006, 2h18m

    Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle. Say the following questions aloud and press play. Use the song titles as your answers. NO CHEATING!

    How does the world see me?
    Song: The two Sides of Monsieur Valentine
    Artist: Spoon
    Comments: people must see two sides of me…

    Will I have a happy life?
    Song: To the End
    Artist: My Chemical Romance
    Comments: Woot! Happy life to the end :)

    What do my friends really think of me?
    Song: Fortress
    Artist: Pinback
    Comments: I guess im sturdy and trustworthy?

    Do people secretly lust after me?
    Song: Embers and Evelopes
    Artist: Mae
    Comments: lol they write love notes to me?

    How can I make myself happy?
    Song: Feeling This
    Artist: Blink 182
    Comments: Focus on experiencing life

    What should I do with my life?
    Song: El Careterro
    Artist: Barrio Cubano
    Comments: translated this means “the cart driver” so basically either I should be a taxi driver or one of those fruit/hot dog vendors….

    Why should life be full of so much pain?
    Song: Sunrise (Here I Am)
    Artist: Ratty
    Comments: Life Because it gives you something to look forward to

    How can I maximize my pleasure during sex?
    Song: Tucked Away
    Artist: Goo Goo Dolls
    Comments: By not having sex?

    Will I ever have children?
    Song: Warning
    Artist: Green Day
    Comments: Probably shouldnt

    Will I die happy?
    Song: Downer
    Artist: Nirvana
    Comments: That’s pretty clear :(

    What is some good advice for me?
    Song: Is This Love?
    Artist: Terra Skye
    Comments: Make sure you can sort between lust and crushes, and real love

    What is happiness?
    Song: Monkey Gone to Heaven
    Artist: Pixies
    Comments: Be yourself, let loose

    What is my favourite fetish?
    Song: The Truth
    Artist: Si*Sé
    Comments: lol wtf?

    How will I be remembered?
    Song: Sorry Now
    Artist: Sugar Ray
    Comments: probably not very well I guess...
  • German Techno and Latin Music

    21 fév. 2006, 2h03m

    I love the way german as a language sounds. And i love german techno/trance/electronica.

    so i want to know if anybody has any suggestions for that, cuz i dont really know any. my knowledge is limited to Daan and a smattering of other random songs. Im pretty much open to anything, so hit me with what you have :)

    Also, i want to know if you guys have any suggestions for good lating stuff. I have some Si*Se, Shakira, Manu Chao, Ozomatli, Aterciopelados, Don Omar, but i would like alot more. Just suggest whatever latin music you know, i love most of it, it reminds me of costa rica :).

    thanks :)