ambient australian australian metal awesome into bass chop big four black metal blackened death metal blackened speed metal blackened thrash metal breakdown at 0:50 brutal death metal brutal riffs brutal technical death metal crushing riff and eerie melody at 1:20 cybergrind death metal death/doom metal deathcore deathgrind doom metal doomy intro drone doom metal drum machine eerie atmosphere eerie riff epic crushing doom evil breakdown extreme metal finnish florida death metal fucking awesome melody fucking awesome riffs funeral doom gore metal goregrind gothenborg metal grindcore groove at 4:30 groove metal groove riff hypnotic melody industrial death metal industrial metal intro intro riff kvlt as fuck local yokel mad harmonics mad riff melodic death metal metalcore neo classical death metal neo- classical neo-classical brutal technical death metal new york death metal norwegian old school death metal outro riff poly rythyms possible the best black metal song there is post thrash metal progressive metal psychotic black metal raw black metal rawer version riff riff at 0:35 riff at 0:40 riff at 0:50 riff at 12:40 riff at 13:00 riff at 1:10 riff at 1:20 riff at 2:00 riff at 2:10 riff at 3:00 riff at 3:05 riff at 3:20 riff x 2 riff-tastic rifff second wave of black metal seven string guitar solo solo at 1:30 solo at 1:40 solo at 2:15 solo at 2:20 solo at 2:55 solo at 3:20 staggeringly powerful swedish techincal experimental blackened death metal technical brutal death metal technical death metal technical deathcore thrash metal war metal war metal anthem