5 juin 2008, 17h01m

Hey, let me tell you about the scariest, HIM-related thing I've ever experienced! It all happened when I was in California with my family last year. We had stopped on a beach along the Hwy 1 when I found a butterfly wing! It had orange and black stripes and white spots on the sides. It was so soft and beautiful, so I found out I would bring it with me. We got back into the car and continued driving. I was starting to listen to my iPod again (the Shuffle mode was on) and then "Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly" was the first song to turn up! Just minutes later, we passed a lighthouse that looked just like the one in the "Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly" video. I was really freaked out at that moment... When we came home again, the wing was gone.
But today - about half a year later (the 5th of June) - , when I was tidying my room, I found the pieces of the wing under my book shelf. That's when I decided to let the world know about this creepy experience of mine... Is it a sign? What do you think?

OMG, that was a long text! :O I admire those, if there are any .______.'', who have read this whole thing xD Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly


  • rockenkeli666

    whoa, that is scary indeed! O_O But when I first read "butterfly wing" I first thought of The Rasmus :P

    6 nov. 2008, 21h28m
  • CoBfreak94

    That is super scary. O.O That just proves that destiny does exist. That can't possibly have happened by coincidence! *gets scared and runs to the panic room*

    13 jan. 2009, 15h32m
  • PhoenixRisingII

    There is no destiny and things just happen by random :P

    20 avr. 2009, 16h03m
  • TheKissOfDawn

    go ahead and stab my hopes, then (; i still reckon it's destiny. :D

    25 avr. 2009, 10h41m
  • WaRaider

    I think it is a sign, take nothing for granted. Nothing ever leaves us but some things hide from us until we need them. This is a great song, I think it was a major influence in bringing H.I.M.'s music to the United States. Go with the experience and learn from it.

    3 fév. 2010, 19h00m
  • TheKissOfDawn

    Haha wow, that was deep :) I still think it was a great experience, though... Destiny stared me in the face, like.

    3 fév. 2010, 19h15m
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