• Back from tour...

    30 mars 2007, 23h37m

    ...Scrobbing commences anew.

    However, there will likely be some catch-up scrobbing from our collective pods, as only one of us actually successfully scrobbed while on tour. You'll note some extremes in there as a result, since someone was obsessively listening to a certain band over and over as part of an attempt to emulate their music with a GameBoy(tm).

    Scrobble scrobble!

    - The Cassettes

    21 fév. 2007, 7h58m

    Hello pals, we, THE CASSETTES, are going on tour.. maybe you, the reader, already know this! If not - here are the dates below:

    22 Feb 2007 Brillobox - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    23 Feb 2007 Art Hospital - Bloomington, Illinois
    24 Feb 2007 The Brick - Kansas City, Missouri
    25 Feb 2007 Hi Dive - Denver, Colorado
    27 Feb 2007 Rock Coffee - Spokane, Washington
    28 Feb 2007 Towne Lounge - Portland, Oregon
    01 Mar 2007 Funhouse - Seattle, Washington
    02 Mar 2007 Diablos - Eugene, Oregon
    03 Mar 2007 Blue Lamp - Sacramento, California
    04 Mar 2007 ... busking/recording... San Fransisco, California
    05 Mar 2007 ... busking/recording... San Fransisco, California
    06 Mar 2007 ... busking/recording... San Fransisco, California
    07 Mar 2007 Bottom of the Hill - San Fransisco, California
    08 Mar 2007 The Echo - Los Angeles, California
    09 Mar 2007 El Cid - Los Angeles, California
    10 Mar 2007 Hotel Cafe - Los Angeles, California
    11 Mar 2007 The Tangier - Los Angeles, California
    12 Mar 2007 Modified Arts - Phoenix, Arizona
    13 Mar 2007 Club Congress - Tucson, Arizona
    14 Mar 2007 The Bean - Las Cruces, New Mexico
    15 Mar 2007 SXSW - The Blender Balcony Austin, Texas
    16 Mar 2007 SXSW - Austin, Texas
    17 Mar 2007 307 - (tentative) Lafayette, Louisiana
    18 Mar 2007 ... back porch busk... Lafayette, Louisiana
    19 Mar 2007 Opolis - Norman, Oklahoma
    20 Mar 2007 Outland Ballroom - Springfield, Missouri
    21 Mar 2007 Vaudeville Mews - Des Moines, Iowa
    22 Mar 2007 The Casbah - Ottumwa, Iowa
    23 Mar 2007 Turf Club - Minneapolis, Minnesota
    24 Mar 2007 South Union Arts - Chicago, Illinois
    25 Mar 2007 Lager House - Detroit, Michigan
    27 Mar 2007 Cafe Nine - New Haven, Connecticut
    28 Mar 2007 Middle East Upstairs - Boston, Massachusetts
    29 Mar 2007 Cake Shop - NY, New York

    more info at:
  • Buddyhead Mp3 Blog

    14 jan. 2007, 23h00m

    A cassette, Shelby Cinca, writes for the Buddyhead MP3 blog... go on over there to check out some tunes that we listen to here and get some mp3s samples!

    Buddyhead Mp3 Blog

    Our tour is also coming together, visit our MySpace Page for tourdates... etc...
  • Stephen's Top 5 of 2006 (until a few minutes from now when he changes his mind)

    19 déc. 2006, 4h56m

    1. Tom Waits: Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards
    2. Mosaic
    3. Psalters: The Divine Liturgy of the Wretched Exiles
    4. The Dark Romantics: Some Midnight Kissin'
    5. Sufjan Stevens: Songs for Christmas (I know it only barely counts)

    and disqualified runner up

    The John Francis On the Moments We Share
  • Shelby Cinca's 2006 Top 5!

    18 déc. 2006, 20h41m

  • Album or shuffle?

    12 sept. 2006, 22h16m

    Stephen, don't you listen to whole albums anymore? Hmmm... I find myself more of a whole album guy than a shuffle, though occasionally I do shuffle but I much rather do a playlist as shuffle gets things I don't feel like listening to or rather things I am not in the mood for.

    "Moods... moods are for cattle and loveplay... Not fighting!" - Dune
  • One human at a time.

    4 sept. 2006, 15h56m

    Looks like you can only "scrobble" one machine at a time. Unfortuantely Stephen's machine somehow overrides my machine... so we'll have to start randomly enable scrobbletimes or something. Ahh well... you've recently missed out on some Josh White and Josephine Baker plus some more Turing Machine. Scrobble gobble goo.
  • What the internet!?

    1 sept. 2006, 20h42m

    Looks like Stephen and Shelby of The Cassettes are scrobbling.. we'll get Saadat on this too - anyhow.. enjoy to see what we listen to all day and laugh at Shelby listening to Phil Collins... for real.